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If the moon is the final frontier for humankind, we need to figure out what we’re going to eat up there. In the next two years, NASA plans to send astronauts back to the moon, which provides some insight into what our lunar lunches will look and taste like. “Food is something that keeps astronauts sane,” says Dr. Sonja Brungs of the European Space Agency. BBC Travel has more on what astronauts eat — and what the rest of us might one day consume there.

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Amidst the sand waves.

's MastcamZ is ~1.9m above ground level. The tilt of the image may be indicative of (but is not equal to) the inclination of the ground where the rover was located when it captured the image.

Processed, leveled MCZ_RIGHT, FL: 63mm
looking W (273°) from RMC 52.3018
Sol 1159, LMST: 09:13:53

Credit: /JPL-Caltech/ASU/65dBnoise

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Vintage Martian photographies

A selection of rocks, with names, captured by the Spirit rover on Sol 567 (Aug 7, 2005):

  1. Toblerone
  2. Pizalunweg
  3. Luzern
  4. Zurich

Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell; Michael Howard for his amazing archive of Mars images


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NASA finds more issues with Boeing's Starliner, but crew launch set for June 1

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My office at work currently has 4 women and 1 man.

I have been the “only” woman in an office full of men so many times - this is the first time it’s been reversed! And I’m having so much fun! (Sorry, Thomas, for all of the silliness!)

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Das ist eine erstaunliche Technologie. Früher legte man noch Wert auf Qualität. Leider ist das verloren gegangen.

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Exciting space-discovery alert!

Gliese 12 b is an Earth-size planet orbiting in the temperate zone around a nearby, stable red dwarf star. It's a Rosetta Stone world that will tell us a lot about how many superficially earthlike planets actually have the right conditions for life.

Are we rare? Are we common? Let's find out.

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Many stories about newfound planet Gliese 12b (including the news release from the Royal Astronomical Society, sad to say) are full of errors.

We have NO idea yet what conditions are like there. That's what makes it so exciting! This is the kind of discovery that will provide big answers.

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Another ~25m and will be out of t̵h̵e̵ ̵w̵o̵o̵d̵s̵ the regolith ripple field and in the mostly flat part of the Neretva Vallis riverbed.

Tosol's ~17m drive brought the rover right where those ripples start. The dark area is where will be hidden from our remote prying eyes.

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And this is my prediction for the path ahead from tosol's location at RMC 52.3158.

Processed, undistorted, leveled, cropped NAVCAM_LEFT quick mosaic
looking NW (315°) from RMC 52.3158
Sol 1159, LMST: 13:41:12

Credit: #NASA/JPL-Caltech/65dBnoise

#Perseverance #Mars2020 #Solarocks #Space

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is seen here sticking its solar panel above the sandy waves of in this image from Sol 1152 received today. While the solar panel of the may still be visible from the rover at its present location on Sol 1159, it will soon disappear when clears the ripples it's facing on its way northwest to Bright Angel.

Processed, leveled MCZ_LEFT
Credit: /JPL-Caltech/ASU/65dBnoise

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The dark area is where will no longer be visible by

The green line ends at the location where the rover was when the image above was captured.

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In the annals of we-are-all-connected....

Each year, on average 27.7 million tons of Saharan dust, carried on wind currents across the Atlantic, drop into Amazonia, bringing vital phosphorus from the Bodélé Depression in Chad, an ancient lake bed. Amazonia's plant life needs this transoceanic fertilization.


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NASA Releases Catalog Packed With the Most Bizarre Alien Worlds

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UC Santa Cruz researchers contributed to new studies out this week that enhance our understanding of exoplanets.

The first catalogs 126 exoplanets discovered detailing diverse planet types.

A second set, investigates "puffy" exoplanets like WASP-107b attributing their puffiness to tidal heating.

This research broadens our knowledge of exoplanet characteristics and formation.

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Hello out there!

More than 46 years after launch, more than 15 billion miles from home, NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft is restored, rebooted, and once again sending data back to Earth.

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A rock's attempt to smile for the camera 🙃

Processed, cropped MCZ_RIGHT, FL: 110mm
looking W (270°) from RMC 52.2750
Sol 1157, LMST: 11:49:37

Credit: /JPL-Caltech/ASU/65dBnoise

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The NASA Europa Clipper spacecraft is getting ready to be shipped to KSC in FL. The spacecraft was moved in the clean room at JPL next to the container which will be used for transport to KSC.

At KSC, solar panels will be attached before installation in the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket for launch around Oct 10, 2024. It will be inserted into orbit around Jupiter on April 11, 2030, from where it will make close passes of Europa over 4 years.

Webcam of clean room at

AkaSci, (edited ) avatar

This was the celebratory scene outside JPL at midnight a few nights ago, as the Europa Clipper, in its environmentally-controlled shipping container, was trucked out on its way to the airport (probably Edwards Air Force Base).
Source: Video posted by Bob Pappalardo, Europa Clipper Project Scientist at JPL.


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