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soullioness, in me_irl avatar

I know this is a joke but it reminds me of my old therapist, she told me to start every list with “write a list” because it’s a hard task on it’s own and you deserve the validation of crossing it off when you’re done making your list. It’s really helped me actually have some follow through.


Knowing me, I would write “write a list”, cross it off, and live the rest of week in smug satisfaction… But non-jokingly that’s a good suggestion. Nice way to get started and build some momentum for the rest of the list. Thank you for sharing :)

Prater, in me🐇irl

OK floof face

BubbleMonkey, in me_irl

The important question here is “for how long?”

Because like… a day sure. A week maybe. Longer? lol fuck no.

guyrocket, in me_irl
guyrocket avatar

Maybe nothing is real in English.


It is, it means lack of something or anything.

southsamurai, in me_irl avatar

That’s what it’s all about, really. You do the best you can to be supportive, while knowing you’ll fuck up occasionally, and because you’re genuinely trying, it either doesn’t hurt, or it hurts less.

At this point in my life, I’ve had three people in my life transition. Well, three people I was close enough to, to be involved in their process fairly deeply. I’ve known more tr ans people, but wasn’t involved enough in the process to matter.

It isn’t easy to shift your brain. You build up literal paths in the brain associating a given set of words with a given person, so you have to unlearn those while learning the new associations. That gets harder as you get older too. Well, it has for me, and it seems to for others.

But putting that effort in is what matters. It isn’t that much to ask at all.


There’s no instruction manual for raising a human, so when I hear a dad ask the baker for cupcakes that look “kinda gay”, it’s cool. He’s a little confused, but he got the spirit.

Cris_Color, avatar

Thats honestly so fucking cute 😂 I want my dad to ask the baker for “kinda gay” cupcakes lmao

NoneYa, in me_irl

I told a friend how I thought it was so weird to be this age and getting excited about buying a new toilet for my home.

If 10 or even 16 year old me saw me, they’d be so disappointed.

Granted, I still have fun and still play my games. But man, getting stuff to help you keep the house orderly and it being new is a feeling I only started experiencing.


Yes, but think about how exciting 16 year old you would be about having sex regularly, and having your own money to spend on hobbies.


30 year old me wants to know when that starts.


I just hooked a computer up to my TV. I’ve been playing games on it with an Xbox controller wirelessly.

Still, I’d be much more excited about getting a new fridge or stove.

robocall, avatar

I have fantasized for years about buying a toto toilet. the most expensive one I could afford.


What’s a toto toilet? Is it like the band? The dog? Totoro?

robocall, avatar

It’s a brand. Some of their toilets have Japanese tech.


Yeah it sings Africa every time you take a crap.


The bidet on that thing feels like a blessed rain down in Africa

robocall, avatar



🎵 It’s gonna take some time to get this crap out of you

There’s nothing that a hundred men waiting outside your bathroom door could ever do 🎵


Maybe you should just take a laaaaaxxxaativeee


Does it just start at the “I bless the rains” line when you take a quick piss?


“I give you happy poopy time!”

cashews_best_nut, in Me🪱irl

Give this guy a raise!


Unless they are a worm


Leave it to a bird

Jerb322, in me_irl avatar

Me after a week vacation…


Me after 5 years of retirement on my death bed

NovaPrime, avatar

Aaah, the sweet sweet release of death


And they say kids have nothing to hope for… at least capitalism hasn’t conquered death yet!

Jerb322, avatar

You know what a funeral costs?


I suppose I am fortunate that I do not. But I meant from the perspective of the deceased.

Good point though

halfway_neko, avatar

I don’t want to think about the alternative. o_o


The game Hardspace: Shipbreaker gives a firsthand experience of this with the EverWork ^™ program.

DragonTypeWyvern, in Me🍿irl

Horror fans: Haha this traumatized me for years, wanna watch?

DreamTraveler, in Me🍿irl

I just watched this movie in it’s entirety for the 1st time, a month ago. It took me 3 "Yea, NOPE"s to successfully get thru the scene where the two are stuck in the narrow passage and the Earth shifts. I still cringe thinking about it.


I watched that movie when it came out and i didn't get anything out of it. I recently rewatched it and i noped so often out.

Blaubarschmann, in Me🍿irl

The Descent scared the sh*t out of me. That one jumpscare was so unexpected and so intense that my body couldn’t even react to it, I just got massive chills all the way through without moving. It was surreal. Letting your kid watch this is just insane

kamenlady, avatar

I had the same experience when i watched it. The uncanny feeling lingered for a few days.

But, idk … For me, it was a mistake to watch it again. Knowing what to expect, i paid more attention to everything else and i didn’t like it, i don’t remember why exactly.


There being 2 endings didn’t help my mind when I watched it a second time and had a completely different experience… I was like, wtf, I know this is the same movie, but why do I feel so very different.

Ugh fuck just about everything about this movie. It was a masterpiece.

