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nuke, in It's even funnier the second time.

At times like this I like to look back and reflect on old vatnik cope and see just how far we’ve come.

Ah, this one really takes me back.


Thanks for the laugh!


“People brought under the heel of russian empire and against whom Stalin committed genocide by starvation will surely greet us with flowers.”


Genocidal/Politicidal history doesn’t predict political opposition though (e.g. Kazakhstan being struck by starvation campaigns as well, but juggling neutrality now)


Remember that elderly women that offered seeds to russian soldiers “so that at least some sunflowers will grow where they are going to die”. I think that kind of counts as greeting with flowers?


Oh my god how did I forget about sunflower grandma.

Imagine being a fresh-faced recruit to what you still believe to be a noble mission to liberate your own oppressed people. An easy mission at that - go in, march on Kyiv, overthrow the “nazi regime,” go home heroes. You show up, head held high, waiting for the cheers and thank-yous from those you think you’re here to protect. A sweet old lady walks up to you offering a gift! Sunflower seeds - peaceful, bright, lovely sunflower seeds. Then she says it. “At least some sunflowers will grow where you die.”

Absolutely pants-shitting.

shalafi, in The Russian Black Sea Fleet is getting bodied out there.

Russian warship: “Snake Island, I, Russian warship, repeat the offer: put down your arms and surrender, or you will be bombed. Have you understood me? Do you copy?”

Ukrainian 1 to Ukrainian 2: “That’s it, then. Or, do we need to fuck them back off?”

Ukrainian 2 to Ukrainian 1: “Might as well.”

Ukrainian 1: “Russian warship, go fuck yourself.

Best part, that Russian warship was the Moskva. Pictured top-left, with the red X through it.


sunk by indigenously built ukranian neptune surface to surface missile no less. Very impressive!


One of my favorite memes on the subject came from Sputnik_not “update: the fire is out” [picture of the ship underwater]


On the he ships Wikipedia page (it was called the moslva):

Ukraine has officially declared the wreck of the ship to be an underwater cultural heritage site

Justas, in Vatniks be like, then f**k around and find out avatar

Russian tanks: was/were

Socsa, in Pizza metrics are out, gay analytics are in

It’s always amusing when some CHUD suddenly realizes that the Pentagon is one of the largest single employers in the middle of one of the most liberal places in the country.


People with graduate degrees are more likely to vote democratic.…/how-college-graduates-vote.html

aew360, in Why are they like this

Because Putin is bankrolling two or three minor political parties and the front runner of a major political party. That fucking anti-war protest in DC was the dumbest shit. Yeah let’s have two political parties that agree on absolutely fucking nothing except for hating Ukraine co-host an event where Ron Paul’s bitch ass makes up stories about how congresspeople told him that they needed to start a war to fix the economy while some limpdick tankie waves the Soviet flag around in the background


Most people posting as tankies today aren’t tankies.

As someone who has done extensive reading in modern Marxism, Rawlsian doctrine, anarchism both historical and modern, and so on and so on (and yes that was a Žižek reference), many of those posting as far leftists are coming from wholly self-constructed positions. They’re either deliberately playing the role of an agent provocateur or they’re people who have unwittingly become broadcast nodes with the same effect.


Zizek is the Jordan Peterson of the left.

PugJesus avatar

and so on and so on (and yes that was a Žižek reference)

"And sho on" [sniff] "and sho forth."

Unironically Zizek is very fascinating though.


Ehhhh not really. He’s alright


Cosplay communists. They don't actually believe in communism, they just like the esthetic and being contrarian.


Tankies on Lemmy are 100% right wing trolls pretending to be leftists. They aren’t even trying to hide it at this point.


A lot of us leftists also disavow tankies entirely, they don’t represent us.


One of them on chapotraphouse said “I’m gonna vote for Trump just so see the US finally burn to the ground” and I replied “horseshoe theory: confirmed” and the mods removed my comment lmao


Someone accused me of denying the Holocaust because I said Poland didn’t invade the Soviet union


I got a ban on Lemmy for “genocide denial” for saying the Russian invasion of Ukraine had traits of genocide.

These people are shockingly propagandized.


