Okay, let’s see “God” come on down and do that. Until then I’m gonna continue being “depraved” fucking nut jobs.


He should go to Afghanistan. Our shit says “we the people.” That’s a formal acknowledgment that God is not coming to govern for us.


In fact, established religion at the time generally supported monarchs. A monarchy gets its legitimacy from God at the ordination / coronation. The monarch needs the support of the church because they are supposed to be at least “chosen by God”, if not divine themselves.


This week, Johnson is delivering the keynote speech at a gala for the National Association of Christian Lawmakers (NACL), a Christian Nationalist group with ties to massively influential conservative groups.

"[…] I cannot conclude anything other than America is hanging on by a thread.”

I sincerely agree, Mr. Johnson.


If it weren't such a serious issue it would be funny that they call themselves NaCl

HerbalGamer, avatar

please explain i am dumb


Its the elements that make up salt

HerbalGamer, avatar

thanks i was hoping it would go boom


Well, Cl is highly toxic and reactive, and Na is also highly reactive and explodes with water – so we’re halfway there. Cl- and Na+ behave very differently though and are stable. Hence why saltwater can exist and not blow-up. So… Yeah no boom :(.

But consolation prize, I have a fun story of a demonstration I once did! I was asked in high school to do a chemistry demo for a special ed class, and so I got some sodium and a beaker of crushed ice. When the reaction started, the beaker jumped a foot into the air and exploded. I had put a blast shield up so there wasn’t any safety issue, but there were shards of glass like a yard/meter behind it. It was insane.

… Please don’t go buying Sodium and replicating it at home. I am not responsible for any injuries nor damages.

HerbalGamer, avatar

thank you that was fun


Don’t buy the sodium!

HerbalGamer, avatar



We need some sort of sanity test before allowing people to take office in the U.S.



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  • Masterblaster,

    hear hear!


    Conservatives do not value the lives of humans and animals the way normal people do. They delight in the misery of the vulnerable. You can see this in their jokes and entertainment. Cruelty is a core trait of a conservative.

    Violence is also part of the conservative ideology. If we are not actively training to resist them, they will oppress and kill millions of innocent normal people. A plague of conservatism has never been cured by pacifism. Do your part. Train and prepare now before that option disappears.


    How can he be anti-gay when he has Trump’s cock in his mouth and ass 24/7?


    To be fair, he can barely feel it.

    FlyingSquid, avatar

    My 13-year-old daughter like girls much more than boys.

    I’m fucking terrified that he’s in power.


    Fight back. Organize. Vote.

    FlyingSquid, avatar

    That may not be enough.


    Probably won’t be. But if you can’t move you have to fight

    FlyingSquid, avatar

    No question. And we are doing that. But it’s an uphill battle. Doesn’t help that she’s half-Jewish, I’m Jewish and my wife, daughter and I are all atheists. We are threatened so many ways from the Mike Johnsons of this country gaining power.


    I got your back even though I’m in Canada. Similar situation without the gay. My ex is Jewish. I have one kid with type 1 diabetes. 2 with autism. Daughter has a best friend who’s gay.

    The world is marching towards a dangerous place that only sees value in the hegemony. Diversity like us is feared. Then throw in the “evil jew” on top.


    Your daughter is fortunate to have you. While it shouldn’t be the case, there are a whole lot of parents who wouldn’t support their kids if they were LGBT.

    As much as we like to criticize the US, Americans generally will not stand for the mistreatment of our fellow Americans. Throughout history, the government and some other Americans have tried to go so, and every time, Americans standing in solidarity with each other have won out.

    So, if Republicans dare to try anything, give a holler, and we’ll remind Johnston and his ilk that “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” applies to more than just guns, and we will make sure they’re intimately aware of that.

    Seriously though, don’t hesitate to call out for help here. If things get that bad, I think several people here will have your back.

    FlyingSquid, avatar

    I appreciate it. Thanks!


    We still gotta try.

    FlyingSquid, avatar

    I’m not saying don’t try.


    I’m gonna say emphasis on the fight. Let’s build a club.

    FlyingSquid, avatar

    We’re not supposed to talk about that!

    Sway_Chameleon, avatar

    First rule of metal spikey end club.


    Let’s build a club.

    With like metal spikes all over the end of it for maximum damage?


    It will, however, be far better than not doing anything.

    HerbalGamer, avatar

    Had us in the first half.


    Come to Europe.
    Pick one of those dark blue ones:…/en_map.jpg

    (Image source: )

    FlyingSquid, avatar

    We can’t afford to move to another town, let alone another country.


    Any of these have easy citizenship or legal resident process?


    Some EU countries have pathways to citizenship/residency, but they are not easy. Such a path will usually involve being hired by a local company to do some type of specialized work that cannot be hired for locally. A highly skilled tech job is usually what that looks like. The other option for some countries (like Spain or Portugal) is to be wealthy and purchase a large amount of real estate in the country.

