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Video game playing, gay sandwich eating, heavy metal punk🤘

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Some kind of glass-half-full nihilistic witch


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Hrm. All of my "guy" hoodies have shallow hoods where the front of my head always kinda pokes out a bit. My "gal" hoodies always have deep hoods that I can escape deep into and pretend I'm Death.

Is this "a thing" or just a weird quirk of my wardrobe?

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@un_blaze Interesting. Ugh. What's the point of having a hood that barely even covers your head? It's like the women's pockets of menswear

lwflouisa, to random
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On places like Twitter I still have people that doubt I'm as technical as I am, simply because I'm a trans woman.

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@lwflouisa Sounds like you're surrounded by cishets or some kind of out of touch group. Being technical is basically a trans woman stereotype at this point.

Gwendolyn, to fallout
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Okay... episode 2 of #Fallout was much better at getting me interested. Yeah. I'll watch this.

Susan_Larson_TN, to transgender
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"A mom of a male student at the school"

sigh That's so deliberate. Fucking people...

Gwendolyn, to random
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Decades of watching Pokemon...
Sitting down watching some with the kids...
James is talking...
I get a sudden realization...


Like, I mean I picked up on the other signs, but for some reason the voice just never dawned on me.

Gwendolyn, to gaming
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Gwendolyn, to fallout
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First thoughts on Fallout. (Keeping things vague to avoid spoiling things)

I... don't love it? Like... it's done well, but I just don't feel invested. I don't know if it's the pace, or if the tone just conflicts with what I'm in the mood for right now, but I don't feel like I got enough of a hook for me to care. Naturally, being me, I was excited to follow Lucy's story... but her motivation just feels... I dunno. It's not working for me.

I'm much more interested in the other two characters' stories as of right now.

I know they had a lot of groundwork to do. You can't assume everyone's played the games, so you have to establish the setting and the premise for people, and you don't want to have the whole first episode be nothing but the Vault, so you've got to cram a whole lot into a short period of time to get people going.

The only thing that was kinda glaring to me was that those slow motion sequences in the first conflict do not do the show any favours. Like... the slow-mo with the classic music is great for this weird dissonant vibe, but it also reveals the strings in a bunch of the action scenes. Like, you can tell someone's aiming to miss someone with a [weapon], or someone swings, and then you can track their eyes looking where their target is supposed to fall and them stepping out of the way to let the other actor fall on their mark.

I'm going to give it another episode, and hopefully it'll have a better hook by then, or maybe I'll be in a mood that's more receptive to what it's offering. It mostly just made me want to play Fallout instead of watching it.


Gwendolyn, to random
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Musically it feels like something I've heard before, but it's still a pretty badass track. Then again... I'll go crazy for anything involving Icon For Hire.


Gwendolyn, to random
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I think I'm just gonna have to get over my shame that I just kinda love me some Powerman 5000.

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@BlueBlasphemy Oh! I'm a freak. I love that nu-metal shit. I know it's musical trash, but it just scratches an itch so good for me.

Gwendolyn, to random
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People always wondering why I'm depressed/stressed/anxious/whatever.

They're all in denial, or perform some form of denialism. I see a problem, I see things that are uncomfortable, whether they affect me or not, and I don't look away. I accept that those things are shit and I want to confront them.

I've found that most people (I've encountered) just can't handle that discomfort. They ignore and evade these things. They come up with reasons they can dismiss them. "It doesn't affect me" is the most common. They'll kick it down the road, sweep it under the rug, but they will not just sit in that discomfort and allow it to become part of their world view.

So, Super-Happy-Go-Lucky-People, maybe I'd be able to relax if you gave a shit about shit and we could spread the concern amongst multiple people instead of just putting it all on the shoulders of us who don't like living in a lie.

Gwendolyn, to random
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Sign up for an Amazon Prime trial to watch Fallout for free, and maintain some sense of "moral superiority"; or torrent it and also see it for free, but feel icky?


