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good time for all

Alleman, to animals
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Pennies or quarters?

transactualuk, to nonbinary
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Wishing our agender siblings a happy Agender Pride Day!

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@transactualuk oh shit I forgot I was agender (I never think about gender)

SydPark, to ilaughed
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Happy Sunday 💕

"Helping Mama do dishes is exhausting puppy work!"
©️ vomlancegermanshepherds

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No... Good lower back tattoos do not exis—

...I stand corrected.

(for the record, there’s nothing wrong with any lower back tattoos, you do you boo!!!)

#funny #humor #meme #tattoo

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Vulgar Display of Flowers

markarayner, to Cat
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"See you Later Alligator" & "In a white crocodile" Puns might have become old.
Therefore, in the article, we'll the the newest in line and best alligator puns.


returntosender, to animals
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nothing's wrong, just great personalities

Alleman, to animals
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In case you get hungry

metin, to Meme
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I once asked a writer friend why she wrote, and she replied, with total sincerity: "For revenge."

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#UK #comedy #humor #crowdsourcing #archives

'The Leicester Comedy Festival is seeking volunteers to help catalogue and preserve images stored in its archive.

Organisers have collected hundreds of photos and images since the annual event began in 1994 but they are not currently catalogued in any formal order.'


grrlscientist, to Humor
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The Onion's new CEO on his plan to bring back ‘the good internet’

Ben Collins, a former political disinformation reporter at NBC News, is working to make great again

🧅 🤣 🗞️ https://www.fastcompany.com/91126211/the-onion-ceo-ben-collins-jeff-lawson-nbc-news-elon-musk

b_rain, to Humor German
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thor, to ADHD
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looking over Trello kanban board

The trend here is that nothing ever gets finished.

On the plus side, this means I'm not likely to finish you either.

returntosender, to animals
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creation of a masterpiece

sfwrtr, to writing
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Your should always be unexpected to the reader.

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