Please take a moment to appreciate “My uterus > your god”


I’d sooner worship an organ than a fairy tale.


Those don’t have to be different either.


Wdym? Magic uterus?


Faeries are anything.


I’m sure there’s a “second coming” joke here but I can’t piece it together


/> = Better at actually doing the creation act than we’ve ever seen God do.


Next step for Republicans: Ban sterilization. I mean plenty of doctors already refuse to agree for a patient to have a vasectomy/get their tubes tied, especially young (and white) patients, because of shitty personal beliefs. Why not go a step further? These working class heathens need to be forced to stay in line.

SturgiesYrFase, avatar

My mum, when she was in her mid40s, went to get her tubes tied. Dr refused, “still of child bearing age.” Her response: I’ve got 6 kids, tie these damn tubes or I’ll do it myself!

Edit: a word

VindictiveJudge, avatar

I mean, if she wasn’t ‘of child bearing age’ anymore there wouldn’t be any point in tying her tubes anyway, so that’s a pointless reason.

SturgiesYrFase, avatar


Semi_Hemi_Demigod, avatar

Also ban viagra. Impotence is the will of god.


As a male, (who thankfully doesn’t need it, yet) I agree with this 100%. If these clowns are going to force their beliefs on others, they should have to face the same consequences. Make it illegal, not enough to ban it.

FJW, avatar

Can we please not do the “it hurts the other side more”-bullshit? Especially in light of the fact that Viagra has legitimate medical uses outside of ED and that ED can also be caused by factors that affect conservatives a lot less, such as HRT for trans women.

Semi_Hemi_Demigod, avatar

Sorry, god says only natural boners


I recently went in for the snip because I’m in a state that wants to keep rolling back rights and already have a pretty awesome kid. My area also has a population of people who I don’t quite understand that were definitely judging me for my choice.

I went to a highly rated urologist office that was a part of my insurance plan, though the procedure isn’t covered, other aspects like the initial consultation were. The first receptionist I talked with quickly changed her tone toward me when I said I wanted a vasectomy and made a big deal about not being sure my insurance was accepted. She said she would call me back by EOD after she checked my insurance. This was midmorning on a Thursday. I never heard back. I called back a week or so later, different receptionist. She put me on hold for a few minutes to verify my insurance plan and we set an appointment for the consultation.

On the day of the consultation, the nurse who showed me to the exam room visibly changed her demeanor as soon as I stated why I was there. Thankfully the doctor was all business and the nurses assisting spring the procedure a few weeks later were professional and kind.

There are definitely some medical professionals out there who want to put their own beliefs over those of their patients. I didn’t think it was as prevalent as it likely is.


I feel like people treat fertility way too seriously. So many doctors will refuse to sterilize people because “what if they want kids in the future”. Well then they can get a sperm donor or adopt. It’s not the end of the world.


In Germany it seems access to sterilization is more difficult if you’re light skinned, go figure…


That’s probably the thing conservatives are going to go after when they’re done banning birth control medication.


If you’re a cis man, it isn’t hard to get done. My urologist talked about the finer points of sci-fi while my procedure was done and then he mentioned that men often use events like march madness to conveniently allow themselves to be lazy. He was so cool. I want to be my urologist when i grow up.

The procedure sucks for folks who might not have the safety net like I did for it. I realize that. But if you do I have to say that it’s much better than for a woman and that you are being a feminist warrior for your wife/SO. Anyway I encourage all guys to get it when they feel they are ready.

Also bringing your semen sample in a little lab bottle to your doctor is weird AF.


My doctor played Africa by Toto on his phone

IntangibleSloth, avatar

Lol yeah, worst was having to wait in line with it to check in! For those interested, I found a jock strap to be the most comfortable for the first few days.


Won’t be long before the christian shithead republiclowns outlaw that too.


…and that’s why I’m getting it done next month. I’m genuinely worried it’s now or never.


wow, that is absolutely awful.

That you have such Fear of your Government i mean.


It’s not the government, it’s the republiclowns. They’re in power because of the idiots that keep voting for them because fox “news” tells them to. Nobody besides the rich as shit should be voting red. (the rich as shit are assholes and they at least benefit from the tax breaks) They’re just laughing at you while they piss all over you.


this is actually a really based statistic now that i think about it.

