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I learned today that the (Ministry of Transportation of Ontario) switched to 500 MPa yield strength steel for their standard bars in 2021.

Imagine, that happened three years, and I was unaware until now.

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The Atacama Desert in #Chile has some of the darkest night skies in the world, perfect for #astronomy. But it's also a very seismic area. When an #earthquake hits, how do we keep our telescopes safe? We tell you all about it in this new video:

#engineering #technology

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Friday Links 24-17

The leadership antipatterns are quite good, so is the video about a new development in Amsterdam.

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Mission control are addressing 3 helium leaks detected on #Boeing #Starliner crewship on route to #ISS. Deemed safe for crew and mission continuing to rendezvous as planned so far.

A helium leak originally delayed the first crewed launch by several weeks.

#space #engineering #astronauts

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Tesla backs away from the giant “gigacasted” chassis

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A different kind of youth activist: Meet the high schoolers who invented a microplastics solution
At this year's International Science and Engineering Fair, students showcased projects aimed at tackling some of the world's biggest challenges

  • our next generation(s): clever, innovative, engaged 👍️ 🙏 😀 🔬

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For all of the fresh college graduates entering the workforce:

Things they don't teach you in college:

Corporate IT will treat updating SolidWorks on your work laptop the same as if you're trying to download porn.

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Ich hab gestern die -Kiosk--Episode mit @sebastian angehört, in der er den großen Überblick über Arten von automatisierten Tests und die Philosophien dahinter gibt. Große Hörempfehlung!

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A warm welcome to the :fediverse: to @RSEAA, the , happening 10th-13th September online.

Big congrats to @rowlandm for all the work he does in this space.

Full disclosure: I the server.

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Friday Links 24-16

This week, the "City in A Bottle" JavaScript demo blew me away.

The podcasts in the leadership section are also pretty good.

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I'm writing an article that deals in part with the career of MIT civil engineering prof John B. "Bud" Wilbur, class of '26. Did you or any of your mentors/elders know him? Please get in touch! #mit #engineering

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The ultimate remote IT service

After crisis in interstellar space, stream of Voyager 1 data resumes. Before its computer crashed, the venerable NASA probe may have entered mysterious new region beyond the Solar System.

✍️ by Collin Blinder for Science Magazine

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Why are people actually thinking that this is a good idea to keep recommending me this and asking me about it kurva drat 💢

#engineering #soldering #pcb #solderiron #electronics #DIY

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By weaving popsicle sticks together in a specific pattern, there is a build up potential energy (stored energy) in the bent and twisted sticks. When released from one end, this stored potential energy is converted into kinetic energy (energy of motion) as the sticks rapidly unfurl & fly through the air in a chain reaction.

By weaving popsicle sticks together in a specific pattern, there is a build up potential energy (stored energy) in the bent and twisted sticks. When released from one end, this stored potential energy is converted into kinetic energy (energy of motion) as the sticks rapidly unfurl and fly through the air in a chain reaction.

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"Thomas S. Mullaney’s new book, The Chinese Computer: A Global History of the Information Age, published by the MIT Press, unearths the forgotten history of Chinese input in the 20th century. In this article, which was adapted from an excerpt of the book, he details the varied Chinese input systems of the 1960s and ’70s that renounced QWERTY altogether."

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Attacco agli ATM riuscito! Un Tasso del 99% di Efficacia Spaventa tutte le Banche Europee

Nello spazio #digitale si sta diffondendo attivamente un nuovo tipo di #malware #ATM. Il suo tasso di successo, secondo i suoi autori, raggiunge il 99%.

Questo #software dannoso, chiamato “EU ATM Malware”, è in grado di #hackerare quasi tutti gli sportelli #bancomat in #Europa e circa il 60% degli sportelli bancomat in tutto il mondo, il che rappresenta una #minaccia significativa per la sicurezza bancaria globale..

#redhotcyber #online #it #ai #hacking #innovation #privacy #cybersecurity #technology #engineering #cybercrime #intelligence #intelligenzaartificiale #informationsecurity #ethicalhacking #dataprotection #cybersecurityawareness #cybersecuritytraining #cybersecuritynews #infosecurity

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Big Kotlin pack by Marcin Moskała is the featured bundle on the Leanpub homepage!

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Using for technical design is like asking Picasso to design aircraft.

Engineer: more wings please. No, not that many, and make them symmetrical this time. No, no, no...

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Iter & West: Nuclear Fusion Gaining Momentum at Cadarache

Nuclear fusion is advancing rapidly, including within France. On one hand, the CEA’s WEST reactor has completed its experimental campaign by setting a new record. On the other hand, the final poloidal field coil for ITER has been delivered.

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