literarypug, to poetry

A poem never been
done before, what
an invention! Inside
of that, more this,
and even in the
oscillating un-verse
back alleys
where all things
poetical observe
troughs and peaks
of sinusoidal
with suspicion,
there is a need
for knew it

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Ch 8 Nbr 16 — Have you ever started a chapter with a quote or poem? How do you feel about the idea?

A quote from serialization:

/Starlight, Starbright, what little girl do I see tonight, with her nose oh so rosy red and her wand all aglow? / [Some nouns changed for clarity. —RS]

I include an epigraph only when the story dictates. Sometimes it's a step back from the main narration, which is usually 1st person, to another voice that establishes the story exists in another context. Using it this way is problematic, as it signals to some readers that the POV dies. In this example, the poetry snippet sets up a cutesy child backstory that turns out tragic.

I rarely write epigraphs.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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Thinking of anything to keep from writing the chapter. Capital P . Including this post. Please tell me to stop !

trying to . .

sfwrtr, (edited ) avatar

Well, I added 2,100 words in the end, getting over the squick parts. Other than some displacement activity, one that included getting up and making myself an Aperol Spritz, the words came out easy.

I've just read it. I think I nailed it, too.

Why was I so apprehensive? Basically, I took my advice and wrote it, telling myself it wasn't history because I'd written down, that I could change anything, that I could revise it later—telling my not to think about the stupidity of what was being written down but what the character was going do after hearing, seeing, or doing that.

I will sleep well tonight.

Cc: #writingcommunity #writersofmastodon was #writing. #writer #author of #fiction and #fantasy.

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As an I often assume knowledge that I should ask about. So, here's the ask: As an average person, if you saw a woman in an urban situation with a (it is a wolf but nobody is saying it is a wolf), would you assume it was a ?

Please boost for maximum sample size.

Feel free to comment if you have experience with telling the difference or studying .


literarypug, to poetry

Milk pours, glugging,
even the gentle echo
of its icy-soft,

assignment day,
had milk lost by

I could be scorching
blowtorch brass
tacks onto my cereal.

Very unappealing. Not
to mention the

literarypug, to poetry

Flesh regenerates,
leaves reminders.
Leaves refresh, but
where’s the scar?
Sensational theory,
that makes me teary,
while trunk and
branch ungnarl
by proxy, heroes
unsung, reversed
note by note
until remains
a seed.

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2404.14 — Is your MC spontaneous, or a planner?

Wintereyes is the definition of spontaneous. She doesn't plan so much as have goals. She wants to be a provider, that is she wants to be able to make the kill for her pack, and is learning running archery. Knives are too short range. Spontaneous doesn't mean she is imprudent. She thinks her actions through. That she's lived with wolves most of her life and is now living amongst humans means she doesn't always interpret people's actions correctly, however. Misinterpretations cause her problems—some humorous, some NSFW, some deadly.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R..S.]


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2404.11 — How much power does your antagonist have?

In the reluctance series, mostly, the main antagonist limits herself to keeping humanity from going extinct. The sky's the limit in a very literal sense(†).

In Inklings, that main antagonist is more "radiant" than anyone else(†). Apparently, Her Highness also has enough authority to make the MC temporarily abandon her life with her wolf pack to attend school to learn to become more human.

(†) Am I cryptic enough?

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R..S.]


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284 — What are common traps for new authors?

Lack of realistic expectations about the profession, or romanticizing it. I can't tell you how many times I've run into this, and had to smile and nod and leave. It's ridiculous to think becoming an author doesn't require similar effort, practice, and training as for becoming a professional athlete or doctor. Even then, expecting becoming renowned in the field...?

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


literarypug, to poetry

Trees, untrue.
Trees never sway.
Trees rigid. The world
distorts about them.
Tree arrogance!
Trees will never tell.
Their fame is
slight of branch,
and I fear when
<that which is
not tree> stops
swaying, out of

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Writer questions: What interesting crimes could a character of yours be charged with if people knew what they are up to? 🤔

@writers @writingcommunity @writing

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283: Any advice for aspiring authors?