Crazy how tankies support Russia (despite them not even being communist, domestic abuse, treatment of gay people, and ties with conservatives). And are just okay with Russia killing entire villages of Ukraines because their supposed Nazi government (didn’t let a Russian puppet in government).

skillissuer, avatar

maoism-third worldism: an infantile disorder


I’ve had one case on where they deleted many of my comments but kept the brigading comments responding.

There are definitely lines that some mods will defer to one side.


I opened accounts on multiple instances due to the instability (and information propagation dynamics) of individual ones. I figured “why not?” I had several Reddit accounts, after all, and it just seemed to make sense.

I thought was for machine learning. The UI I was using didn’t include self-descriptions.

Empricorn, (edited )

They’re either deliberately playing the role of an agent provocateur or they’re people who have unwittingly become broadcast nodes with the same effect.

That’s… a tankie, at least functionally. If they’re spouting the propaganda, I don’t care where it came from or whether it’s officially certified as doctrine.


Ah, yes, the myth of “real Communism”.


At this point I think he’s probably bankrolling a lot more than just the front runner.


We’ve known that for close to a decade now. Let’s not forget that a bunch of traitors spent July 4th in Moscow and that Paul Ryan said that trump and a few others in Congress were getting paid by russia

Mitchmaker, in Quack

Its Elizabeth!

atocci avatar

This is in-character behavior too


This is what happens when Zura isn’t around to contain her!

embed_me, avatar

Zura ja nai


Katsura da!

germanatlas, avatar

And he has a neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon

Jaysyn, in Ah, yes NATO must protect the Balkans
Jaysyn avatar

A literal pipe dream.

Glad NATO is taking this seriously though. Makes Trump being rejected at the ballot box even more important.

Justas, avatar

I don’t think that them mistaking Baltics for Balkans twice and that getting through review counts as them taking it seriously.


mistaking Baltics for Balkans twice

No, they mistook it for Balkans once. The other time they mistook it for “Balkins”.

massive_bereavement avatar

Bilbo Balkins?

NOT_RICK, avatar

This looks like the NY Post fucking up. I’m surprised they didn’t write it in crayon, it’s their favorite snack over there

mozz, in God, if only we had done this avatar

We did do this in 2018.


I smile every time I read this story.


God that website is disgusting on mobile. There is ads just popping in and out of existence causing the site to just bounce up and down make it near impossible to read


Firefox + uBlock Origin. Just read it and there were no popups for me.


looks alright with an ad blocker

mozz, avatar

Just for you with your lack of an ad blocker

nuke, in Most Based Russian

Context: the latest 1420 video (timestamp)


This didn’t need to be put on a meme template, the original video is so much funnier.


Absolutely incredible how self aware he is.

nuke, in Intel indicates Putin has acquired even larger table technology

This is clear escalation and we need to act now

theodewere avatar

we can't afford to have a table gap


We need to close the table gap


Name checks out

downpunxx, in Did you hear? It's happening!
downpunxx avatar

Al Jazeera aren't Qatari shills, Al Jazeera are Qatari.

Al Jazeera was founded by Sheikh Hamad ibn Khalifa Al Thani, emir of Qatar, in 1996 and is wholly owned by the State of Qatar. Qatar funds Hamas and Hezbollah to kill Jews, and all the news from Al Jazeera is meant to convince the world that Jews have no place in the Middle East, and no claim to Israel. It was the singluar reason the Emir of Qatar founded Al Jazeera in the first place.

It's a single purpose propaganda organization.

None of this matters to the Jew baiters in the Fediverse though.

I block anyone posting Al Jazeera anything, you might well as title your post "Yalla, rape, kill, and burn all the Jews". Fuck Al Jazeera, and fuck anyone that posts from it, knowing they target Jews for murder.

zakobjoa, (edited ) in rest in piss avatar

Wagner Channels already announced another March of Justice™ in case Prigozhin bit the dirt.

Ended it with “you better hope he’s still alive…”

Edit: Three separate sources confirmed Prigozhin and Utkin dead. Not only Wagnerites but also ultranationalists are calling for blood.

SpicyPeaSoup avatar

I asked a Finnish fella on NCD if he could make the russians march on moscow again, and he said he'll see what he can do.

Damn guy works fast.


