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Flowering shrub. Lost Ponds, Plymouth, Connecticut. Mattatuck State Forest. May 11, 2021, 7:33 PM

#hiking #photography #outdoors #landscapephotography #nature #Connecticut #spring #May #forest #flowers #wildflowers #naturephotography #trails #springtime

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kapturka / eurasian blackcap / Sylvia atricapilla

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"Get the ones with holes in them, they're better for summer" she said.


At least the power came back on.

#Spring #Lithuania #Weather #Snow #VillageLife

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#Celtic #MythologyMonday for #EarthDay2024: Uisneach hill was the site of the greatest ancient Bealtaine gathering. The double fires of #spring at the spiritual center of Ireland symbolized the eyes of the earth goddess Ériu opening to the new season.
Source: Patricia Monaghan The Red-Haired Girl From The Bog

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Saw this last week on my way to work. These butterflies were everywhere around Chicago! I was struck but the contrast of the butterfly with the faded college posters.

Been a bit busy so I have not had a chance to post in a while - hope to post some more photos over the next few days. I really enjoy but sometimes hate posting from my phone. Looking forward to the update that will allow HEIC photos from the website.

Photo taken on 10 April 2024.

For more photos from Chicago in 2024, please see the following collection:

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It's happening.

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Česká solarní výprava včera dala hezkých 219 km. Ovšem už 4.ráno po sobě máme na stanech jinovatku... tento způsob jara se zdá být poněkud zvláštní, zvlášť ve Španělsku jsem to nečekal.

#thesuntrip2025 #spain #solarbike #spring

Cycleanalyst shows 219 km

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Cool, slender grass tickles the fingers, while the first rays of light dance upon the skin with a gentle, intermittent glow...

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Daniel Cohen Pitcher No 25 from Yale plays Cornell on April 21, 2024 at Cornell's (brand new) Booth Field

... it was a cold day so I left early which was a bit of a mistake because I missed some action in the last few innings.

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The aphids are back in force :blobcatknife: Clearly I need to settle the score with their caretaker ants before next spring...

... but this year I'm gonna try to just let it roll and see how things play out.

Last year it was only the red valerian that clearly suffered, and I've been tempted to let the pineapple sage takeover there anyway.

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Portland in spring. It’s an absolute delight.

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Spring cherry blossoms on Edgehill Road in the Boomhill area of Glasgow.

#glasgow #spring #cherryblossoms #broomhill #blossom

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Shy in the shade of the forest: a solitary wood anemone.

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It’s #spring and the #flowers are blooming, which means that #Bees have got a good supply of food. They particularly seem to like the small flowers of the #Cotoneaster plant in the front #garden and throughout a #SunnyDay, there are always several dozen on it.

#MyWork #MyPhoto #CCBYSA #DSLR #Nikon #D7000 #Horticulture #Wildlife #Insect #Pollinators

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