#1: Only use the advice that is useful to you. We all work differently.

  1. Write every day even if it is one line you will trash later.

  2. Start small and finish what you start.

  3. Don't fall in love with your words. Always be willing to change or scrap as needed.

  4. Have fun. You will burn out otherwise

  5. Write what you like.

  6. If you're doing it for the money you're in the wrong profession.

  7. Don't wear you heart on your sleeve. Nothing you write will be perfect and someone will always hate it.

  8. Refer to rule one again!

literarypug, to poetry

Most writers relate
with RE. I wither.
Stadium tedium
of re. Plethora of re.
Offers of re.
Read per diem
then retire
knowing you
tried, retried.
Replete with
connoting rewording
or reworking or
A rest arrested.
At least with re
there’s reason

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So I've been working on this story in my head for years now called "Eternity." It's to be an anthology of sorts centered around a main protagonist. The setting is around an apocalyptic biblical world ending event. America's hunger for power ends up the world's downfall only not in a post nuclear event but a supernatural arms race where the paranormal is all too real. Coupled with the church the united states govenment meddles in things they shouldn't. Out of the ashes rises a powerful neo church instating a violent theocratic rule to regain some semblence of order. Demons walk the earth and merge their world with ours forming a new and terrible hellish terraformed environment.

The story follows a young girl with a certain speciality as she is abducted and experiemented on by the US government. She is one of only a handful of very rare "prophets" who are given supernatual abilities by being bound to a demonic host with whom they share mortality. In Ana's case it's a demonic raven creature. These prophets are very powerful and used by the powers that be to intimidate and strong arm regional control.

This is a basic background of the "Eternity" that I hope to get more written in the near future. I've had a few chapters in the past, but I've wanted to rework my writing a bit. I'm pulling inspiration everywhere from Stephen King to video games like DooM.

#writing #writer #horror #fantasy #book #books

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#PennedPossibilities 282 — Are there any insignificant memories that stick with your SC to this day?

Well into my teens, I had made friends because by then the last and least of the chieftain's sons was not and was know never to rely on his status for anything. People thought me safe, and I earned my place amongst the fishers and the traders. It's the girl whose name translates to "the winged silver fish flying" who became my best pal, as the Endless Islanders use the term. We sailed together, fished, ate together when we were in the same village, occasionally explored the two volcanoes that make the eyes of Crab Island. Boy or girl, didn't make a difference to us. Strong, she was always trying to prove herself my equal in strength and courage. In the end, she proved more courageous.

That particular day... She put her hands on me, wanted what could be shared by becoming closer as boy and girl. Very close. I remember her yellow-brown eyes. Her smile, her kiss.

But also who I was. The throwaway son of the chieftain, but his nonetheless. Yes, Islanders can't marry unless she's pregnant and we knew how to prevent that. We agreed, not ready. But it's not 100%, never could be.

If we had had a child... If it were known we loved one another... With what would happen after my father was murdered, it would not have been simple worry for her safety during succession as Mother had taught me, but that she'd be a hostage—or killed.

That day, I said "No." We'd never discover if it were love. We both cried.

That "No" comes back to me every time I meet women, especially exiled in the Endless Island where I feel guilty that I'm safe.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]

#BoostingIsSharing and #CommentingIsCool

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S U C C E S S ! ! !

I deleted enough images that I was able to create and download an archive. Woot. Worked at 180 MB on my instance.

My Masto account is now backed up!

sfwrtr, to archive avatar

Well, I've deleted a lot of my media storage. Mostly anything extraneous from the beginning of this year. I am attempting to get another archive, but I'm guessing it won't work because my media storage is 180 MB. It does not work, I will be deleting my images up until April and try again. I've been particularly ruthless with my live photos which become GIFs on this site and take up a lot of storage.

#BackUp #Archive #Author #Writer #WritersOfMastodon #WritingCommunity

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if you want to delete media without search.