Just sterilize yourself forcibly if you are ok with it. It’s a protest. What are they going to do, force us to have babies?


What are they going to do, force us to have babies?

According to the Handmaid’s Tale (which seems to be their user manual) they will either kill us or send us to forced labor camps as we are useless to the holy demography.


fine be me. Not like i’m going to of much help doing anything else LMAO.


Also you can have your sperm or eggs frozen in case you do want to have kids in the future. Take control of your reproduction and fuck these conservatives.


True, but it’s enough $$$ to be out of range for many (for eggs anyways)


“i froze my eggs/sperm and am now sterilized permanently. Eat shit losers.”

beebers, avatar

Generally, female sterilization means cutting or removing the fallopian tubes. The eggs and womb (uterus) are still present and functioning, but the pathway for the eggs to travel is no longer available. In other words, eggs wouldn’t need to be frozen in case a future pregnancy was wanted. However the eggs would need to be removed and mixed with semen, like in vitro fertilization, for a pregnancy to actually occur.


Wow, people really don’t want to wear a condom…


condoms are cool and all, until you get raped.


Or they fail.


or someone tries and pull a quick one on you or something.


“I forego the ability to have children in case I get raped and do not take the morning after pill”


yes, exactly, you figured it out, congratulations.

People would genuinely rather not being able to have children (it’s reversible most of the time, though not always) than be raped and have to support a child they are simply not capable of or ready to support.


How is sterilization preferable to the morning after pill?


probably because the morning after pill is potentially illegal, or possibly, soon to be illegal. As well as all of the potential red tape surrounding it.

Getting sterilized now, and not having to answer questions in front of a judge asking you why you took a morning after pill after getting raped is always going to be preferable. Plus a lot of these people already don’t want children. So it’s not like it makes a difference to them.


We live in absurd times.


yeah, and you would think abortion would just be legal, but no.


No thanks, I’ll just fuck a fleshlight instead. Much better than a real vagina with a condom.

BTW condom dissent is majorly censored all accross the internet, even though it is an almost universally held belief that condom sex is shit sex not worth having.


it is an almost universally held belief that condom sex is shit sex not worth having.

Many false beliefs are held by a high number of people.

Are you really trying to pull a popularity fallacy?


Let me try an ad hominem, people who argue about fallacies, aren’t reliable authorities on what constitute good sex.


“Hurrrr hurrrr, people who know things don’t fuck, hurrr hurrr”.

Did you receive many head lesions playing football in college, or were you born a caveman already?


damn, bro would rather fuck a faux rubber pussy than fuck a pussy with rubber in between.


Yes, it’s not even a contest which feels better. It’s real easy to find why, the condom moves -with- you, the fleshlight doesn’t. And the slick slippery surface of the condom dulls the texture.


damn that’s crazy, i don’t remember asking though.


Hey if you don’t want to know, then keep it in your pants, your opinions that is.


i dont remember bringing up fleshlights to be completely honest.

I’m a degenerate, but not that much of a degenerate.


If you are going to have casual sex, you still need to wear a condom, what are you talking about? The lack of sex education in this thread is incredible.


I knew of a girl when I was in high school. She was a senior and I was a sophomore. Word began rushing through the school that she (head cheerleader) was pregnant by the quarterback on the football team. He came from a super wealthy family, and honestly we all expected an immediate marriage and a ‘premature’ baby.

What happened instead was an announcement that she had died during emergency surgery and let’s all pray. She had had a (what we called) backstreet abortion and hemorrhaged.

We all knew how to access an illegal abortion, we knew the risks, and this girl just was the unlucky one.

She was super smart, in the Latin club, debate, 4.0, just destined for success. And instead she died.

This was in 1969, and I cannot believe we as a nation are willing to go back over 2 decades in women’s healthcare.


Y’allQaeda is at it again. Yeehaa!


She had had a (what we called) backstreet abortion and hemorrhaged.

Banning abortions doesn’t stop abortion, it only stops safe abortions.