    There was a subreddit called Amerexit that was an excellent resource for this information. I haven’t seen anything similar on Lemmy, though. If you see such a community, let me know!


    EU countries are very difficult to migrate to. Their standards for residency are just not possible for most of us. I’ve desperately wanted to become an EU resident/citizen for the last 30 years, but simply do not meet the criteria for any of the countries.

    But thank you very much for the welcoming invitation.

    Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

    I can't blame her. Have you seen boys lately? They're fucking awful

    FlyingSquid, avatar

    As a former one myself… teenage boys have always been fucking awful.


    Seriously, who can possibly be so invested in the personal lives and relationships of others?

    I genuinely don’t understand how you can waste your time with that amount of hate.

    It’s extremism, plain and simple. Live the life you want and let others live theirs.

    Be kind. Support one another despite any differences we may have. Seriously, WTF?


    Life would be so much better if everyone just left each other alone. Like 90% of people in the world literally don’t care the 10% that are making the world a crap place.


    I honestly don’t understand who votes for this guy because they believes that he represents them. 

    Wahots, avatar

    It’s getting more and more difficult to understand where they are coming from. I ask my boyfriend what we want to make for dinner, while our speaker asks his son, a minor, to monitor him so that he doesn’t get addicted to porn. The relationship I have with my boyfriend is just as healthy, maybe even more healthy than the relationships I’ve had with women. I give people a pass in the 00s since being queer was rare, but queer people have been in the mainstream for well over a decade at this point, and we are a known quantity. We just want a happy life like everyone else. That’s it.

    I often laugh that some religious people most likely spend more time thinking about gay sex than we do. Which is once a week if that for us.


    We just want a happy life like everyone else

    I thought you wanted to indoctrinate the kids with the woke mind virus, and various other buzzwords and word salad


    I wonder when are we going to learn it was all projection?


    From pretty much the first moment he was shown on TV.


    Meanwhile, God is good with the US setting yet another firearm mass murder yearly record because for sure God is a second amendment advocate.


    God should’ve made them not LGBTQ+ then Mike. Seems like Johnson’s argument is with God. Good luck with her.




    If all Americans went out and voted in their congressional elections, you guys wouldn’t be in this mess. I worry that the US will fall into fascism not because of Christian nationalists, but because of excessive political apathy.


    If all Americans went out and voted in their congressional elections

    Ever hear of gerrymandering?

    While you’re at it, try counting the polling places per capita in blue neighborhoods versus red ones.

    When you’re done with that, check how many polling places per capita colleges have, how many college students have to travel several states on a Tuesday in order to vote.

    Then check how many voters are struck from the rolls using flimsy excuses.

    Lastly, check how difficult it is for the working poor to get enough time off work, childcare etc.

    If all Americans COULD vote, everything would be a lot better, but victim blaming without doing a goddamn thing about voting rights like neoliberals are doing isn’t helping.


    All I’m hearing are excuses. Polling places do exist, and even with Gerrymandering if everyone went out and voted it wouldn’t matter as much. Stop whining and just vote next time.

    Grant_M, avatar

    These fascists break the rules of their own book.


    At the risk of sounding like an edgy reddit atheist…

    God isn’t real, and most of those teens don’t believe in him as there is no evidence such a thing exists.


    And quite a lot of evidence he doesn’t.


    [Citation Needed]

    HawlSera, (edited )

    That is not evidence against the existence of God. Hell the Catholic Church has officially denounced Creationism.

    Why am I being devoted, the existence of God and the truth of evolution are not incompatible and only fundementalist extremist groups claim otherwise.


    You can’t prove a negative, you must prove his existence first.


    Exactly, maybe you should review the conversation. I didn’t ask for proof of God’s non-existence until someone claimed to have it. I asked for it to be presented as I found evidence of a negative to be an absurd premise. and I wanted to know where they were going with that.

    twisted28, (edited )

    Perhaps you should review the conversation. You asked for a source. There is plenty of evidence as to evolution. None for creationism. Logically a very simple conclusion. You have to be intentionally ignorant to not draw the correct conclusion. I’m so happy most teens see through this nonsense. You want me to prove something that you claim to exist. That logic is precisely in line with the entitlement of the religious.

    You declare he exists. Prove it. Simple. It’s not on me to prove, I’m not claiming he exists. It doesn’t even matter really because you’re arguing in bad faith. You’re not open to having your mind changed. I could deliver indisputable proof and you wouldn’t believe it. I’m not wasting my time debating a fool.


    No no no no no no no no, I think you really need to review the conversation, because I never said that God existed. Someone merely said there was proof that he didn’t and I asked them to present it.

    Additionally I never argued in favor of creationism, all I ever said about it was that it wasn’t a position the Catholic Church held.

    Instead of listing off insults, maybe you should pay attention to what the other person is actually saying

    RickyRigatoni, avatar

    There’s more evidence Santa exists than god.

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