Those Finns don’t fuck about do they. Just straight up get on with it, or they’ll be late for vodka and sauna.


The Finns are hardcore, the footage from the Winter War is something else:


Don’t forget they had the most goated soldier of all time Simo Häyhä.


~300 fucking close range kills with an SMG after he realized he was the only guy with a working weapon.

I seriously doubt I could have lived with myself after that, but i guess you process things differently in wartime.


I seriously doubt I could have lived with myself after that,

Invaders must die.


@InverseParallax @eestileib

I mean, look at my username, I get it.

But it's still a different mindset than I've ever personally been in.

zakobjoa, avatar

Forget Simo, celebrate certified meth machine Aimo Koivunen.

DontMakeItTim, in allways nice to have friends and allies who look out for one

Because the US and Japan have an extensive intel sharing agreement, and it’s likely not just Japan’s defense info at risk from Chinese hackers.


This is why the government keeps secrets from people…because people don’t read or fully understand things before making potentially dangerous accusations/suggestions and do the whole “just asking questions bro” BS.


We knew it from intercepts, but, also…


That and we’ve known about Grey market supply chain attacks for a while now, nothing new.

fist_of_fartitude, (edited ) in diplomacy 100 avatar

Do US drones have ASW capabilities? Why not enforce the deal the old fashioned way - by sinking Russian ships. Bonus points if we get a Kilo or two.

Edit : just to clarify, Russia has no balls so this is a perfectly safe thing to do


yeah, why not start a world war?


on more serious note, russia is unlikely to significantly escalate. learn why there:


"and we'll all be home by Christmas"

  • military leadership around the world in 1914 and 1939

i don’t think anyone expected ww2 to be quick

SpicyPeaSoup avatar

Hitler did. "Americans are pussies and they'll never join the war, Britain is weak, and we'll Blitzkrieg through the USSR ez gg".


extremely common nazi L


it’s a small price for getting rid of current russian state


Do you... Do you hear your own words? Holy cow. No, it's fucking not. It's the highest price this world can pay after doing nothing for the climate.


Yeah Russia, India and china should start addressing climate change. People should stop buying Russian gas and oil while screaming about the environment.


you seem to be new there

look around there and in /r/noncredibledefense. feel like home if you want to, but don’t expect this place to change significantly

and no, i’m not afraid of russian nukes specifically because nato also has nukes. this logic worked for 70 years already, and it will work now (on top of some of these russian nukes probably not working, that is)


this logic worked for 70 years already

The best predictor for the future is the past. Until it isn’t

It’s not like we’ve had nuclear weapons for centuries. It’s still relatively new in a geopolitical sense. Eventually someone will get an itchy trigger finger


MAD still works? did i miss something

skillissuer, (edited )

so now that you are properly introduced to ncd, let me lay out an argument for escalation. since you’re not willing to watch that presentation by former australian military analyst, i’m gonna explain its main point there anyway

but first of all, you need to understand why russia initiated this war at all. in a way, this is not a new thing; in fact, it’s fourth attempt at this from putin’s side, it’s just that it worked three times in the past and it made little noise in the west, and this includes your info bubble.

attempt number one starts somewhere in 1999. yeltsin government is falling apart; he knows he’s gonna rot in prison until end of his days for corruption unheard of even in soviet times. boris needs a cover; a way out. he needs a presidential pardon, and for that he needs a trusted man to become a president. there’s this young man, pretty high up in the party structures and trusted by yeltsin, vladimir putin, at the time prime minister, but also virtually unknown by the wider public. yeltsin wants him to win presidental election, and for that putin needs a story.

so one beautiful autumn day in 1999 several apartment blocks were blown up. it attracted obvious and warranted attention, and such a heinous crime calls for prosecution and punishment. without much doubt in party controlled state media blame was squarely laid on chechens, putin declared war on them, and subsequently he won presidential elections with some 80% of vote.

some people that paid attention were able to point out that it’s very obvious setup and it’s actually FSB, agency putin worked in before and had buddies in, that is behind bombings. but this didn’t really matter: critical voices got silenced 1 2 3 4 5 and anyway, entire country was set in nationalist fervor. what, are you against war? are you siding with chechen terrorists?