  1. Tap media tab on your profile.
  2. Scroll through media thumbnails and click image.
  3. At bottom of displayed image find and tap an icon that looks like an expand button. In the tangerine skin, it looks like a box with an arrow to the upper right.
  4. Edit the post with the media, then delete it or whatev. OR...
  5. If media isn't shown, it may be further down in an associated thread. Scroll until you find it.

Happy time deleting images and video that prevent you from downloading an ActivityPub archive. Beats using has:media search term!

Have you done your backups recently?

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A write-along/TTRPG Playthrough stream!

You have awoken on a planet filled with dinosaurs.
Craft, fight, & explore to survive the wilds of this strange planet!

Join our adventure LIVE right NOW:

#writingcommunity #writer #story #vancouver #indie #fiction #stream #livestream #litgames #amwriting #writealong #TTRPG #SoloTTRPG #DnD #5e #pathfinder #PF2e #dungeon #itchio #forage #cozy #cozyvibes #horizonzerodawn #arksurvivalevolved #Mesozoic #dinosaur

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Want some for your post-apocalyptic story? Four years after the pandemic started, 7 out of 7 examined -powered candles had burst batteries. 3 out of 7 had destroyed circuitry and were irreparable. I restored four of the candles to working order with a lot of cleaning and scrubbing, but of course they required fresh .

Takeaway: Nothing battery-powered left for four years will work when found. Much of it will be destroyed.

Bonus: Gasoline has a shelf life and may be useless in 6-12 months. Sorry, no verisimilitude in Mad Max.


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I think once I am ready, I will write a horror book all about dysphoria. It will be full-on body horror.

Viceral. Violent. Vile.

And soon I can speak about it from the safe space of recovery. Draw horror from within without reminding myself of the reality I have lived in for 22 years.

I have a working name for it already. Catharsis.

literarypug, to poetry

Potting sky plants.
Everyone knows that’s
where they grow best.
Mismatched teaspoon
scrape-scooping out
air, piling it aside and
carefully lifting tender
roots into place.

The everyones wonder
at my eyes squeezed
shut, me backfilling
a symphony with

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281 — What does your MC or SC first notice when meeting new people?

The devil-girl and Wintereyes are very different MC's. The devil-girl /will/ look you in the eye. If the light's right she'll note your eye color. She was raised as an alpha, to lead, to take control, and she can figure out things about you pretty quickly if or by how you squirm. Wintereyes is always looking down or away from people. She has to have become comfortable to notice your eyes. What she'll either notice is your lower body clothes or shoes, or the sound of your voice if you insist she confront you (which is what happens in the current WiP). That, or your scent. She HATES most non-botanical perfume, but because of her heightened wolf sense of smell she finds one of the few things she likes about people is their scent. Intriguing. So, that's the second thing she'll notice.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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2404.10 — How much power does your MC have?

When the MC (SG) had saved her main antagonist bacon (mostly because it meant saving civilization), she was ready to disappear to find a quieter life more fit her ascetic tendencies. The antagonist really wanted her help with next big problem. The MC complained that the antagonist would never give her power, so the antagonist made the MC her heir. That seemed promising, but it turns out in the current story it's kind of like vice-president John Nance Garner described his job: "The vice presidency is not worth a bucket of warm piss." When she realizes the capital is under threat, no one will listen to her. The antagonist did hire her not for her beauty, however, but because she had a habit of getting things done no matter what...

Wintereyes is a different MC. She has no power /she's/ aware of, or would claim if asked, other than living her daily life amongst wolves she's befriended (using her gift on them). She has no ambition beyond helping those she's with. Those on the outside see her differently. She's amazingly beautiful, supermodel territory /despite/ scars. People of both genders flock toward her, but she's shy. When Her Highness discovered the MC, the MC was conversing with a dragon, telling her it was wrong to burn down the farm, even if it were only because she sneezed. Her Highness is now actively working to harness /that/ power, to Wintereye's chagrin...

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R..S.]


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