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🚀 Counting down the days to 2024 in Burgas, Bulgaria! We're looking forward to connecting with the community and engaging in fantastic sessions and workshops. We're also very proud sponsors of an After-Hours Drinks evening, so come along and say hello. See you there! 🍻

Get your tickets here 👉🏼

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📣 is less than a month away! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with the community in Burgas on June 26th - 28th!

🎟️ Get your tickets now at 👉

See you there!🌟

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Excited to welcome Erik Erskine to 🥳

The session by Erik Erskine at is aimed at developers getting started with testing!

🔗 Learn more about the session at

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OMG I will be able to participate well at

"we agreed with the venue to put two tables and four chairs on that balcony and there will be electricity."

That's just awesome.

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to all who submitted proposals for this year. Our Program team is now in evaluation phase. Good luck! 🍀

Did you miss out on Early Bird ticket rates? You can still grab them while the Schedule is being finalized! 🙌


Get your tickets today

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Welcoming Featured Speakers Gábor Hojtsy and Cristina Chumillas at ! 👏

More details about their sessions at:

Want to join them? Our Call for Speakers is open until April 30th! 🔜

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Reblog via Drupal Developer Days

Welcoming our Silver Sponsors: Drupal Austria & E-Sepia 👏

for joining team this year. 💙 Learn more about our sponsors at:

You can become a sponsor too:

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Explore the session tracks for as you prepare your submission! More information available at

‼️ The deadline to submit sessions for Drupal Developer Days Burgas 2024 is April 30th. ‼️


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🎙️ Call for Papers for Drupal Dev Days Burgas 2024 will end soon. Visit today!

🎟️ Don't miss Early Bird rate for registration,

🔜 Deadline: April 30th.

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The team is looking for Sponsors. Here's why you should consider sponsoring:
🔸 First-Hand Insights
🔸 Direct Engagement
🔸 Networking Excellence
🔸 Global Brand Exposure

Are you interested? Check out the details at:

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🌟 Fun fact 🌟

Did you know? There are about 6000 mineral springs in Europe, and more than half of them are in Bulgaria!

Explore Burgas, the second-largest city along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast! 🌊 Plan your trip 🔜


A rotating globe sketch with a paper airplane circling around it on the left side. Text "Explore various travel options to reach Drupal Developer Days Burgas 2024 at:" and DDD logo on a green color background on the right side.

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👋 Greetings, Drupal enthusiasts! 👋

Excited to join this fantastic Mastodon space dedicated to all things . 🚀

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🔍 Searching for the best ? 🌐 Our latest blog dives deep into the top hosting platforms – comparing performance, scalability, security, and support. Make the right choice for your website's success! 🚀

Read now:

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Oh well, here we go again, DrupalCon Europe pricing is published and the early bird is 700€.

DrupalCon registration fee is higher than the minimum wage in 19 European countries.

And only 12 scholarships have been granted

As far as I'm concerned, the licensed company to do this, Kuoni through the #Drupal Association do not release the financial information of the event to the community.

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Well said, and I'm happy to go to this event this year. Especially as I missed Prague last year and got sick of all the virtual events before then.

I know it will be different from which have been amazing last week. They have been organized by volunteers. Something that didn't work for Europe any longer. That comes for a price.

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Was nice to hang out at Vienna 2023 for a bit and take some pictures

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At my presentation I mistakenly said compares to laravel livewire. That's wrong, it compares well to Inertia.js though!

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The recording of my talk at already up!

ckrina, to random Catalan

If you want to know what are the plans to have a new dashboard in Drupal core come to our session with @penyaskito at 11:45am at

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Later today I'll be sharing my thoughts on how you (yes you!) can create and share your own module.

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For a long time now I've been passionate about . This session by Dominique Clause had some really interesting insights.

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Today I'm looking over the fence to see what our friends are up to these days at

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