New /m/sysadmin Owner

Hey everyone. This magazine was on the abandoned list, so I put in to take over ownership, and here we are! I'd like to revive the sysadmin community here on kbin, and create a solid resource for all of us admins here on the fediverse.

For now, until the board becomes more active again, I'm going to moderate it myself, however if you'd like to help out please DM me here or over on Mastodon and we can hash out the details.

I'll be getting some basic board rules together soon, and will try to post as much useful and relevant information as I can. In the meantime, I hope to see everyone around, and feel free to post away, fellow admins!

tjhart85 avatar

Thanks for taking it on!

This is definitely a sub I miss from R and am glad to see you trying to revive it!


Sounds good!

This was one of the first communities (although in hindsight, i guess not really) I subscribed to after signing up for lemmy.

Would be very glad to see more engagement here, I’ll try to engage more myself!

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