Let’s put extremely normal and relatable people into a pretty normal situation with pretty good intentions, then let’s have them do a somewhat risky hobby in a somewhat stressful environment, then let’s have normal reactions to some pretty fucked up, high stress situations, then let’s fucking have some pretty fucked up relationship stuff come out and some pretty understandable reactions to it, then let’s add some fucking fucked up fucking fuck fucks who may or may not be human and may or may not be looking to eat or just getting off on fucking people up. And then let’s have just the tiniest but it reminder of normalcy fuck up everything that wasn’t fucked before. And then you don’t know which ending you’re getting, and you don’t know which one is technically better for the characters.

ApathyTree, avatar

Well now I kinda wanna watch it, even tho I’m not really into horror… that many uses of the word fuck in one paragraph -has- to mean something 😜

It’s already on my Plex so I guess now’s a good time!


Out of all the horror movies Ive ever watched, its my absolute favorite. It’s truly one of the best “horror” movies you will ever watch. The dread is so well done. The jump scares are well paced and actually add to the story. It’s fantastic and lingers with you for awhile.

My other favorites of all time, is the first tape from V/H/S, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nope, The Poltergeist, The Ring, Juon (White Ghost, Specifically).

ApathyTree, avatar

It was really hard to watch through the land shift scene. I’m super claustrophobic. Reading wiki articles about spelunkers getting stuck is enough for panic attacks. I stopped right before the shift (fortune), and right after to recover. After that I did fine with it. It was very well done.

I didn’t find the jump scares to be very impactful, but maybe it’s because I was anticipating those and was more interested in the rest of it? Or the panic burned out my jump scare receptor lol

kamenlady, avatar

I didn’t know about the 2 versions. Hmm, gonna see if i find the other version, you’ve got me hooked up. Both times i saw the same version, but i guess there is no “happy” ending. It can’t, really.

sigh, my claustrophobia already makes me gasp for air when i watch documentaries with people in tight caves. Here we go again.

cerement, in me_irl avatar

when you can’t afford the ambulance


When no one you know who is close by is answering their phone and driving yourself cuts to arrival time is half.

bappity, avatar

for Americans, cutting out the ambulance ride would shave off a little of the generational debt they’d incur from that hospital visit

Letstakealook, (edited )

I’m not defending the awful medical system we have, but there’s some misconceptions here.

  1. The initial bill you get from a hospital is the same bill insurance gets so that the hospital and insurance can play the stupid negotiation game. If you call, they will reduce the amount.
  2. [I myself misunderstood this one]
  3. There is no “generational debt.” Unless you are a cosigner, you are not responsible for your deceased relatives’ debts. If they try to collect from you personally, never accept responsibility for the debt and tell them to kick rocks. The estate of the deceased will be liable and is used to satisfy debtees. This is why it is important to have a professional handle the estate before any divisions are made.

Edit: removed my own misconception.

ickplant, avatar

If it’s more than $500, you have 365 days to pay it or set up a payment plan. After that, it will absolutely appear on your credit report.


They definitely showed up on mine. When I went to speak with a financial advisor a few years ago about what it would take for me to purchase a house, there the debts were on her computer screen.

I don’t know if they’re supposed to consider those debts, but they are definitely on there.


I see you’re right, apologies. I misunderstood the change.

bappity, avatar

I’m joking around obviously it’s not to that scale


My bad, hard to tell. There are people who believe that, so just wanted to clear it up if that was the case. It could save someone a lot of hassle.

abbotsbury, avatar

I think having your parents estate liquidated for medical bills can be considered an aspect of “generational debt.”

Even ignoring monetary inheritance or real estate, items of sentimental value that would otherwise be bequeathed can be lost due to medical debt.

While strictly true that the debt cannot be inherited, the debt is in the way of anything else being inherited.

HubertManne avatar

my thought was that the idea someone needs to find friends or family rather than have societal ems is nuts.

cerement, avatar

(most of EU is looking at this with horror on their faces)

Ziglin, in me😮‍💨irl

I believe you are correct but only because insects (among others) and unborn babies can’t read.

nutandcross, in Me🐍irl

“Sir, this snake has a clitoris”

“Yes, but what does it mean


Good things for the snake!


You’re supposed to be studying their hunting habits, think we’re going to remove you from snake research entirely

pH3ra, in me💍irl avatar

Actually Frodo was in his 30s when he received the Ring, he was in his 50s when he left the Shire…
Sorry to bother, I’ll crawl back in my hill-dug home now

Chetzemoka avatar

I appreciate you


I appreciate your correction!


The real problem is when frodo is asking this question and it could be anywhere between ~30 and ~50… the age relationship between frodo and bilbo is incorrecr. it should be either 111 - 30 or 131 and 50

Edit: just remembered, frodo was 33 when he got the ring. On the books, some invetees to bilbos party where pissed off cause they felt like they were invited just to cover the 144 main guests (adding both bilbo’s and frodo’s age at the time)

pH3ra, avatar

Unless math works differently in Middle Earth, that is exactly what I meant

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