PSA: Upvote is not an upvote like you are used to (like Reddit) - "Boost" is the Reddit Upvote

Like the title says, if you want to upvote something on KBin, you should use the Boost link, not the upvote button (Why? Don't know...)

The upvote button doesn't seem to do much, but Boost accomplishes what Reddit's upvote did. So if you're looking to encourage a post, use the Boost link.

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Thanks! I'll upvote this for visibility.


Bruh, you got me laughing hard.


418 upvotes / 3 downvoted = You one funny Person*

I am brand new to KBIN n loving it so far

Thanks to OP I got me answer .. that's the first thing I didn't get;
"What's the diff between n upvote and boost ? "

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This is a result of the original design. Kbin, up until just before the peak traffic hit, was using boosts as upvotes and favorites/likes were just below the post/thread (where boost sits now). Lemmy does it the way it is now (likes = upvotes) so Ernest changed it to match Lemmy behavior. But just as he changed it, he hadn’t changed the calculation for reputation to match when the server nearly melted down and he has to spend all his time just trying to keep the site alive by himself.

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I see you’re on a different Kbin instance. Was this intended to be a threaded reply, out of curiosity? Because it shows up as a top-level comment on the post for me.

Awwab avatar

He using an optional feature that lets you auto populate your reply box with the OPs username.

garrettw87 avatar

Yes, but my bigger point is that it’s not threaded as a reply to one of that user’s comments.

Edit: Oops, nevermind. I saw their comments elsewhere down here but didn’t realize they were OP. Just one of the interface things on Kbin that needs improvement.

Edit 2: I need to figure out how to do strikethrough text on here

artillect, (edited )
artillect avatar

You can do strikethrough text ~~like this~~



Edit: doesn’t seem to render properly on jerboa lemmy client

Dick_Justice, avatar

It looks good on the . 35 Jerboa

HamSwagwich avatar

I'm viewing this from KBin and I don't see strikethrough.

artillect avatar

That's because I put that in a code block with backticks (`), here's what it looks like normally testing

garrettw87 avatar

How weird. When I do that, it doesn’t seem to work.

Manticore, (edited )

As a desktop kbin user, there's no strikethrough. Unsure as to why, if kbin is markdown. Strikethrough is considered advanced markdown formatting so I'm guessing kbin didn't include it. Now I'm curious to see how much common markdown is visible on kbin's desktop platform.

Guide for those unfamiliar with markdown, so you can see what I'm doing. ✔ means I can see it on desktop kbin, ❌ means it remains unformatted (formatting characters remain).

Horizontal rule ✔

Testing MD (headings)

  • bullet points ✔
    • sub bullets (no tab on kbin; use 4 spaces) ✔
  • bold
  • emphasis
  • strikethrough
  • escaping characters
  • code (inline)

quote ✔

artillect avatar

I'm using on desktop and it shows up fine for me, not sure what's going on on your instance

AnonymousLlama avatar

Oddly enough all of that looks perfectly fine on kbin mobile, even the strike through, I'll have a look at desktop later and if it's doesn't work

AWildMimicAppears avatar

i on see the strikethrough fine

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Teon avatar

test successful


testing your assertion

Piecemakers3Dprints, avatar

Ideas for Edit 3: crate the Reddit avatar and start anew. 🥹

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I really don't know which is which and what does what, so I just click them both

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upvote = does nothing (for now) boost = upvote (affects reputation points)


So sometime in the future an upvote will be used to score the post and get it on the "frontpage", and a Boost is just like a save feature to save posts to my microblog?

minnieo avatar

i wouldnt call boost a save feature per say, but since we arent on mastodon it pretty much looks like one so i guess you can call it that lol. yes, eventually the reputation will be fixed and upvotes will affect it as it should, its just not a priority for now


*per se
I'm sorry

minnieo avatar

oh well, i was understood lol


There's nothing wrong with being a little bit pedantic as long as you aren't an ass about it.

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the dev of kbin will be changing this. so up/downvotes are what affect your reputation. It's just not a priority right now


Do we know if there have been any releases since the influx of users? Or are they just focusing on backend stuff still?

There's still a lot of long hanging fruit *COUGHcollapsingthreads that would be great to have addressed sooner rather than later.

ChillChillinChinchilla avatar


It's just one guy. We were a bit worried if he was even sleeping when the first big wave hit and he kept everything up by cloudflare and prayer.


Surely @ernest has some help at this point? Needs to start delegating or finding trusted maintainers if not.


Yeah there are a bunch of us in the dev chat now. Some of us have set up our additional kbin instances such as myself. I’m still looking through the code and getting up to speed but hope to contribute to the main code base soon. (Right now I’m experimenting with some features I wrote on my instance)

So yes, it’s mainly been Ernest up until this point but he is starting to get additional support from the community :)


Great to hear!

Upvotes_Kills_Birds avatar

Thanks for joining! Excited to see the site grow.


Thank you! I’m excited to see the site grow as well. We seem to be building a nice place to hangout and have good discussions unlike the site that shall not be named.

(Also love your username)

ernest avatar

Yes, there is a very strong team there now, and I will gradually delegate responsibility in certain areas. I need to focus on my own milestones. However, I want to do it slowly because there are many pitfalls here that are a consequence of kbin being a side project. But the organization on Matrix was amazing, and I didn't even lift a finger for it.

@BedSharkPal @Upvotes_Kills_Birds

Teppic avatar

Not bad for a 'side project', not bad at all!

I'm very much enjoying your side project, and we all appreciate all the effort you've put in as we've stressed it to (and no doubt beyond!) It's design limits.

I also appreciate the way you pop up and contribute to random threads!


