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🌹Artist: in City: 9,Rue Marcel Fabrigoule France 🇨🇵 04/2024 - Title: "Symbiose" -

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The daffodils are out and the tulips are emerging.

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Spring blooms in my garden. I find gardens and nature more spiritual than gatherings in buildings, so I call my garden Church of the Perpetual Permaculture.

#Spring #Flowers #Blossoms #Blooms #BloomScrolling

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I thought that the tulips I'd purchased/planted last yr were all pastel but my memory of what happened 5 minutes ago is sketchy 🤷‍♂️.

There were 3 pastel pink, one white, 1 red, & this vivid yellow👇. Took this angle because it kinda made the tulip look like a choir member with a slicked down hairdo in a fancy choir costume.

#garden #gardening #BloomScrolling #flowers #FlowerPhotography #FlowerMastodon #nature #NaturePhotography #macro #MacroPhotography #MastoArt #photography #AltText

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A species of comfrey (Symphytum). Some species were and are used as medicinal plants.
(April 2024)
(Foto: © Rüdiger Benninghaus)
#Blumen, #flowers, #Beinwell, #comfrey, #Heilpflanzen, #medicinal plants, #Blüten, #blossoms

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I really wish you could smell this Viburnum x juddii. The scent is amazing and I wish I could just breathe it in all day. #flowers #bloomscrolling

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Bluebell wild hyacinth bloom, Halle Forest, Brussels Region, Belgium

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It's that time of year again.

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My ground phlox (possibly Phlox subulata/moss phlox) has achieved blanket status.

I'm a sucker for mass blooms. A friend of mine has large swaths of this phlox & was kind enough to borrow me a cup 2 yrs ago. A cup that was 1.5' x 2' chunk that I then plopped down in a 1.5' x 2' space.

Easy peasy phlox carpet squee-sy.

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Autumn Flowers and Grasses (1762)
By Miyazaki Yuzen (1654 - 1735)

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The Sweetest
By Michelle Nyberg ©

#art #flowers

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