propaganda flows. it turns normal people into tribal nationalists; it’s the lazy way - repeat after me - us good, them bad. are you going against glorious leader? then you’re one of them, the others, the enemy. criticism puts target on your back, fear alone silences opposition. our nation is great and good, and woe to anyone that goes against it. this was a fertile ground for expansionist nationalism. there were ever so louder claims for reestablishment of former soviet union, not for its socialist ideals, but because it was big. nationalists liked this, and the same people were groomed for years to be putin’s base, because, again, it’s easy propaganda. it’s also kind of propaganda putin himself seems to believe in

so it turns out that global economy doesn’t ride on patriotism and in 2008 people’s lives got shit in russia for reasons. putin’s ratings dropped significantly, and now we have situation where solid chunk of his voter base are nationalists. the solution is obvious:

attempt number two: invasion of georgia (2008). this is when south ossetia and abkhazia were formed. also at the same time georgia had govt favourable to general west, instead of russia. in eyes of nationalists, it was a success, even if not full: georgia was weakened and humiliated, even if not subjugated completely. putin’s ratings went up again.

somehow west remained silent on this act of blatant aggression. georgia was even considered nato candidate, but as you can’t get in as a country with undetermined borders, georgia was left alone after 2008.

years pass, lives of common russian people go to shit again, nationalism is always high, and what better tool is to make people happy again than invasion of neighbour? the solution is obvious:

attempt number three: invasion of donbas (2014) and crimea (2014) i don’t think i have to explain this one to you. pro-russian ukrainian president stopped from signing association agreement with EU, which is first step of getting in EU; people didn’t like that for a long time; this lead to change of government; new govt had to deal with punitive invasion. again, nationalists were very happy with this development, and putin’s ratings again went up.

years pass, global economy goes to shit again, this time because of pandemic, thoroughly cooked with nationalist propaganda russian population is unhappy again. putin, believing in military might of his army, chooses the obvious:

in 25 february 2022 full scale invasion of ukraine begins. initially, putin’s ratings go up again; however this time they bit much more they could chew, and we’re now in this situation.

i think several things should be clear to you. first of all, primary objective of putin is to hold power in russia. it’s not as fun when all you have is nuclear wasteland. second of all, you should clock by now that this is rise of fascism, and failing to react to it amounts to appeasement. historically, this is a bad thing. historically, people also don’t learn this.

another thing is that putin’s voters are by now unhinged nationalists. putin can’t win, he’s unable to; he can’t use nukes, because there’s already nuclear bunker buster with his name somewhere in the midwest; he can’t escalate, because he has nothing to escalate with; and can’t back down, because he’d lose all support. the only thing putin can do is to keep war at this level or lower, that is, to deescalate, most specifically he wants western military aid to be as low as possible.

in other words, putin wants a ceasefire; some sort of situation like war in donbas was in before 2022. this would allow him time to regroup, regenerate forces, train new conscripts, manufacture weapons. maybe even it’d be enough time for the western population to lose interest. then, after another few years, he would try this shit again

on the other hand you have nato, which has unique opportunity of completing their long running strategic objective of removing russian threat on budget and without risking their own soldiers. it’s pretty straightforward that it is in nato’s interest to escalate aid and it’s in putin’s regime interest for aid to go down. it’s also favourable from humanitarian viewpoint, as more military aid to ukraine means shorter war

another thing that follows: there can not be peaceful coexistence between current russian government and ukraine, and other western countries more generally. sustainable international situation would require both change of government and cultural shift in russia away from nationalism, not unlike denazification in germany after ww2. unfortunately, while you can change government relatively easily, that second part will remain a problem for some decades from now, because there seems to be no one willing to push for that kind of changes right now. all these small time nazbols and neotsarists won’t disappear even if all of current russian high command hangs in hague today, this would require time and massive effort

and yet another thing: because no peace or ceasefire negotiations with russians would be held in good faith (currently), you should talk to them in language they understand. arming ukraine allows for sustained negotiations that russians can’t dodge or skew: on battlefield. because nationalism of this kind rides on cult of power, defeating them cracks that worldview ever so little and might plant a forbidden thought in them: maybe it’s glorious leader that is wrong


Great write, thanks

fist_of_fartitude, avatar


skillissuer, (edited )

and by the way, the deep deep shit belarus is in right now can be traced to late 90s, when lukashenko proposed union state. this was a trick that was supposed to land him position of president of both belarus and russia. he got in the deal with expectation of replacing yeltsin, but didn’t expect putin to come up


and when it comes to supporting militarily a country that was attacked, i have to quote general Sherman:

You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will. War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it; and those who brought war into our country deserve all the curses and maledictions a people can pour out. I know I had no hand in making this war, and I know I will make more sacrifices to-day than any of you to secure peace.


