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Motion Sensors Being Worked On For 's HID-Steam Driver :steamdeck:

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je sais je n'ai toujours pas terminé #EldenRing 💫 mais en 3 jours de reprise j'ai tout de même réussi à :

  • Terminer la quête de Milicent ☑️
  • Battre Malenia ☑️
  • Battre Placidusax ☑️
  • Supprimer ma marque des 3 doigts grâce à l'aiguille de Malenia, sur la place de Farum Azula ☑️
  • Atteindre la seconde phase du boss final 🤪


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Proton Experimental brings initial D3D12 for OpenVR, fixes Overwatch 2 crashes, a Horizon Forbidden West adjustment for NVIDIA drivers and more

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Dead Island 2 got its Playable badge ahead of its release today, and the publisher left some notes as to why it isn't Verified.

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Lunar Lander Beyond is a great evolution of the Lunar Lander series without getting rid of what defines the series, and it is great on the !

A copy was provided by ATARI for review!

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Did you know you can transfer your Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising save to Hundred Heroes for extra goodies, but it doesn't work on the ?

Here is our guide to get it working:

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🎮 Steam Deck: the world's #1 gaming handheld - GET ONE CHEAP :thinkergunsunglasses:

Valve's refurbish sales are back! The quick shall prevail....

#LinuxGaming #SteamDeck #refurbished #sale #Steam #gaming #handheld #SteamOS

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a great throwback to older JRPGs, for better and worse, and it feels like a perfect game to play on the !

A copy was provided by 505 Games for review.

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Drugi rok ze i uważam że niczego lepszego na tej półce cenowej (a nawet wyższej) nie wymyślono. Nie mówiąc o wsparciu, dużym community, systemie operacyjnym, itd.

Zastanawiam się nad oficjalnym dockiem do mojego decka. Warto czy inni producenci ogarniają to równie dobrze?

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A new preview update was released that brings in some stability and security improvements, while also fixing a sound issue on the .

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After the newest update, and talking with the co-founder of Moon Studios, I am even more confident that No Rest for the Wicked will be great on the !

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Omnizon Autoshop! "We mass-fire workers, replace'em with robots, & now no one can afford the products we're selling! Just print some more money, I guess." (Scene from Neofeud 2) Grab Neofeud 1 here:

Cyberpunk automatic shopping center with robots and drones everywhere

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"After working my way through this game, I realize this game is unbelievably amazing. 10/10" Thanks for playing through Neofeud!…

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Between septillionaires re-editing history every microsecond, the End of Authorship, and brainwormed AI mangling the mess, no one can tell Blade Walkers from Running Dead anymore, in Neofeud 2!

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To get ready for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, we went ahead and reviewed the prequel, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, on the ! And it is an awesome game to play on the go.

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