You know 1969 was 55 years ago? While that is technically “over 2 decades” that’s an interesting way to describe 55 years lol

Wizard_Pope, avatar

Technically correct is the best kind of correct


Haha!! I was trying to type 55!!


You can blame the Moral Majority. So many of them would look at your story and go “well that’s what she deserved for having premarital sex”.


People are simply not going to be forced to have kids. Repuglicans are completely blind to that fact


This is a good article about how one woman figured out how to do abortions herself.

This is what will happen.

Sam_Bass, (edited )

Didnt read all of it but what i did read was quite interesting. Just as interesting was the lack of popups and banner ads on the page.


That is a very good magazine and I read it a lot. High quality.

Read past tense though as it seemed to be cancelled.


Well, except for the quiver-full crowd and all the women indoctrinated into the barefoot and pregnant school of thought.

In other words, the poor, stupid, and indoctrinated will continue to spew out kids while the educated and reasoned will make the choice not to, therefore the stupid will inherit the earth.


The meek shall inherit. The stupid is anything but meek these days


That is literally the logical falicy that Idiocracy makes fun of and nature vs. nurture is still an ongoing discussion.


I don’t see how that depends on it being nature or nurture. Nature: they will be like their parents because of genetics. Nurture: they will be like their parents because that’s who’s raising them.


And if you really want to raise kids, adoption is a win-win-win for you, them, and the planet

NENathaniel, avatar

Isn’t it really expensive in a lot of places?


It is, but a pregnancy with regular checkups, screening for potential issues, and delivery in a hospital isn’t cheap, either, even when everything goes without issue. If there are complications and the baby needs to stay in a NICU or have surgeries, it can be far more expensive than adoption.


Except if you’re not in the US. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still expensive to have a kid, but there’s no risk of going broke during birth procedures (complicated or not) in most developed and even some developing countries.


Solid point. I’ve had it pretty good most of my life, but I’m so used to this ass backwards way of doing things that I often forget about how much better it can and should be.

NENathaniel, avatar

I’m in Canada, this would mostly be free


It can be. The system is intentionally bogged down with a lot of red tape to discourage people who aren’t fully committed to raising a child, especially one that isn’t their own biological offspring. The thing is, raising kids is expensive in general. You’ll shell out millions over their lifetime for basic necessities, education and enrichment. If somebody balks at the cost of adoption, they probably aren’t ready for kids yet anyway.


You’re just doing exactly what conservatives want. Now they will have 20 kids and you will have zero, and the future generation will be further fucked.


If you think growing up in a conservative household guarantees a kid becomes conservative, you didn’t grow up in a conservative household.


He didn’t say conservative, he said “fucked”. 😆


I wouldn’t subject a child to being the 1 in 20 that was against fascism. I would rather they be the last ones left and burn themselves out.


I’d still rather not force a conscious being into that existence. If I can’t move the needle myself, I’m not going to give up and and create a human just to put this massive burden on them.


They just want more plebe workers, this is almost certainly not what they want

dual_sport_dork, avatar

No, I’m doing what I want which is not to have kids. Regardless of what conservative fuckheads want or think.


Then this doesn’t apply to you why are you commenting


Yeah but the future generation will be all conservatives, by your logic. So fuck it, I’ll be dead and happy!


I think about this a lot, and the first scene of Idiocracy.


I don’t want to create a little person into this flaming hellhole just in time for them to watch everything go extinct from the frontlines of the resource wars. Fascists and their descendants can have it, I guess, fuck this shit.


Nobody owes children to society. I don’t have children because I despise infants and I don’t want the complication, period.

I’m not young, though, but I’ve never missed having children.

venusaur, avatar

Unfortunately, I think the people who should be sterilizing themselves are not the ones doing it. (not talking about eugenics)


I’ve said this elsewhere, but if you are in the states and have health insurance sterilization is covered! For those with lady bits too! This changed with ACA and as soon as it was in effect I started searching for doctors. Easier said than done unless you are old or already have children. But it is possible now, unless you are in some state that used their right to take that right away.


Have to be at least 21 for Medicaid, FYI.


wait until they ban that too with these ghouls you never know.

this will be an interesting example of the cobra effect though.

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