Hillary Clinton tells voters to 'get over yourself' when it comes to Biden-Trump rematch

With a electoral system like Ranked Choice voting, people would feel safe to vote for whomsoever they wish, as their vote would still be counted even if their preference didn’t win.

Just search for videos on FPTP voting if you want an explanation on how and why the spoiler effect exists.

Electoral reform is possible in each individual state (for now), we dont need federal reform! Maine and Alaska have already passed electoral reform.

Republicans are moving to make alternative electoral systems illegal in their states. Republicans LOVE first past the post voting. Just sbsolutely adore it. Why would you want to use the same voting system republicans want?

More political parties means a higher percentage of the population is represented by their choices in the voting booth. More people involved in the electoral process, more people engaged.

Its a win win win all around for not just the people, but also for the democratic party. More people voting means more democratic votes. The numbers dont lie. So what’s the hold up blue states?

Some day we will be able to vote for who best represents our interests. We won’t need to grovel on our knees, begging for representationin government. We won’t need to wait for the Republican party to stop existing.

We can do it right now. We don’t have to get over a damn thing. If anyone needs to get over themselves, it would be the democrats who assume they are the only way forward.

Consider starting a campaign to change how we vote in your own state! Force our representatives to compete with fresh outside ideas. We deserve the best representation, not excuses.

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"Most people feel disenchanted about our political system. I know, I'll insult them into shutting the fuck up"


It’s especially funny, coming from one of the people who have made us disenchanted

@slacktoid@lemmy.ml avatar

The DNC can get over it. These fucks forget how politics work.


Somehow I don’t think insulting people is going to get them to want to participate in your shit show


Hillary Clinton is irrelevant, and should get over herself.

@Pandantic@midwest.social avatar

And always makes things worse. Just shut up already.

norbert avatar

Rich old bat, nobody cares; she might not be first for the guillotine but she's definitely in the queue.


What political side even are you? I assume some far left tankie idiocy.


Taking sides in politics is just about the most pointless thing you can possibly do with your existence on this earth. They don’t know you. No one cares. It’s not a team sport.


So caring about things and the world is pointless?


If it’s caring about “picking sides” in politics like it’s a sporting match, yes.


They don’t like to hear it, because the guillotine jokes are comforting to them, but calling for the mass execution of undesirables (no matter the flavor) is the most authoritarian loving thing there is. 100% tankie shit.

There are massive changes that need to happen in the west, but revolt and execution are not it.

They are just hoping they’ll be in the “in” crowd when the violence starts, not realizing that by a small whim of chance, they could actually be the ones being hunted. Wouldn’t be a comforting joke then.


I just hope they never try making those jokes in Germany, I don’t think their Bougyevik hearts could handle the irony of being prosecuted for accidentally stanning the most popular method of execution outside the camps during the Nazi reign of terror.


Robespierre definitely found that one out.




She should go hang out with her buddy Henry Kissinger, whatever he’s up to these days.


Honestly I hate hearing her voice even more than Trump’s, and I used to vote democrat.

@CileTheSane@lemmy.ca avatar

Alternative headline: Hillary Clinton hasn’t learned her lesson that she is tone deaf and should stay the fuck out of politics.


That’s A real hoot coming from the woman who gave us president Donald Trump.


Real stupid take from the lemmy user. At best the voters “gave” you trump.

@klemptor@startrek.website avatar

The electoral college gave us trump. Clinton won the popular vote.


Nah if not for Hillary, Bernie would have easily beat trump

@skulblaka@startrek.website avatar

Real stupid take from the lemmy user. Trump lost the popular vote.


Real stupid vote from the Trump user. Lemmy lost the popular take.


We DEFINITELY don’t need her help with any elections.


Shut up, cunt.


She really just needs to get over herself and shut the fuck up. She lost to Trump. Why the fuck would anyone listen to her on how to beat him?

@inb4_FoundTheVegan@lemmy.world avatar

Two things can be true at the same time.

  1. She is a target of mysgonstic flavored consisparcy theories.
  2. She truly is unlikeable with half measure policies while being woefully out of touch with the average person.
  1. She is / was 100x more qualified than Trump.
  2. American voters are idiots.

And yet, unelectable!


It’s easy to be more qualified than totally unqualified. She was the obvious choice, but her total lack of charisma to voters destroyed that.


The worst part is that more people voted for her, just not where it counts because she couldn’t be bothered to campaign there


Yeah, cause she’s an elitist piece of shit, which makes her unqualified to anyone with a fuckin brain.


Ok, but she got more votes across the nation in a nationwide election for a Federal job, so…?


As shitty as this sounds, does it matter whether or not she won the popular vote if that was not the metric for winning?

She, a career politician, should know that and her strategy was lacking.


Oh, for sure, she should have had a better strategy. I don’t disagree that she ran a terrible campaign. But OP said “more people voted for her” despite her bad strategy, which is true and frankly should have been a national point of months of protests. But instead, the person I responded to implied it doesn’t matter because she’s [insert stereotypical Clinton hate vomit].

