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Tesla cuts prices around the world as sales decline in a chaotic week

What do they expect? A proto facist wannabee with his personal project ‘The Truck’ on mass recall, a record for employee abuse that is the envy of many a slave driver, and poor QA/QC, shelved plans for more affordable vehicles, and the list goes on before Twátter is even mentioned.

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Has ever considered berating the accelerator pedals on the on to see if that gets them unstuck?

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is going to release a software upgrade to make the handle better at high speeds

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The system previously known as FSD, now known as "just kidding FSD" is being adjusted down to $8k. In 2022 it was sold for $15k.

"Tesla CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly said that as FSD becomes more capable, it should also go up in price to reflect its greater value. Previously, FSD price increases were largely associated with software updates that added new capability to the system."



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@FuckElon Self driving cars are unpredictable & dangerous. These cars are one of the biggest drivers (no pun intended) of higher car insurance rates. Teslas are known for crashing & for expensive repairs Plus self driving cars raise the question of fault & liability by insurance companies (the "driver", the manufacturer, or software developer) after an accident. If the insurance company doesn't know who to sue, they sue everyone.

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#cybertruck gas pedal problem giant metaphor for #Musk in general.

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Musk is at the helm of his space venture SpaceX, the Boring company, which is an infrastructure and tunnel construction service, and Neuralink, which is engaged in the manufacturing of implantable brain-computer interfaces. His late-2022 purchase of social-media platform Twitter, which he has since then renamed X, also takes much of his time, given it is finding it difficult to rake in advertising dollars.


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: "In his response to Musk’s tweets refusing to comply with court orders, Justice de Moraes argued that Twitter/X’s actions were “not only abuse of economic power, by trying to ILLEGALLY impact public opinion, but also flagrant induction and instigation to maintain various criminal conducts practiced by the digital militias under investigation.” In short, Brazil would not stand for it, and it seems one of Musk’s yes men dared to talk some sense into him.

On April 15, Reuters reported that Musk’s lawyers contradicted the previous statements of their boss. “As already communicated to the federal police, X Brasil informs that all orders issued by this Supreme Court and the Superior Electoral Court will continue to be fully complied with by X Corp,” they wrote in a letter to de Moraes. This could lead to Musk’s brief Brazil saga fading out of people’s memories as he undoubtedly gets himself embroiled in other scandals in the coming weeks, but it doesn’t change the fundamental point.

The internet is entering a new era. It may not yet be fully clear what it will look like, but we can be certain that social media platforms are in for more regulation than they’ve seen in the previous two decades as people are no longer falling for the hype and deception they relied on to get away with degrading and capitalizing on our communications for so long. That isn’t inherently a violation of free expression, as understood by many countries, but a necessary correction to align their operations with the laws and values of the countries in which they operate.

Brazil is right to challenge Musk’s policy changes designed to turn Twitter/X into a haven and organizing ground for the global far right — and it shouldn’t stop there. Communications platforms aren’t just profit machines for major corporations or political playthings for US billionaires."

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Fuck that nazi piece of shit.

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AN treten und sich die Taschen vollmachen (lassen):

: ".. wenige Tage nach der Ankündigung des Stellenabbaus startet Tesla .. neuen Versuch, seinem Chef Elon Musk Aktien im Milliardenwert auszugeben. .. erste Anlauf war durch .. Gerichtsurteil gestoppt worden."
"Tesla-Verwaltungsrat: Frage von „Fairness und Respekt“" Haha. Genau. Das wäre ja mal was ....


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Seeks to Revive ’s $47B Pay Deal After Court of Says No

The company’s directors are asking shareholders to again approve the multibillion compensation plan & to move its registration to TX, from DE.

Facing criticism that it is overly beholden to , Tesla’s board of directors said Wed that it would essentially give him everything he wanted, including the biggest pay package in corp history.

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"Tesla asks shareholders to back $56bn pay for Elon Musk rejected by judge"

"Delaware court in nullified compensation deal based on carmaker’s market value in January, calling it ‘unfathomable sum’"

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Musk gets eviscerated over Tesla, his governance, X posts...

Musk pay package vote is the real test of Tesla as a meme stock, says Elevation Partners' McNamee. Watch: pay package vote is the real test of Tesla as a meme stock, says Elevation Partners' McNamee

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The NLRB’s complaint agst SpaceX is based on a law *illegal for cos. to fire or otherwise retaliate agst workers who join together to improve work conds. 8 employees' letter: SpaceX: spell out its anti-harassment policies & enforce them more effectively.

If their lawsuit succeeds in getting the fed courts to declare: NLRB unconst. -could set a dangerous precedent-.

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Source: Spacemadness TV Facebook

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🎈Tesla's top engineering exec resigns, adding to concerns about who will succeed Elon Musk | Fortune

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📦 Cybertruck’s “Armor Glass” Cracks in Routine Hail Storm | @futurism

「 "CT [Cybertruck] windshield did not withstand a freak sudden hailstorm in Austin, rest of vehicle seems fine," writes Redditor xanderhud in r/cybertruck. "None of the other cars parked next to it had windshield damage but they had lots of dings in their body. Pretty disappointing, will let y’all know how much it costs to fix." 」

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Our head of emerging media @cjammet shared his thoughts on how 's ruination of highlights the the importance of the , especially for , 's, and . Give it a read and share your thoughts!

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confirms intentions to new users a temporary to let them post

This man is a joke who the fall of X

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:birdsite: Molusko is gonna start charging new users. Charging old users for reach didn't stop the bot farms, it made it worse.

Bots are most of the premium users. And probably are the new "users" he's trying to milk.

The world's richest man is fighting over pennies, something is up.

That platform is dying. Genuine new users are fleeing anywhere

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After Grimes’ and Elon ’s performances over the weekend I am not sure I have ever heard a better assessment of either of them:

CJ’s TikTok assessment

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All that money and can’t get a tuxedo that fits?

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