Good write up but I don’t really think the fascist - appeasement thing is a valid comparison.

Just because a country aggressively invades a country does not mean they will necessarily invade another. For example US invasion of Iraq. US obviously is a dangerous country but there hasn’t been any other invasions in the last 2 decades and it doesn’t look like there will be another in the foreseeable future. (I know Afghanistan is an invasion too but not on the same scale. Hundreds of thousands of troops were deployed in Iraq, similar to Ukraine)

Second, we must look at the context behind the invasion. Like you pointed out, this is essentially a war of independence. Ukraine has always been in Russian sphere (if not outright part of Russia) and is considered a geostrategic + ideological priority for Russia. Kiev for example is the birthplace of the Russian people.

So it makes perfect sense that they would try to keep the country in chains and we see the start of the invasion back in 2014 because of the coup that took out the pro-Russian government.

These circumstances are not really going to crop up again. No country but Ukraine (to a lesser degree, Belarus, but that is firmly in Russian sphere) holds as much significance to Russia.

The only realistic thing Russia would go to war for going forward is to keep old Soviet Republics (like Georgia) in line.

Keep in mind if we’re reciting 20th century history as if it’s the Bible on how to act towards aggressive countries - that Germany annexed Austria peacefully. They annexed Sudetenand (sort of) peacefully. When they invaded Poland they did so with relative ease and without losing a significant amount of their fighting power. Iirc it only took them about a month to finish their invasion of Poland. Contrast that to the Ukraine v Russia War where we’ve entered the 2nd year with no signs of stalemate easing up.

Throughout all of their territorial expansions before WW2, the Germany military force did not get significantly weakened.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, however, has been a disaster for Russia. They are desperately burning through Soviet stockpiles of tanks from the 50s or even earlier. It might take decades for them to return to their previous fighting strength.

I really don’t think it’s likely Russia starts another war any time soon. So trying to compare this with Nazi Germany and “appeasement” I think is a bit reductionist. The circumstances are different.


eh my main point was to explain how russian external politics mesh with russian internal politics. it’s not 1:1 by any measure, but through all of this russian govt was going through far right playbook, line by line

spoilerand i had opportunity to step on my soapbox for five minutes

yeah this might be a stretch, but do you remember if there were anything close to weapon transfers like now in 2014 or 2008? chechen wars weren’t even really reacted to, except for 1. human rights abuses, and 2. for countries that already had a grudge with russia. in both cases, the most common response was strongly worded letter. for example, poland accepted 90k of chechen refugees; however this did exactly nothing against destruction of grozny, and most importantly was no impediment to gaining internal recognition for putin

Throughout all of their territorial expansions before WW2, the Germany military force did not get significantly weakened.

and we’re in very good situation that russians are this incompetent. and it’s not the first time either: secondary objective of chechen wars, aside from that above, was remaking public image of russian army as a capable force, because failure in afghanistan was still a fresh memory. results were, so to speak, suboptimal

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, however, has been a disaster for Russia

now, after 1.5 years of full scale war you can say that, but it was far from obvious two years ago or on 2014

1991 iraq war and invasion of afghanistan at least had clearly stated rationale and objectives, nothing like nebulous drivel you’ll hear from russians about satanist gay nazis threatening russian sphere of influence

Ukraine has always been in Russian sphere (if not outright part of Russia) and is considered a geostrategic + ideological priority for Russia. Kiev for example is the birthplace of the Russian people.

