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:kde: 🎤 cumple con periodicidad mensual recopilando novedades de la comunidad y el Software Libre en general. De la mano de @DavidMarzalC y gracias a @raivenra por su edición.

Notas y enlaces:

Proyectos tratados: @24h24l @eslibre @slimbook los podcast de @Mancomun_gal @6706483 y ; artículos de @muylinux y @baltollkien ; sin X11 @gcompris @NGIZero

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Are you a #developer interested in #opensource? Do you like #plasma6 & other #KDE #projects? Consider joining the @opensuse #Kalpa #telegram channel group & lend your #coding #contributions. https://t.me/openSUSE_Kalpa

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@opensuse's & have @kde's new & plans are in the making for . Subtle distinctions & implications exist between them. users/devs can discover the specifics for each https://news.opensuse.org/2024/03/22/plasma-arrives-in-os-distributions/

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FLOSS Weekly Episode 771: Kalpa — Because Nobody Knows what Hysteresis Is - This week, Jonathan Bennett and Dan Lynch talk with Shawn W Dunn about openSUSE Ka... - https://hackaday.com/2024/02/21/floss-weekly-episode-771-kalpa-because-nobody-knows-what-hysteresis-is/

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So I recently ran across this post and thread by @vwbusguy, and I would like to try to address some of the questions/misconceptions/etc that come up in the thread.

If you have questions, please, ask. What we do with isn't identical to what does with their , but many of the concepts for the end user are going to be similar/the same.


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@kalpa Hey there. I just want to say that I'm also a fan of and their approach to this as well. I maintain a bunch of SLE Micro servers in production in my dayjob and it is legit amazing. I love as a user that is not a zero sum game and that we have some great choices in this space, as well as common areas for collaboration and innovation. As a user myself, I'm thrilled exists!

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@kalpa I have no idea if this is a thing or not, but there could be some interesting potential for style tools for and/or OBS. I know it's a different beast than ostree, but it could be awesome having a Ublue + SUSE Elemental approach to innovating custom immutable desktop environments on as well.


@vwbusguy I've been working on some ideas, with the guys already, and you'll probably see some of that making it's way into in the coming months. I can't speak to , as I don't make the decisions there.

As far as the ability to do the image based rebasing, I'm not even certain how that would look, based on top of our stack, since we don't use ostree. Not to say it can't happen, but it's also not in our roadmap.

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@kalpa @vwbusguy Speaking just for myself, and not for as a project, I've got zero exposure to SLE Micro/Leap Micro, just due to a lack of personal interest. So I'm really the wrong person to be asking. and Kalpa track Tumbleweed, because Richard and I both are far more interested in the rolling release model.

Doesn't mean it can't exist, just that the current group of Developers aren't interested.

That's just kind of how it goes with openSUSE…

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A resolution idea for some of y'all:

Make 2024 the year you move to an immutable , like or , or , etc.

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@opensuse is representing today at . Come see us at the booth, watch a talk about Leap Micro or install either or in a workshop today. https://www.linuxdays.cz/2023/program/

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@opensuse's ( geared toward @kde ) seeks assistance in crafting a user-friendly wizard. What do you say Plasma enthusiasts? Help enhance the initial experience! . Get more info. https://lists.opensuse.org/archives/list/project@lists.opensuse.org/thread/IA2UYMAVWWO5ZOKOETYHB7SQEYJ6GYVJ/

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If you've any interest in or or immutable desktops in general, I highly recommend giving Richards talk at a watch/listen.


Kalpa is following (or at least attempting to) follow the same design principles as Aeon, And this is a touch more challenging with a Plasma Desktop, than it is with Gnome, for many reasons, and it's the reason we move a bit slower.

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Got a client to try out openSUSE Kalpa on his old Mac. The ones that are no longer supported by Apple, and he absolutely loved it.

But sadly, it got itself some water damage and now won't charge.

However the experience has given him confidence to allow me to convert another old Macbook from 11 years ago to Linux. And an ancient Acer netbook too when he has backed up all the data on it.

Since I also broached the subject of an anticapitalist trade I am being paid with a (redeemable at my own choosing) week-long camp in his hilltop chalet campgrounds.

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: Painless Containerized Workflows for Lazy Developers.


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Hat jemand von euch schonmal MicroOS oder Silverblue für längere Zeit als Hauptsystem genutzt? Ich würde mich riesig freuen wenn Ihr euch per Mail oder PN meldet. Wir suchen nach Erfahrungen.

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