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Got some new plastic. The Sonic is so cool!


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Taking out my fast discs. Need to slow waaaaaay down and get my form back.

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Czasem czytam artykuł w Wikipedii i od razu widzę, że został napisany jako kryptoreklama jakiejś firmy. Dla odmiany, czytając tekst o disc golfie, czułem, że napisał to ktoś pasjonujący się sportem, komu naprawdę zależało.
I miałem rację, to w dużej mierze dzieło jednej osoby, która na całej stronie zajmowała się tylko tym artykułem.

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Rainy day for disc golf league. Glad I’ve got an umbrella now!

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Disc golf, followed by a kite flying session this morning. I think I finally found my spot for flying kites in my hometown! My zero-wind lite kite did really well today, and it was a significant workout to boot.

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I have some work to do in order to get my disc golf game back. I just never felt confident throwing today. I think it’s time to do some field work and putting drills.

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I’m playing in a disc golf tournament today! It’s going to be so, so swampy out there from all the rain. Wish me luck!

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To me, there’s nothing more beautiful in disc golf than a perfect forehand flex

Left then right then left

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One of my favorite things about is that it's affordable. Almost all courses are in public parks and are free to play. And equipment is just a few discs that cost between $10-25 dollars each. You can get used discs even cheaper.

putt putting GIF by Dynamic Discs

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Any disc golf fans out there? It’s the only thing I miss from Twitter …

There’s a barnburner of a tournament going on in Waco right now. 4 of the best players in the world are tied for the lead with 10 players within 2 strokes

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Disc Golfin’ today. #discgolf

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Why hello (again), Mastodon!

Greetings! I'm Evo, no longer on my own single-instance server, which seemed like a good idea but, franky... I can't be bothered. That, and I'm already paying to run Podvibes, so...

Here's my latest which tells you want to expect from following me here on the Fediverse, in a handy🧵:

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#introduction, part 5 and conclusion:

#Travel - I lived abroad for a few years and constantly feel the bug to get out and travel more. I share some of that here. Pics as well as commentary.

• Other things that I don't post about all that much are #Atheism, #DiscGolf, #Frosthaven, #YerbaMate, #Coffee, #Phoenix, and probably more things.

Welcome to my corner of the #Fediverse. Be nice, post about the things you love, and we'll probably get along smashingly.

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I played today. Did you?

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The gravel road is OB. Is my disc out of bounds?

(You can probably guess which way I ruled)

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sign attached to post at first tee, ET Seton disc golf course

"The City is considering adding a temporary nine-hole winter disc golf course in Woodbine Park. Take an online survey until January 31, 2024 to tell us what you think."

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My name is Randy! I am a 36 year old Belgian, linux admin for a German company, based in Central Europe.

I’m studying Ceramics, I like to be in nature, I play disc golf and I love pizza so much it’s like a hobby. 😁

(I migrated from a other server)

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I’m a pretty mediocre disc golf player, but I would be a killer disc golf coach

The drills we would do!

We’d be putting and sprinting all afternoon — plus 3-mile runs for warm-up, lol (Even more intense than table tennis!)

Any schools out there, let me know if you’re hiring. I’m reasonable

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My Rabbit round (short tees to long baskets) at Oyster Bay was quite a bit worse than my first trip. From -1 to +5

Everything was great except I couldn’t throw and I couldn’t putt. Saving grace was 50-foot putt on 18 to save par

The good news is that yellow to blue isn’t much harder than yellow to yellow, I just played worse—missed 5-6 putts around 30 feet—and it was windy as hell

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What a nice disc golf surprise to end the day. A 240-foot drive over the water to about 3 feet from the 18th basket at Aquatic Park

One of my best drives ever and my first ever tap-in birdie at Aquatic ⛳️

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I finally gave the Oyster Bay disc golf course a full 18-hole run

Short review: Well suited for beginners and short throwers. An interesting track on a mostly barren landscape overlooking OAK bay

It will be fun to see it in 15-20 years -- the tree plantings look new. It will get much tougher when those trees grow

Here’s my mostly “squirrel scorecard” i.e. shortest tees to shortest baskets — full review to follow …

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