stevencudahy, to Haiku avatar

falling but anchored
this is what skin was made for
contact glorified

11 May 2024 - touch.

stevencudahy, to poetry avatar

your eyes and the pour of time
through my breached defences
i am uncertain of my edges now
aware of the mixing swirl
of a cosmos in which we are the dance
of endless restless smallness
we are the coalescence of waveforms
mingling in a glance
itself embroiled in the everything
a sharing of the tales light tells
a charge, a spark in the shadows

10 May 2024 - glance.

literarypug, to poetry avatar

A sea of clock hands
grab at time,

seeking arms.

Had it been different
long ago,

the little hand
being named
the big hand

and vice versa

then we’d have
five dozens
to win it

and what seems
like ours, could
take hours

rather than minutes.

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stevencudahy, to Haiku avatar

gift the trees give us
buildings try to emulate
never quite the same

- 21 May 2024 - shade.

literarypug, to poetry avatar

Hold callus in your hand.
Catch abrasions on knees.
Prepare skin for laceration.
When it comes, cradle it.
Gaping wounds don’t appear
overnight. Reassure it, aside
from the callous of the world,
it will always have a home
with you, as it weeps.

stevencudahy, to poetry avatar

like the bunched duvet
you left behind to haunt me
memory of wood
sucked dry by the thirsty flames
left ghost, a haunting
shaped from the fire's soft grey tears
collapses empty
beneath the settling structure
we carefully built
later i'll make the spare bed
leave ours your lost body's cave

8 May 2024 - ash.

literarypug, to poetry avatar

Dialed a phone
(schick schick schick)
and called a friend.
We hailed a taxi to
a silent disco where
we played loud music
above the silence.

It had never been

We reveled in our

As we spoke easy.

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stevencudahy, to poetry avatar

fuzzy-edged distortion
your hands warm in my hands
we breathe across the sky
foraging for dreams we misplaced
and forgot the flavours of

drift smoke-light across dusks
each more heartbreakingly beautiful
singing tales soft
we hope and fear are heard
and dread hearing bounced back
from uncaring slabbed dullness

we dissolve and fizz
edges like ash exhilarating
in spin and drift
sometimes it's easier to hold on
than it is to see you

7 May 2024 - focus.

stevencudahy, to poetry avatar

take a handful of minutes
like peanuts from a bowl on a bar
and use them for yourself

doors are promises and lies
depending who they admit
or where they lead

and you and i could stand at the edge
of the building we climbed
trying to see tomorrow

but breathe now, lover, breathe
time doesn't know we're here
and we can rest, wrapped in each other

6 May 2024 - relax.

stevencudahy, to poetry avatar

stones worn smooth by waves
warmed by sun
we build small settlements
for scuttling things

but you are no rock
to be worn to be ground
to paperweight or doorstop
or safe remembrance

if i could replace your broken spines
with something as worthwhile -
but the wild is once and done
and it would insult you

i speak carelessly
uncover your edge for a cutting moment
only not careless but desperate
for any kind of traction

5 May 2024 - preserve.

literarypug, to poetry avatar

The room where all
forgotten ideas go,
size unknown.

Undulating expand,
wavering contract?

Or fixed geometry.

Ideas increase,
crowding ensues.
Lost poems fuse with
unseen plans,
pressure, collapse.

Black hole, or biggest
bang, and creativity
every where
every when

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walrus, to random avatar

sitting on the porch -
watching squirrels pilfering
squirrel proof bird food 🐿️


Inspired by today's prompt of "porch".

stevencudahy, to Haiku avatar

too hot for sleeping
i kneel before your temple
offer ev'rything

#DailyHaikuPrompt - 17 May 2024 - summer moon.
#haiku #senryu #poetry #SmallPoems #Writing

stevencudahy, to Haiku avatar

exhausted by the heat
but air needs to stroke your skin -
and who can blame it

- 16 May 2024 - breeze.

echoingfrog, to Haiku avatar

On a midnight stroll
Looking for fresh air, the moon
Lighting up the way

May 17, 2024 -

SharonCummingsArt, to art avatar
stevencudahy, to poetry avatar

faster than lightning

there are caves
sand-floored recordings of sea noise

did you see the eagle
i know you didn't -
you're asleep, it wasn't a dream

faster than breath or blink
or the space between heartbeats
hammering with panic
after learning the world is fragile

afterwards weeping
could make glue strong enough
to bind it back how it was

everything normal hurts now
spiked, edged new

time heals, they say, but time has ended

3 May 2024 - quick.

stevencudahy, to poetry avatar

it's not - it can't be
yet somehow is
we laugh but shy, as if someone adult
might take it from us -
the moon perhaps, though she's allied
to lovers, traditionally - or some lurker,
hedged, patient, primed to spring
we both carry that fear bonewise,
running the body's rivers
seared in the deep red meat of us
how even if we get this moment that's not
but somehow is, somehow it isn't,
and won't, can't, mustn't be, or ever have been

2 May 2024 - perfect.

stevencudahy, to poetry avatar

as if reality
ends at our skins
they claimed
we should engage it more
as if we aren't spent
maelstrom'd of mind

as if reality
has to be shareable
but portable
for ease of capture
treasure hoarded
to end sharing

and if reality
could be touch-gifted
what would they do
when we kissed their lips
and gentle mountains
collapsed upon them

1 May 2024 - engage.

stevencudahy, to Haiku avatar

flashing reminder -
when we could sacrifice kings
for the common good

#DailyHaikuPrompt - 15 May 2024 - kingfisher.
#haiku #senryu #poetry #SmallPoems #Writing

stevencudahy, to Haiku avatar

violet buttonholes
owning jokes about your name
a white gown, waiting

- 13 May 2024 - peony.

MarjoleinRotsteeg, to Haiku Dutch avatar
MarjoleinRotsteeg, to Haiku Dutch avatar

summer moon
prolonged drought
first withered leaves

- withered leaves
- summer moon





literarypug, to poetry avatar

We can numb it with
ice. It might take time.
But o’clock we’ve got.
And at absolute zero,
frozen stares and
charges flow in pairs,
with even the halting
halted on stairs, and
hate might as well
be a popsicle stand
and it’s loving
standing still,
by the way.

#5amwritersclub #poetry #poet
#poetrycommunity #writer
#writingcommunity #poem
#poetrylovers #poems #amwriting #smallpoems

walrus, to random avatar

the phone network dead,
all their plans are disarranged -
liaison vacant

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