Your level of engagement with the community is absolutely spectacular. I'm glad to have found myself a cozy little Internet space and wish you the best of luck with this one hell of a side project!

HamSwagwich avatar

@ernest I can't imagine how stressful it is for you. I've run a few larger projects (ShowEQ back in the day, being one of the bigger ones), but nothing that blew up so quickly like Kbin has and I don't envy your position. I really appreciate the work you've put into KBin and I want to see it succeed!


Is any of this code open sourced, or on GitHub, gitlab, etc? Is the matrix channel private or open to any coders?


Yeah, on Fedia myself

AnonymousLlama avatar

There's several of us now with kbin installed locally and a decent dev chat channel that's pretty busy. I think so the end it's still him physically marking PRs as approved and merging it in / deploying, but at least there's a few contributors now :)


There have been fixes submitted by volunteers, but I don't think they've been reviewed and approved. And I don't think there have been any new releases.

Hopefully things pick up speed now that Ernest has a server admin to look after things here


Yeah, there's a PR for collapsing threads, but I don't know when it will come to release.

artillect avatar

I made a userscript that allows you to collapse comments, that should help you out until it's added to the site officially

AnonymousLlama avatar

You can have a look here to see a test instance with some of the things that are coming, Ernest (the admin) has been merging in a range of tickets including bug fixes, UI improvements and other bits.

There seems to be an ever growing backlog of feature requests and bug fixes in the issues list but a fair bit is getting sorted out behind the scenes.

I'm mostly focused on UI/UX for mobile.


So if up/down votes will be fixed in the future, what would boost mean at that point?

ArugulaZ avatar

Not crazy about the design. An upvote should be an upvote. If the upvote is useless, why is it even there?

garrettw87 avatar

Read some of the other comments. It doesn’t sound like you’ve been following much of the chatter about the site very closely.


It'll be changed soon™, so upvotes will boost reputation.

Crayon8027 avatar

I click ALL the buttons and nobody can stop me!


Reported! But it's nothing personal :)


Do upvotes/boosts and downvotes pass from one instance to another? I assume not. So if I upvote a post from that's hosted on happens? It only affects


been wondering about comments too… but I guess those are supposed to somehow sync across all instances. otherwise how am I replying to you from Lemmy?

Dick_Justice, avatar

The votes are federated but peeps post from time to time that they arent perfectly synced.


As someone from Lemmy land this confuses me.

Have an upvote!

HamSwagwich avatar

I think it confuses everyone. I have no idea why these two things exist in KBin. It's a complete mystery the thought process that went into it.

riktor avatar

Although the name "boost" is a little odd. kbin is more than than just a link aggregator. kbin is also a semi-blogging platform (View the microblog feed rather than threads) that interacts with Mastodon. If you boost something, it is the same as reblogging (re-tweeting) a post and generates a reblog post on Mastodon. The developer is going to change it to where the up and downvote impacts reputation rather than the current boost and downvote button. A technical oversight but they acknowledge this and plan on changing it in the future however internet points is not really a priority so no one knows when the change will roll out.

FrostBolt avatar

This finally made it make sense for me. Thank you

garrettw87 avatar

This is the answer.



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  • arquebus_x,

    This is a perfectly succinct way of putting it.

    garrettw87 avatar

    That’s how I’ve been using the buttons.

    Awwab avatar

    Boost should allow people who subscribe to you but not the magazine see that post in their feed.

    ChillChillinChinchilla avatar

    Because kbin can interface with content from mastodon AND Lemmy.

    The boost is for mastodon/microblogs, the upvote is for Lemmy/threadiverse.

    Awwab avatar

    Upvotes are likes for mastodon but afaik they don't do anything in mastodon except make you feel good that people liked your post.

    Otome-chan avatar

    boost is "retweet" or "reshare". upvote is 'like'.

    NumbersCanBeFun avatar

    You seem really good at this stuff so I hope you don’t mind me asking. I’ve followed some people on Mastodon and Kbin but I have no idea how to view a feed from just the people I follow. I don’t think it’s a feature on Kbin yet but maybe I’m missing something.

    Otome-chan avatar

    My understanding is your "subscribed" feed shows stuff from people you follow as well as the magazines you're subscribed to. Mastodon users' posts typically end up in the microblog section which can be found here. whereas kbin/lemmy users often posts threads which can be found here. It's mixed in with the magazines you subscribe to. I don't think there's a way to just get the followed users without the magazines you're subscribed to.

    NumbersCanBeFun avatar

    This was very helpful. Thank you.

    chromebby avatar

    Oh wow, I did not even know about the microblog section. Thanks!

    HeartyBeast avatar

    As I understand it, it’s a feature that is inherited from the underlying ActivityPub protocol which is designed to support all kinds of social network architectures.

    If you use Mastodon, their usage makes a lot sense. A ‘favourite’ (upvote on Kbin) is a private thumbs-up to the poster - a pat on the back that has no algorithmic importance.

    A Boost is more like a Retweet. Boosting something makes it show up in your followers’ timeline. I guess if you follow a person on kbin, Boosts will do that too and boosted stuff will show on your subscribed home page.

    Damaskox avatar the boost and the upvote info still valid?

    melroy, avatar

    Mbin will try to fix this in various ways like:


    Took me a moment to figure out what you were even talking about. The boost button is translated as "upvoto" in Portuguese, so that doesn't help...

    Maybe it should be something like "promover" (promote).


    thanks, im boosting this. now if i could just not scroll to the furthest down for replying...


    Why doesn't Kbin have the [+] and [-] buttons for collapsing or opening comment threads? Or, if it does, where can I find that setting?


    It's coming. There is already a fix someone created that is waiting to be reviewed and merged into the site.

    supermurs avatar

    Glad to hear, I had no idea about this.

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