through history ukraine had much more western influence than russia, you can see borders of historical states even today if you know what you’re looking for. election results, railway density, dominant religion, language, types of industry present and many other factors delineate cleanly former borders of polish-lithuanian commonwealth, for example. especially for some last 300 years or so ukrainians got increasingly strong opinions on whether they are part of that russian world or not. (i’d like to notice that this line of propaganda, the one when novorossia was introduced and such was only heated up after 2010 or so, i don’t know exactly why)

this propaganda for internal consumption is not the only russian objective however. they still can try to stir shit in moldova or pollute western information space with their psyops, i don’t think they have ever stopped, probably they take overtime instead, even if prigozhin’s part is out. if you haven’t heard of this man, look up konstantin malofeev

fist_of_fartitude, in looking back, I didn't appreciate the "Thug Shaker Central" incident for how wacky it truly was avatar

Of the many reasons you could be spending a big chunk of the rest of your life in federal prison, impressing NEETs on discord is one of the stupider ones. I hope he spends many years considering his decisions.

I also hope that a Republican doesn’t win the election next year, because whoever it would be, he’ll totally grant a pardon for dumb and completely political reasons. I wish the US had at least two functioning parties run by adults, rather than the 0.5 we have now.


Wait I’m OOTL, what happened?

JaymesRS, avatar

Military couldn’t figure out how top secret info kept getting leaked. This was info regarding troop positions, equipment specs, etc… They were thinking that it was some top-level member of the military who was leaking all of these, because nobody else had enough access to be able to see all the different things that were being leaked.

Turns out, it was some dude in IT who had admin rights. He was playing games while on voice chat on Discord, and was getting roasted. He basically told them “y’all don’t even know how important I am. I have Top Secret clearance and could smoke any of y’all if I wanted to.” Naturally, they responded with “lol prove it loser.”

So he did. He started posting Top Secret documents in the discord. And someone else on that Discord started sharing them elsewhere, until it eventually made its way all the way to foreign intelligence organizations.


Literally stupid Snowden


At least Snowden could argue that he was releasing the coxs for ideological/moral reasons. That the public had a right to know about the spying.

This was just a loser trying to gain online clout.


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of Hypocrisy and to the republic for which it stands, one nation without liberty or justice for all.

– Pennywise - "Land of the Free?” (2001)


Oh man I hear the scooped mids in my head. Played the shit out of that album in high school when it came out.


One corporation, under greed, with liberty and justice for none


I just asked GPT4 to write a modern late-stage capitalist version of the pledge:

I pledge allegiance to the Free Market of the United States of America, and to the Corporations for which it stands, one Nation under Profit, indivisible, with liberty and justice for shareholders.

I could 100% hear this being in the background of some midwestern emo song rofl

Emperor, avatar

Or a film set half-way between now and Starship Troopers.


Jesus that's brutal but it works...


This idiot is going to live in infamy in a million fucking PowerPoint slides about the power of stupidity in the forces, and the need for “see something say something.”

The reality is that a lot of places have lax security because “everyone knows each other” and because nobody wants to be the difficult one. Hopefully this finally changes some of that toxic bullshit.

fist_of_fartitude, avatar

I mean, he was a fucking Air Force reservist. And why is nobody logging access and/or doing log analysis to look for weird access patterns? Or if they are doing that, how come nobody noticed a fucking reservist repeatedly accessing information that had nothing to do with his job?

Also, this is his bedroom. Like holy shit, the flags were unbelievably red.

p03locke, avatar

Looks like a typical NCD bedroom to me.

fist_of_fartitude, avatar

Sheets don’t look crusty enough.


😂 he needs a little race car or tank bed to complete the 13 year olds version of a cool bedroom.


Nevermind I missed the tank wallpaper at the head of the bed.


Why does his bedroom have ceiling tiles?


The more I look at this picture the more I wonder if I’m dreaming or hallucinating. Like is the ceiling fan off center? Is the whole room just slanted? What’s with the bottles of green liquid is it bong cleaner? Imagine trying to bring a girl into this room for sexy time.


Green gas for Gas operated airsoft gun.


Thanks now I know! I was thinking of this based on the color.…/resinate-cleaning-solution-…


Air Guardsman. Anyone who’s worked with them knows they’re a whole different breed, but mostly not THIS bad of course


It seems within the realm of possibility that counterintel knew he was leaking and fed him him info they wanted to be “leaked” prior to charging him.


He shall live rent free in every crybaby’s head😎

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