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I'm consistently amazed by the excellent technical documentation developed by volunteer communities. Latest stunning example: KQM's Impact Artifacts Guide. Holy cow.

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Watching the sexism at work in a fandom is something.

Like I'm reading through various theories about the Fatui in right now, and people will bend over backwards to either justify their sexism or present their sexism as a fact based on the most tenuous of evidence.

It's not even subtle.

Even when the theory is incidentally true, it isn't supported in the way that their sexism supports it. It's some other set of factors.

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wird heute doch nichts mehr... Internet fällt andauernd für ein paar sekunden aus und ich fliege raus. Ich gebs für heute auf.

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Secured the staff of hp,, now all I need to do is to pull a zhongli and then we'll have all the magical girl adventures I can imagine

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Tarde de café y en mi canal de twitch vengan genteee!

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my favorite video games :
animal crossing / asteroids
baldur's gate 3/ banjo-kazooie / boyfriend dungeon
CastleVania: symphony of the night / cooking mama / cuisineer
disco elysium
final fantasy x
genshin impact
left 4 dead 2
mario kart 8 deluxe / mario kart 64
neon white
old school runescape
paper mario: the thousand-year door
pokémon HeartGold / pokémon sapphire / pokémon yellow
puzzle bobble
resident evil 4 / resident evil 4 vr / rusty hearts

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I stopped playing Genshin months ago, but God damn is this skin for Ganyu pretty :blobcatheart:


AmyIsCoolz, to random

I must go to Chenyu Vale...


I love this place, it looks kinda like Hakka Architecture with all the walls houses have, also kinda the style aswell

Qiaoying Village from outside
Inside of Qiaoying Village

hrefna, to Genshin_Impact avatar

I have never moved from "I love this character because of how much I hate them and want to punch them" to "I love this character because they are a perfect darling who is trying their best" so quickly.

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