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When I am feeling down or unmotivated, I think of the immortal words of the House of Pain...

"Word to your Mom. I came to drop bombs. I've got more rhymes than the Bible's got Psalms."

It just raises my spirits immediately.

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What is a solar panel's favorite breakfast?

Eggs. Sunny side up.
#humorous #jokeoftheday #jokes #humor

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This limerick's simply sublime
And inspiring in meter and rhyme;
It expresses but nought
With intelligent thought
And to write it used acres of time

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"See you Later Alligator" & "In a white crocodile" Puns might have become old.
Therefore, in the article, we'll the the newest in line and best alligator puns.

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Why Is Elton John's solar farm the most productive in the world?

He Doesn’t Let The Sun Go Down

mpax, to Jokes avatar

What do you call a group of people discussing renewable energy?

A Solar Panel

mpax, to Jokes avatar

Why Was The Wind Turbine On The Ground?

Someone Knocked The Wind Out Of It

mpax, to Jokes avatar

Why Was The Wind Turbine Blushing?

It Broke Wind

mdmrn, to Fortnite avatar

The year is 2030

Every aspect of popular culture from across the planet has been incorporated into both Fortnite and Magic the Gathering.

A rift in the time-space continuum appears as the two games merge into one ultimate card based, third person shooter / builder game

Fortmagic the Gathernite

john, to art avatar

A random artwork from my gallery:

"The Woman with the Blue Face" — 2022

Oh look, it's my old friend Molly, with a body for a face and face for a body!

mpax, to Jokes avatar

What’s A Wind Turbines Favorite Color?


amazing_jomlett, to Jokes

The person who invented the ferris wheel never met the person who invented the merry go round.

They travelled in different circles.

mpax, to Jokes avatar

What kind of fish is made out of sodium atoms?

2 NA

mpax, to Jokes avatar

Why was the car so fatigued?

It didn't have any brakes.

mpax, to Jokes avatar

Why don’t fish play basketball? They’re afraid of nets!

They’re afraid of nets!

paulthenerd, to Jokes avatar

What do you call an apology written in dots and dashes?

Remorse code

mpax, to Jokes avatar

How do shellfish get to the hospital?

In a clam-bulance!

BigJackBrass, to Jokes avatar

'Organisers said that, although most of the 700 submissions did abide by the rules, several jokes “were disqualified for scientific inaccuracy, and rather a lot for lewdness”.'

mpax, to Jokes avatar

What fish performs operations?

A sturgeon!

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Me: I got myself some new, comfy shoes. Maybe I should post them, cause they're cool.

Also me: Oh no, I'm now posting feet pics again on-main. Just wait for a MDMRN entry on WikiFeet...

Oh well.

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Why is a bad joke like a dull pencil?

It has no point.

tokenwizard, to dadjokes

I don't normally share "dad jokes," but this one got me!

Why does Norway have barcodes on their battleships?
So when they get back to port, they can Scandinavian.

negativeprimes, to Jokes avatar

My oldest kid said someone should start a YouTube channel where folks discuss predestination while working out at the gym. It would be called "Calvin & Abs."

#jokes #puns #religion

mpax, to Jokes avatar

What did the rabbit give his girlfriend?

14 carrot earring

mdmrn, (edited ) to fediverse avatar

Person: Makes a joke online
Turd: Takes joke way too seriously and brings up minute issue with said joke or treats it as as serious statement.


Don't be a turd. As long as they're not harmful, just let people make silly jokes.

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