It does matter. She did get more votes. That is in fact a fairer and more just way of representing a national vote for a national/Federal position. We all know there’s an electoral college. But there absolutely shouldn’t be because it inherently counts some votes as more valuable than others, which is frankly incompatible with democracy. So yes, that definitely matters.


I agree with you, i just meant it in a plain cause and effect sort of way. It doesn’t matter in the sense that it is not a metric that matters for determining the outcome in the election, just an indicator of popularity.

Also, makhno said that she didn’t campaign in key states because of her elitism, and that attitude makes her less qualified. They didn’t say that it didn’t matter because of it.

Democracy, in the American sense, is a scam, and at the presidential level it’s the same mechanism from the ground up, full of antidemocratic mechanisms.

Makhno, (edited )

Cause people are idiots…?

And she stole the election from Bernie…?


Still more qualified than the woefully unqualified, elitist trash that is Trump. Lol


Sure, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Dem shills are dumb as fuck too, just not blatantly malicious like Republicans

@CileTheSane@lemmy.ca avatar
  1. She should have run on a platform that was better than “What else are you going to do, vote for Trump?”
  1. She shouldn’t have pushed trump as the pied Piper candidate in the first place.
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She’s from the Chicago suburbs, fuck that entitled bitch.


We literally had Trump instead of Bernie because she couldn’t get over herself.


Neolibs would rather see a descent into fascism than a true progressive agenda because billionaires will still thrive under the former. Sure, there’s the whole die roll about who gets caught up in the purges, but a real progressive administration could lead to less free money for them. The DNC would rather hand the reigns to the GOP while it sorts out the problem of people wanting a candidate like Bernie.


She needs to learn to shut the fuck up, because she doesn’t help.

This is like telling your SO to ‘just calm down’ when they’re really angry about something.


No Hillary fan by any means but the sheer unbridled rage the white left launches into whenever she shows her face is kinda proving her point.

Entitled pricks still can’t own up to the roll they played in Trump winning in 2016, and they still can’t just shut the hell up about “muh establishment Dee En See!” now 8 years later when literally all their gripes can be answered with “then why didn’t you vote for it?”

Fucking seriously, Bernie didn’t lose to some establishment conspiracy, he made the mistake of thinking millennials and Zoomers could be counted on to show up at their population share in the primaries, nevermind the easy dominating share they could have had if white bougie leftists could be counted on to do anything but bitch about how other people aren’t doing the revolution they want for them.

Bernie deserved better than fucking all of you. He deserved supporters who’d have actually been there the literal one fucking time he actually needed you to be there over all those rallies and protests and marches all ova ya fucking social media feeds like wearing his fucking merch while you still sit on your ass on polling day does anything except make all those small donations contribute to a very expensive primary defeat.

So yes, get the shit over all of yourselves, none of you deserve to crack wise about how Hillary is apparently Satan incarnate for the crime of having a base of support who could actually be assed to turn out for a primary.

Cast your ballot, then piss and moan about it, nobody has the right to bitch until they open with their “I Voted” sticker as price of admission, as the show that they can be counted on to do the literal barest minimum of actual work to improve our country, before they start throwing a tantrum as if not voting or punishment voting didn’t get us fucking both of the worst administrations to curse our nation since Reagan.



Hear hear!


Except the system is broken and voting doesn’t help. No matter how much you want it to. Your vote is irrelevant to the DNC because they will pick whatever candidate they want anyways. It’s on THEM that Trump and Bush won. Not wanting to interact with a system so blatantly corrupt does not make me a bad person, and fuck you for claiming such. Maybe if there were confidence in LITERALLY ANYONE in government, young people would see the point in doing anything. The Dems are only there to lose to the Republicans while raking in donations and saying, ‘we just need to try HARDER!’. When they just roll over at the first sign of resistance from the right.

I’m so tired of you idiots claiming that voting is going to stop fascism. Liberals will tolerate fascism. They will bitch and moan and then go to work at the death camp.

Fuck that. I’m gonna kill fascists instead.


No it makes you a bad person.

Fuck you, you’re a bad person, you’re a bad person and a worse ally.

Voting does nothing for you people because YOU PEOPLE DON’T FUCKING DO IT.

It’s real fucking convenient a position to have that they’d never honor a result in favor of a progressive when the left has yet to ever rally for and actually show up at the polls for a candidate seriously.

Voting would work if you actually bothered to try it instead of just calling it a lost cause and writing off the lives of everyone ahead of you on the hit list like the psychopath you’re throwing a tantrum about how you’re not.

I’m sure you will kill all the fascists you want, just not until they get into power to kill everyone who had the gall to expect you to participate before dolling out orders to us lowlies like you get to demand to speak to the party’s manager or some white “left” karen shit.

You kill fascists after they kill everyone who has an agenda other than yours.

Rot in hell you self righteous collaborator.


Except study after study show that the US does not respond to the will of the people, they respond to the will of the copreration, Your vote does not matter because once in office your will does not matter, This has been born out in actual full studies.


Yeah it doesn’t work, that’s why they’re fighting so hard to kill it and to spread propaganda about how it doesn’t work.

