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SpaceX sets date for next Starship flight, explains what went wrong the last time

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SpaceX's Starship is getting ready to take off again in June

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"Mechanical-Armed Grimes Flees Elon Musk Compound With Five Wives In Stolen Cybertruck"

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Elon Musk denies that SpaceX may make a tender offer valuing it at $200 billion

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Rocket Report: SpaceX focused on Starship reentry; Firefly may be for sale

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"Farmer Discovers Seven-Foot Burnt Chunk of SpaceX Rocket Debris"

#SpaceX #debris #trash #Musk

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How Apple Wi-Fi Positioning System can be abused to track people around the globe

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🌠 SpaceX satellites threaten to hide asteroids that pose danger to humanity | Technology | EL PAÍS English

"It’s difficult to say exactly how many asteroids will be lost… but preliminary results suggest that for every five near-Earth asteroids we discover, we lose one solely due to constellation interference. That’s if no mitigation measures are taken”

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to the rescue (of Putin)??

" DOD: Russia’s use of Starlink will be a ‘continuous problem’ in Ukraine.
The Pentagon and have been working together to shut off Russia’s use of ."

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Surviving reentry is the key goal for SpaceX's fourth Starship test flight

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Why does the SpaceX Dragon capsule look like the ’klan hood? 😮

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" satellites threaten to hide asteroids that pose danger to humanity

The International Astronomical Union demands that urgent action be taken against the uncontrolled proliferation of these devices. satellites make it difficult to search for objects at risk of impacting the Earth"


dreams of "saving" humanity by colonizing , dooms us to impact- his toys blot our warning

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' “There will be science that can’t be done. There will be science that’s significantly more expensive to do. There will be things that we miss.” '

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A case against SpaceX for firing engineers who criticized Elon Musk has been suspended

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“We’ve talked in the past about there being academic evidence, engineering studies. What we are actually seeing now with those satellites in operation is empirical evidence. You see the noise floor on our satellites increase to the degree that services cannot be provided.”

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"This work presents a photometric model of the Starlink satellites based on the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) using millions of photometric observations. ... In addition to assessing the light pollution and guiding the development of response measures, accurate photometric models of satellites can also play an important role in areas such as space situational awareness."

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