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marcelias, to random avatar

Trump's campaign knows:

A vote for Robert Kennedy is a vote for Trump.
A vote for Cornel West is a vote for Trump.
A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Trump.
Not voting is a vote for Trump.

A vote for Biden is a vote for democracy.

peterbutler, avatar

@figstick @pearlbear @marcelias please explain “less genocidal” and what you’re basing that on

Trump administration also ordered MANY more drone strikes than Biden

Biden virtually ended the drone wars

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tzimmer_history, to random avatar

Anti-Anti-Trump Conservatives Are Paving the Way for Authoritarianism

Highbrow conservative commentators are giving themselves and their readers permission to support Trump by portraying “liberal hysteria” as the real threat: A case study of National Review

New piece:

peterbutler, avatar

@tzimmer_history for these bozos, labor protections and raising the marginal tax rate a few points for the morbidly wealthy harkens “the end of the Republic”

TodayInTwitter, (edited ) to random avatar

Here's a thread of some tweets from Elon's (now confirmed) burner account.

One of them asks: “Do you like Japanese girls?” The other proclaims: “I love Hong Kong yay.”

Really, it's just a goldmine. Please read:

peterbutler, avatar

@TodayInTwitter I can only see the first post, so whoever is still on Twitter, post the gems here …

w7voa, to random avatar

I am seeing a lot of discussion about this piece today on my social media feeds from former NPR staffers:

peterbutler, avatar

@w7voa Well, that was a pile of hot garbage

NPR lost America’s trust b/c of the Mueller Report, Hunter’s laptop, and the COVID-19 lab leak? Also by covering protests against police violence and showing sensitivity toward trans people and Palestinians?

Nope, nope, nope

NPR lost Americans when it started courting wealth at the expense of everything else

Check out the "Individual giving and underwriting revenue” graph

black_intellect, to random avatar

Trump says Jews who vote for Biden do 'not love Israel' and 'should be spoken to'

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w7voa, to random avatar

Two conspiracy theorists are to pay the state of New York up to $1.25 million for making threatening robocalls to black voters in the 2020 election.

peterbutler, avatar

@w7voa Burkman and Wohl are the worst. I hope this costs them dearly but I’m sure there’s some evil rich people fund that will bail them out

arstechnica, to random avatar

Elon Musk: AI will be smarter than any human around the end of next year

While Musk says superintelligence is coming soon, one critic says prediction is "batsh*t crazy."

peterbutler, avatar

@arstechnica Worst AI prediction I’ve seen yet

seraph, to random avatar
peterbutler, avatar

@toxy @seraph Correct. I think the meme is a hoax

michellemanafy, to medical avatar

We. Need. Laws.
And school boards must have policies now

A.I.-generated images to harass, humiliate and bully young women can harm their mental health, reputations and physical safety as well as pose risks to their college and career prospects.
#policy #AI

peterbutler, avatar

@michellemanafy The amount of undetected or unreported videos and images is likely vast

Lawmakers are still playing catch up and enforcement seems very difficult :(

peterbutler, avatar

@michellemanafy Absolutely.

I don’t have any great ideas myself, and there will always be rogue software, but it seems like the applications themselves need guardrails to prevent this sort of behavior — unfortunately, I think the porn deepfakes are the biggest draw for some users

peterbutler, to photography avatar

What are the best pictures of the solar eclipse that you’ve seen?

I’m weird about the whole thing (it’s a black circle 😐) but I haven’t seen much that has impressed me yet

The blood-red partial eclipse at the Washington Monument is my favorite approach so far. I suspect lots more images will come in over the next few days

peterbutler, avatar

@vathpela Wow!

peterbutler, to tmbg avatar

How the hell do songs get stuck in our heads?

I probably haven’t heard this song in at least 10 years, yet I woke up this morning, with my brain screaming:


It will be stuck in my head all day today, possibly for weeks 🙄

(I’ve had songs like Joe Walsh’s Life’s Been Good stuck in my head for months)

peterbutler, to random avatar

“The condemnation we see for the WCK incident is right and just, but where is it for every other humanitarian worker, for every hospital that is destroyed, for every attempt to manipulate the media?”

AAKL, to privacy avatar

This story is from yesterday, but I'm sharing it again because it's important for people to know.

Tech companies like , , are "quietly paying for content locked behind paywalls and login screens, giving rise to a hidden trade in everything from chat logs to long forgotten personal photos from faded social media apps."

Inside Big Tech's underground race to buy training data @Reuters

peterbutler, avatar

@AAKL @Reuters omg they are so desperate for data, and it’s just not there

“one buyer telling him they wanted over a billion videos”

They’re gonna start scraping my 7th grader’s google classroom assignments soon 🤣

990000, to ai avatar

I hope they do this and I hope it results in complete trash!

peterbutler, avatar

@990000 I found this interesting. I hadn’t quite grasped the massive amounts of data required for LLMs

GottaLaff, (edited ) to random avatar
peterbutler, avatar

@GottaLaff I’m not optimistic for their case, but the legal argument seems airtight

> The plaintiffs include practitioners of Judaism, Unitarian Universalism, Episcopalianism and paganism — all belief systems that allow abortions under circumstances outside the ban’s narrow exceptions.

Trilobyter, to Cats avatar

Jasper suffering through yet another of the regular hugs he receives from my spouse. I see the silent cry for help in his eyes but I can do nothing for him. Tough it out Jasper.

peterbutler, avatar

@Trilobyter It looks like a slight smile but the eyes say “I’m so angry”

Free_Press, to news avatar
peterbutler, avatar

@Free_Press and yet there was no damage whatsoever?

God is getting lazy

(I know a few buildings were preemptively evacuated for structural damages)

LRRRonEarth, to random avatar


peterbutler, avatar

@LRRRonEarth IKR? That’s not even enough to get out of bed in the middle of the night

yurnidiot, to random avatar
peterbutler, avatar

@yurnidiot This seems remarkably faithful to the original dance moves in the music video

(In college I lived on the same floor as a big Vanilla Ice fan and he worked on the dance from the music video A LOT 🤣)

pbump, to random avatar

Not that I am normally in the habit of moderating my views, but I was completely unable to treat RFK's statement on Jan. 6 as anything other than ridiculous.

peterbutler, avatar


> "I have not examined the evidence in detail”

Well then maybe STFU about it?

Fish in a barrel, but great job of explaining RFK’s steaming pile of horseshit

KimPerales, to random avatar

Republicans are onboard with , they want to realign the world's power structure, the US with be part of the kleptocratic regime:

"Biden’s larger picture goal—& perhaps the only way to lastingly tie this IL govt’s hands—is a grand settlement, along the lines he’s been negotiating, that'd sweeten the deal for IL by normalizing its relations with KSA.

He should thus be alarmed at the news that TFG has held at least one undisclosed phone call with MBS-."

peterbutler, avatar

@KimPerales Trump + Saudi Arabia are also surely going to make gas prices spike in the fall

courtcan, to random avatar

Well, this is disturbing.

"Today [2018] 40 percent of millennials are parents, and, as parents, many hold neotraditionalist views of gender. Among millennial men without children, 35 percent believe women should 'take care of the home and children,' a nine-point increase above GenXers and a fourteen-point jump above men older than forty-five.

"...It should come as no surprise that millennial women report feeling more constrained by gender stereotypes...


peterbutler, avatar

@courtcan Thank you for this thread! I wasn’t aware of this book, but I’m picking up a copy from my local library today

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