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🙋🏻‍♂️ I'm Alex, 38 years old
🧑🏻‍💻 I'm a senior #IT architect #Tech

🎮 I love #gaming, especially on #PC and #NintendoSwitch.
🎮 I also love #VR experiences.

🍻 I'm also known as the innkeeper of the Gamer's Tavern, a #Youtube and #Owncast channel, where you'll find me playing various #VideoGames!

My personal account: https://mastodon.uno/@CavajereNero

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thegamerstavern, to ai
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Lately I've been tinkering with a python bot to help me write for all my photographs through Copilot. I'm not really into AI but I believe this is one of the useful use cases in which AI might help.

Of course human reasoning cannot be compared but if it helps accessibility I'm all for it.

I'll post the GitHub link when after writing down some documentation

thegamerstavern, to fallout
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Not me buying and waiting after watching the series.


EighthLayer, to Spotify
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I’ve started testing out alternatives to as they’re putting their prices up yet again! £20pm for Family plan now. 🙄

I’ve started with as I had a 2-month free trial, but the Windows app is trash. It keeps telling me playback has stopped on another device. It wasn’t playing on another device in the first place. Also songs just randomly stops playing or starts from the beginning again. 🤦‍♂️

Might try and next.

Anyone got any recommendations?

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@EighthLayer once you go you never go back.

thegamerstavern, to fediverse
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EighthLayer, to streaming
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It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s stream day!

Today, I’m going to find out if it’s possible to beat Crash Bandicoot without any breaking boxes! 📦

I’ll be streaming on Twitch at 8pm (UTC+1)!
‪:twitch:‬ ‪http://twitch.tv/EighthLayer‬

Be there or be square… cubed… boxed? I dunno. 😅

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@EighthLayer happy Aku Aku noises

mhamzahkhan, to DadBin
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#Parents of Mastodon, could you recommend a game, that is not Minecraft, or Roblox that is multiplayer that I can play with my 4 year old and 6 year old?

Mainly looking for a game for my 4 year old. He likes Minecraft, but stupidly it triggers my motion sickness. I struggle to play for longer than 15 minutes. I have to really force myself to stick around for longer than that.

I also find it incredibly boring. 😓


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thegamerstavern, to gaming
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What the devil put in me to try installing Warzone Mobile?!

I uninstalled it after 5 minutes. Not in my alley. Not in my neighborhood, hell, not even in my city.

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@EighthLayer I had the tablet and a controller lying around and I said "why not...".

I got reminded of why not pretty soon.

EighthLayer, to cars
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I do wonder what these electric car manufacturers think of sometimes. They give the cars random noises that I don’t associate with a car at all.

Just now there was one waiting to reverse out of a space as I was walking across the car park, but it sounded like a strange alarm so I was looking anywhere but the car. It wasn’t until I’d walked across and I saw it started reversing that it was the car making that noise.

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@EighthLayer I remember some time ago a debate about how dangerously silent the electric cars actually are, especially at low speed.

Some manufacturers go for the annoying beepers, but they should really consider doing like Audi did with the engine sound enhancement thingie 😅

thegamerstavern, to tidal
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I got out from a #Tidal family plan and I now need to wait 5 days for the new prices cut to come into action (hopingly) and subscribe again.

Luckily, I'm still on my #Spotify family plan!

I couldn't live without music, stat.


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@EighthLayer I did the same reasoning and got to the same exact conclusion. In an era of boosting prices, Tidal is the only service that (at least for now) didn't hinder their work and cut the prices.

Just a hint: TogetherPrice 😅

thegamerstavern, to mastodon
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This Tuesday definitely feels like a Monday.
Wait what?!

Better get more coffee in the tank before doing anything, just to be sure.

Now go get them tiger!

☕ 🫂

thegamerstavern, to fediverse
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Whew, another month passed.

The past month has seen us getting a new powerful server, moving every service onto that server and starting a new service as well, Peertube, that I must admit, I wasn't expecting to get that much traction but I've been proven wrong.

More on https://ko-fi.com/the_gamers_tavern

Thank you all for your support :drac_heart:

#TheGamersTavern #KoFi #Peertube #Owncast #Fediverse

thegamerstavern, to iPhone
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Should I go for the iPhone 15 pro or wait for the 16? Mh.

(No, it's not an April's fool's joke)

thegamerstavern, to italy
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Yeahup, switching to summer time is always one of my favorite things in the world.


thegamerstavern, to coffee
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Happy Saturday everyone!

We made it! It's officially the , and a long one too (probably)!!!

Have a coffee ☕, breathe in, breathe out and relax. You made it and you did a wonderful job up to this point.

I wish you all an amazing day!

Gwendolyn, to PCGaming
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I really like No Man's Sky, but I'm not sure the game is designed to be enjoyed the way I keep wanting to enjoy it. I keep wanting to find a nice planet to build up a big base and decorate it and all that neat crap.

I can't do that though, because every planet I find is either toxic AF or Sentinels keep showing up to ruin my day.

I just want a nice place to set up shop! Leave me alone!

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@Gwendolyn I don't know if this might help you, but I found my Gek inner peace on these planets (glyphs in the video)


thegamerstavern, to gaming
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After the last EA WRC rally stream I felt the urge to share this with the world.

Have some merch from (yeah this is new!)


Disclaimer: all profits will be used to maintain the instances of various Fediverse apps TGT is currently self hosting, being a full Fediverse brand

thegamerstavern, to fediverse
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Hey adventurers! 🍻
Monday blues? Worry not, 's schedule is here for you!

  • Monday @ 9:30 PM CET (UTC+1) mad stealth skills in Vampire The Masquerade: Justice
  • Thursday @ 9:30 PM CET (UTC+1) the Darkside divsion is back in "A fumble in the dark"

Find me on : https://live.gamerstavern.online

Follow @Innkeeper to be notified when I'll be live!

thegamerstavern, to gaming
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Time to finally sit down at the computer and play some videogames.

What an intense morning it has been.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 it is!

thegamerstavern, to gaming
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Almost half of the has gone by, so I believe this is the right time to start thinking about the , and what better way of doing so than talking about the videogames you'll play during the next days?

Tell me your !

I'll be playing mostly The Purring Quest and maybe a bit of Helldivers 2, although the latest is not so appealing as it was originally.

Maybe a bit of Euro Truck Simulator 2 too!

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@elbullazul @the_white_wolf adding @EighthLayer to this thread (not Meta tho)

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@dhampirdamsel I love them too...cough

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@EighthLayer @dhampirdamsel Stealth-a-la-Alex ™️

thegamerstavern, to gaming
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My #Questlog playlist for games finished this year :drac_heart:


(Big shoutout to @questlog for this beautiful webapp)

#Gaming #Videogames

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Rolling credits on #Gris.

A very short platform that hits hard and heavily on the feelings with its untold background story. Stunning animations, colors and I seriously can't express how much I liked this game. It's a gem and I can only hope their next game, Neva, won't drop the ball.

Everything was perfect.


#Gaming #Steamdeck #Questlog #Videogames #LinuxGaming

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@EighthLayer I suggest playing it again taking the story in consideration, it's very deep

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