Oh look! There's like 600 seeds!

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It's only illegal if I don't delete the ROMs within 24 hours.

Gwendolyn, to random
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I declare a new law!
All forms of loyalty programs shall henceforth be forbidden!

Gwendolyn, to random
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I have just become aware that there's a Fallout show.


Gwendolyn, to Anime
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So after pausing on Korra while complaining about writing I binged Sailor Moon... and Jesus Christ! There is some creepy ass shit in that show.

Like, can we talk about the grown ass adult X-ray visioning a 14 year old girl's body? The age gap and toxic idea of "romance" that the show promotes?!

I will lie to you
Oh! That's fine! I love you anyways random person I've met like twice in my life

Hey girl, you're intoxicated. Let's kiss

I don't care if he's seeing someone. Gotta take my shot, right? (admittedly mild compared to the rest)

Oh no! We have to prevent a potential future where a Sailor Guardian has her clothes violently sliced off in a graphic enough premonition animation


#Anime #SailorMoon

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But hey... at least now Korra will seem better.

That's whatcha gotta do. If one boyfri... err... show isn't clicking with you, watch something worse to make the first show seem better.

(Not actually good relationship advice)

Gwendolyn, to gaming
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I don't know how to react to this.

First, I laughed.
Then, I laughed for a completely different reason.

I love and hate this. I kinda want it.

#Avatar #Gaming #VideoGames #Fortnite

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@Blyfh Well in the show she was 12, but it does seem they aged her up a bit. I'm just wondering how good her aim would be. I could see Toph with an SMG (and loving it), but the idea of her with a sniper rifle amuses me.

Gwendolyn, to random
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Haven't really been in a mental state to be playing games lately. Kind of just been watching stuff. During my break from Korra I've been ADHD bouncing between:

  • Sailor Moon (first time)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam (first time; 1979)
  • The Owl House (first time)
  • Supernatural (groan second time-ish)
  • Michiko & Hatchin (first time)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (first time with Brotherhood. Watched the original)
  • Ghost Hunt (first... only time?)

Gundam and Owl House are standing out to me as favs. Sailor Moon is trash... but there's something about the art and back-lore that's got me intrigued/hooked.

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@GuillaumeNWR Yeah, Owl House is definitely my kind of quirky.

Gundam was definitely an adjustment. I forced myself a little at the start, but then when I realized it was doing a sort of Battlestar Galactica-esque ship on the run sort of story, I got hooked in. The story work is good, but yeah... 1979 sensibilities and animation means it's slooooooow.

There's three movies that cover it, but I haven't watched them yet. Gonna go through the story the long way first.

Gwendolyn, to random
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Church taught me that I was the bride of Christ and now they're all uppity because I'm in a dress. shrugs

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@GuillaumeNWR It came from a random remembering of verses I had to memorize in Sunday School... but now I'm looking at some RC news and 😑​

Gwendolyn, to random
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Ok. With Korra in Fortnite, and re-opening wounds from the first time I tried to watch that show (how dramatic!), I think I'm gonna try and rewatch that show again... try to enjoy it.... (and probably fail)... and torture you all with my thoughts on a decade old show.

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Korra S02E11

I dunno. I just feel like Bolin's complete betrayal of Mako is so... WTF? Maybe I got the wrong impression from him in the first season, but it seems wrong for him. He visits Mako in jail and is all like "Sucks that you're guilty of crime. Here, have a poster of me"

Varrick is great. Hate the guy, but that's because he's a great villain character.

I love how they lean into the cheesiness of old movies with the propaganda film. Fun to watch.

The back half of this episode was fun to watch. Bolin's fight being sync'd up with the "mover" in the background was a cool touch.

Apparently Korra's memory is messed up and now she doesn't remember her fight with Mako. I have a feeling that's going to be very "convenient" for some other convoluted story point later.

I liked this one. It wasn't fantastic, but definitely watchable. I think the railroading was minimal, so things felt a bit more natural.

#Avatar #Korra

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