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Found my assembly
video on-line. I’ve
been doing it wrong.

Apparently I’m a

Replay is stuck
on infinite loop.

Which explains the
clouds, and lack
of O2

As I continue up.

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At museum school,
we learn how to stand

A career in
what was, will be the
next thing.

Wear evolution like an
ugly holiday sweater,


copies of the tools of
the times carved from

with screens.

It’s ok if our thumbs


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Interaction missed

And the next one
scheduled for 10.
What do we do with
our time then?

Staring, big roman numeral
clock at station center.

Baggy pants conductor
punching tickets.

Until the next scheduled
talk, cataloguing

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Fortuitous calculus.
For every bird I held,
I’d find an additional
two in the cupboard.
Granted it wasn’t a bush
but providence adjusted.

Production was up,
one stone was
sufficient and
people were eating.
Then along came the
tango. Who knew
dancing, not eating,
was the goal.

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MarjoleinRotsteeg, to Haiku Dutch avatar
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MarjoleinRotsteeg, to Haiku Dutch avatar

old family home
everything changed
but the weathervane

- weathervane




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From my digital exhibit "The Homes We seek" - Part 1: Photography + Poetry

To see my exhibit, visit

NB: This image has been Glazed to protect my work against style mimicry attacks.

@poetry @photography

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I'm excited to share that my poem "Fall on the Campbell River, redux" has been published by the League of Canadian Poets in their chapbook "Splendor of Wings" featuring the works of poets over 65 @poets #PoetryCommunity #poetry

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Another one of my articles was just published on the Read Poetry blog 🥳🎧

Check it out here:

@poetry @writingcommunity

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With thanks to editor David A. Bishop I have five poems from ‘American Geegaws’ (the collection I am currently working on) published in issue 5 of magazine.

I am in some blisteringly fine company here. You can browse the whole issue at:


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What a stupid choice.

And then, a sudden chance
to rewind it.

So you grab the handle
and uncrank.

People walking backwards,
building ice cream cones
with licks. Dogs unbarking,
and the moon gets away
with it.

So much undone. What
a stupid choice.

So you grab the handle…

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to live, to die
to be reborn - repeat
'The wild iris'

The poem 'The wild iris' by Louise Glück is about life, death, suffering, reincarnation, and hope.

- wild iris




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My poem “Exile of Nuliajuk” has been published in the Heredity issue of NonBinary Review. Get your digital copy for just five bucks! The whole magazine looks great.
@indigenousauthors #PoetryCommunity #WritingCommunity #Nuliajuk #Sedna #Inuit #NonBinary #LitMag #IndigenousMastodon #IndigenousCreatives

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This day was unlike others.

Oh sure, it’s the same
sweaty grime and
clenched grimace.
Sunlight’s slap
still stings, and
your ears ring
like yesterday.

But tomorrow is
today’s trite reunion.

Hoary day,
glory day,
On display a
different way.

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To be real, I tethered
myself to reality.

(Simple enough)

After the first 20 staples,
you hardly feel them.

Zip ties really held,
but all that plastic
seemed drastic.

In the end, the shocker:
I was team tapestry
all along.

prodigal pattern

nine, stitched

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MarjoleinRotsteeg, to Haiku Dutch avatar
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So stoked to share that I’ve accepted a freelance blogging gig at Read Poetry, an online community that celebrates poetry as a form of expression, activism, & self-care.

My first article shares 4 poetry prompts to support self-care and mental wellbeing. Check it out on, and be sure to subscribe to their blog to get future articles from myself and the rest of the Read Poetry blogging team!


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chamomile flowers
picked and dried, this winter
my cup of tea

#dailyhaikuprompt - tea




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