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Part of the problem with testing my own game is now I'm insanely good at it

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Today will involve much ! I'm planning to do some , maybe some of a few 3D prints and sitting on the couch playing ☺️

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👋 Hey everyone, I’m Alex (he/him).

Formatting my as a main post with replies for my various interests.






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City / civilization building games usually start with a land that is empty (or perhaps depopulated by the collapse of what came before).

Are there games where you start with a running (but deeply flawed) society and have to move it utopiaward?

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Good morning and happy Sunday to all of you here in the today.

Let's talk about what today has in store for each of us as well as what the long weekend, if you have it, has in store.

For me, it's just a lazy, relaxing day with some video games thrown in here and there I believe.

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Oh don't worry. It'll buff out.

#EliteDangerous #Videogames #gaming #spaceSim

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awareness is incredibly important.

In live streaming social anxiety can lessen the experience for some viewers, so these are some of the steps I've taken to help welcome people in.

Come join us at


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Nothing beats a Saturday gaming session ☺️

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The new Paper Mario is out. 😉😘

#papermario #VideoGames #emulators #iphone #nintendo


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Achievement unlocked: Getting an Elgato 4K X and OBS working on my MacBook Pro.

It only took a couple of tries 😂


Test capture of Super Mario Bros. for the NES using an Elgato 4K X capture device

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*Looking at my Steam library consisting of 300+ games *

"I don't have anything to play..."

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Read Only Memories: Neurodiver review - a bright cyberpunk noir overdosing on easter eggs | Rock Paper Shotgun

Oh hey there's a new Read Only Memories!

(2064: Read Only Memories is an excellent point & click / visual novel)

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Uvalde Families Sue Meta, Activision, and Gun Maker for 'Grooming' Mass Shooter

MugsysRapSheet, avatar

"" & exist in every other nation on Earth.

What you DON'T see anywhere else are the (and the gun that we see here stoked by the .)

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On Thursday, May 23, there was Erra: Exordium release for the Nintendo Switch for the European region and Japan. A little earlier there was a release for the American region. So, look for the game in the eShop

Pixel art indie game adventure from Ukraine


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To celebrate the Glorious 25th of May, here are some Discworld pictures.

I'm so excited about starting II tomorrow night <3 in the meantime, enjoy the art of the game, and a foreword from the incredible Sir Terry Pratchett.


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Nothing new to show for this , I'm still breaking Fire Exit apart in hope of improving the editor and improving the game after

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Look at all these lucky items! Oh and the elephant's trunk is up! Love me a lucky cat. 🩷 #Control

#videogames #shareyourgames

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Sci-Fi adventure game devlog 📌

Today's achievement with Unreal Engine 5 - worked a little on Mist, Niagara Sprite UV Animation and fish eye drone


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Well well well, if it ain't today.

You know what this means right? Quick, get out your Games For The Weekend and tell us what you'll be playing!!

Remember to use for a lovely boost :boost_love:

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If you stream games on Twitch and make clips on youtube, but you aren’t a YT partner (less than 1000 subs) and you have 10 regular viewers on Twitch and you REALLY love what you do, can you technically consider it your career if you really believe in it?

I don’t want to put my definition of career meaning here so I don’t put words into your mouth. I need to know if the above can be considered a career.

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If you're into tower defense games, Anuto TD on Android via F-Droid is a solid FOSS one. Has this charming hand-drawn look to it as well and a number of maps to play with.

Also, and this may just be me, but I really enjoy that it's played in portrait/vertical view instead of landscape/horizontal. Dunno why but I find handling phones in landscape awkward feeling, personally.

#Gaming #VideoGames #FOSSGames

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We have a free game intentionally designed to help teach adolescents about healthy relationships. It is regularly played in schools.

Today I saw a review complaining that this sweet game is "indoctrinating children" and other regressive nonsense.


crecente, avatar

😞 Disappointed this bigoted, harassing review is still on itchio. We reported it back in March.

It's about our charity's prosocial healthy relationship video game for teens called HONEYMOON. 💑

❗The reviewer defames us for "indoctrinating children" because it's free for educators & parents.

❗Player autonomy seems to frighten the bigot because the game allows for same-sex relationships. (New update will include non-binary.) 👬 👭 👫

❗The abusive partner in the game can be female OR male but the bigot claims "misandry"?

❤️ See for yourself -- play in your browser right now. Free. No ads.



@itchio @edutooters @publichealth @commodon @communicationscholars @stopTDV

crecente, avatar

Here is a review of HONEYMOON we ❤️ seeing:

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful game. It was so helpful!!"

"It was one hell of something!!"

"... so well made ..."

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