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Found my assembly
video on-line. I’ve
been doing it wrong.

Apparently I’m a

Replay is stuck
on infinite loop.

Which explains the
clouds, and lack
of O2

As I continue up.

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At museum school,
we learn how to stand

A career in
what was, will be the
next thing.

Wear evolution like an
ugly holiday sweater,


copies of the tools of
the times carved from

with screens.

It’s ok if our thumbs


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Interaction missed

And the next one
scheduled for 10.
What do we do with
our time then?

Staring, big roman numeral
clock at station center.

Baggy pants conductor
punching tickets.

Until the next scheduled
talk, cataloguing

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Fortuitous calculus.
For every bird I held,
I’d find an additional
two in the cupboard.
Granted it wasn’t a bush
but providence adjusted.

Production was up,
one stone was
sufficient and
people were eating.
Then along came the
tango. Who knew
dancing, not eating,
was the goal.

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What a stupid choice.

And then, a sudden chance
to rewind it.

So you grab the handle
and uncrank.

People walking backwards,
building ice cream cones
with licks. Dogs unbarking,
and the moon gets away
with it.

So much undone. What
a stupid choice.

So you grab the handle…

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This day was unlike others.

Oh sure, it’s the same
sweaty grime and
clenched grimace.
Sunlight’s slap
still stings, and
your ears ring
like yesterday.

But tomorrow is
today’s trite reunion.

Hoary day,
glory day,
On display a
different way.

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To be real, I tethered
myself to reality.

(Simple enough)

After the first 20 staples,
you hardly feel them.

Zip ties really held,
but all that plastic
seemed drastic.

In the end, the shocker:
I was team tapestry
all along.

prodigal pattern

nine, stitched

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So stoked to share that I’ve accepted a freelance blogging gig at Read Poetry, an online community that celebrates poetry as a form of expression, activism, & self-care.

My first article shares 4 poetry prompts to support self-care and mental wellbeing. Check it out on, and be sure to subscribe to their blog to get future articles from myself and the rest of the Read Poetry blogging team!


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Are we vehicles
to propagate
nucleic acids,
or scaffolding
for feet that they
might erode the
topsoil, create
riverbeds, canyons,
or are we a chassis
for lungs that exhale
and push air and
move butterflies

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Blue skies everyday.
If I see another blue
sky, I’m going to
scream ice cream
in my dreams.

We live in boxes. Boxes
with stiff stuff. Who
decided boxes? Will I
see another angle?
Pray tell. I’m going to yell.

When will we live in
yellow sky spheres?

I guess I’ll have to settle.

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Having yesterday leftovers
today. I don’t feel meant
for the moment. Glances
and hollow helloes in the
back of the fridge, mossy.
Tough stuff thrown into
pot luck for simmering.
Achievements seem wilted.
We can always microwave.
Nutrition negligible. Chow
now, somehow.

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I’m wearing sleeves
on my insides. All the
uncool kids are
internalizing shirts,
and well-dressed
emotions with
pocket squares
are nominated
for awards. They
like them. They
really really
like them. And
the award goes to

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I wore my Sunday’s finest.
I was not yet four.

Lazing around,
building block cities
from legos while

people pressed footprints
into lunar soil.

Hey. I did my part.
I visited sky wizard.
I built cities.

Mission not in control,

receiving poor
telemetry for

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Wanting for the
world to eschew those
opinions that I disown,

yet I subscribe privately
to their empiricism
with tomorrow’s vigor.

Everyone is fucking looking.

Ignominy tilts
my eyes down.

I can’t watch.

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How is it possible to
have writers block?
I’ve been trying to
stop the words for
years. Nasty, insidious

Oh I closed my mind,
but they bribed the
doorman. More like
I’m in the elevator
and words want
to talk. “How’s
yer day?”, they
ask. I’m jabbing
L, repeatedly.
Then <>

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Eyes half open.
I bolted steam
actuated movements
to my skull.

Do you believe me?

Sure, it’s minimalist.

Hey, I tried a Rube
Goldberg machine, but
speed overwhelms me.

I’m saving up for
a blink attachment.

Until then, eye drops every 20.

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A sea of clock hands
grab at time,

seeking arms.

Had it been different
long ago,

the little hand
being named
the big hand

and vice versa

then we’d have
five dozens
to win it

and what seems
like ours, could
take hours

rather than minutes.

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Hold callus in your hand.
Catch abrasions on knees.
Prepare skin for laceration.
When it comes, cradle it.
Gaping wounds don’t appear
overnight. Reassure it, aside
from the callous of the world,
it will always have a home
with you, as it weeps.

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Dialed a phone
(schick schick schick)
and called a friend.
We hailed a taxi to
a silent disco where
we played loud music
above the silence.

It had never been

We reveled in our

As we spoke easy.

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The room where all
forgotten ideas go,
size unknown.

Undulating expand,
wavering contract?

Or fixed geometry.

Ideas increase,
crowding ensues.
Lost poems fuse with
unseen plans,
pressure, collapse.

Black hole, or biggest
bang, and creativity
every where
every when

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We can numb it with
ice. It might take time.
But o’clock we’ve got.
And at absolute zero,
frozen stares and
charges flow in pairs,
with even the halting
halted on stairs, and
hate might as well
be a popsicle stand
and it’s loving
standing still,
by the way.

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“Today couldn’t have
been better!”
-some guy down the hall.

“Two thumbs enthusiastically up!”
-a chimp in the zoo

People and animals will soon cheer for today, promising to be the best day of the series yet.

Run, don’t walk, to today.
It’s playing all day.
Every day.
In a life, near you.

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Sunrise is just a suggestion.

Calibration Services Inc
will do the hard work.

Morning stabbing you
in the retina?

Today’s din at skull

We’ve got you covered!

From full head wraps to
calibrated life dampening
we end life encroachment.

We avoid living, for you!

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You get to travel
really far. But first
you had to be
to ash and gas,
and some of your
atoms will reach
escape velocity
and fall back into
the sun. It was
borrowed material
anyway, and fine
free Someday
was a good day
for returns anyway.

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