Just say you care more about being right than about doing right, it’s ok, all the PoC and Queer Folks and Women you like to pretend your an ally to already know you’re cynically intent on taking advantage of your being lower on the kill list than all of them, you don’t have to keep pretending your a good person anymore.

Go, be free, live your live as the psychopathic wannabe Peter Baelish you convince yourself in your glorious revolution wet dreams that you aren’t.


Except they have done genuine studies on this, and the will of the american people has no effect on laws passed in the states or the federal government. I wish I was making this up but I am not, I will not go so far as to say a vote means absolutly nothing in total terms, but in figuritive terms it is meaningless, and there are studies to prove this.

Second, You do not know anything about me or what I do or what I hold dear. That being said, I am higly unlikely to be lower or at the very least significatly lower on the kill list than any of them, I also do very much cair about them, I also refuse to give my vote at gun point to someone who has done none of what they promised other than “No change” to doners. A man who happily broke a labor strike, a man who is aiding with no qualms and bending over backwards to protect a genoicede. No they do not get my vote. Especialy when the "threat: on the other side has no material difrence.

I mean, intersting that you assume my dreams are to immulate a fictional charicter, they are not, and I can tell you I am well aware that the revolution 1 is not a “wet dream” that is just… disgusting eww… and 2 is not anywhere close, the amount of class contiousness needed is not anywhere near where it needs to be… there are also people like you who seem to think the idea of a revolution is cilly and psycopathic, and all you have to to is vote… dispite the studies showing that the vote does not matter at the best of times, and this is not that.

If you want to know who my Hero I would want to Imulate is that would be John Brown leading a Ritchous Revolution, or Castro, or Mao, or Lennin. but no I would not think about playing out some fictional charicter


no material difference

And right there you’ve outed that you’re just lying about being in any position of peril

I’m sure your lady friends could tell you all about the fucking material difference Clinton would have made in their reproductive rights not getting stripped from them, but in all your god appointed privileged saviorship you’ll just inform them that they should have made a better case about how their medical sovereignty was on the fucking line because the only people to whom the democrats and republicans are completely the same are the exact privileged twats who are ruining this country for all of us out of some twisted karen spite demanding to see the party’s manager for not doing the revolution they demanded for them WHEN THEY DIDN’T FUCKING VOTE FOR IT AT THE PRIMARY.


You’re no ally to change or revolution, you’re a snivelling rat collaborator who will be lined up and shot with the rest of the fascists when the revolution you want comes and it comes out that you actively fought against averting the rise of the fascists because “well the not fascists just didn’t earn my vote!”


Try not seating a neoliberal as the candidate then, maybe you can get some leftists to go vote. The fact that so many people were assaulting the “Bernie Bros” proved to me that people like you are not leftists, you’re just rainbow neolibs.


How about vote for him in the primaries then asswipe.


This is exactly the way I feel about all these people who choose inaction and agitate for others to abstain. You’re so fucking right and I’m sick of all these comments coddling this cowardly attitude of abstinence from real action. My partner is a political organizer, works in civil rights and climate action. He’s Latino and disabled. We’re both trans and queer. I volunteer and organize. The reality is most people won’t volunteer or donate to make change. The easiest thing most people can do to make real change is to vote.

Claiming voting doesn’t work, and asserting you’d rather not vote than vote for a middle of the road candidate versus the fascist… it’s a privileged take. It’s not allyship. It’s not about helping people or making a difference, it’s moral purity. They’d rather throw away lives than taint their soul with an impure decision. I don’t have the privilege to maintain my purity, and those that do should take a hard look at how they’re using that privilege.

It might make you feel icky icky to vote for the guy you dislike versus the man who wants to exterminate me. Get over it or be honest that you’d rather feel pure than take action.

Privileged lefties’ prioritization of moral purity over real action will be the death of us.


It’s especially disgusting to me because they’re using the Gaza Genocide as an excuse to expose me, a Palestinian American, to the risk of genocidal discrimination here in America.

They’re fucking using my dead kin as set dressing to lecture me about how my imminent danger isn’t a good enough reason for them to compromise their oh so precious values, whatever those must be since they love to talk about defending the underprivileged when it’s in an instagrammable pride march or rally.


Absolutely correct.


I’m sure this time yelling at the voters will work.

I didn’t give a shit that Clinton beat Sanders. I am however pissed that she then lost. The person most at fault for a candidate losing is the candidate.



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    Without breaking a sweat. You greatly underestimate the hatred people have for Hilary “it’s my turn” Clinton.


    We’ll never know. However, the media establishment absolutely didn’t want the two of them on a stage together.


    Except 1) votes need to be earned and 2) the DNC argued and won in court that election season that they did not have to provide a fair playing feild in the primary as a private organisation, they could even select their nomonee however they wanted too reguardless.


    If “the alternative are fascists” doesn’t earn your vote, you’re a fascist.

    @federatingIsTooHard@lemmy.world avatar

    nobody has the right to bitch until they open with their “I Voted” sticker as price of admission

    silencing your opposition is antidemocratic

    @federatingIsTooHard@lemmy.world avatar

    gore won the vote in 2000. this is misinformation


    She can go get over a fucking cliff. The audacity of this idiot telling people how to vote.

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