‘Unprecedented scale’ of violations against children in Gaza, West Bank and Israel, UN report says (www.theguardian.com)

More grave violations against children were committed in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel than anywhere else in the world last year, according to a UN report due to be published this week.The report on children and armed conflict, which has been seen by the Guardian, verified more cases of war crimes against children in the...

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L’Allemagne augmente les réparations de l’ #Holocauste pour les survivants #juifs vivant en Tunisie, entre autres

La #Claims Conference est une organisation à but non lucratif qui travaille à obtenir une indemnisation matérielle pour les survivants de l’Holocauste et à restituer les biens juifs volés pendant l’Holocauste.


#News #génocide #Allemagne

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"The main hospital in Sudan's al-Fashir city has been attacked and put out of service, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), which supports the facility, told Reuters on Sunday, while local volunteers blamed the incident on the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF)"

Lest we forget, another genocide targeting health facilities is in progress.

Hospital in Sudan's al-Fashir shut after attack, aid group says | Reuters

U.N. Warns 1 Million Gazans Could Face Deadly Starvation by Mid-July (www.democracynow.org)

In other news from Gaza, the U.N. food agency has issued a dire warning, stating, “Over one million people — half the population of Gaza — are expected to face death and starvation by mid-July” if Israel’s war on Gaza does not end. The warning comes in a new report on global hunger that also says the risk of starvation...

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: "In May 2024, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Alice Wairimu Nderitu, was reported to warn that Sudan's Darfur region was facing a growing risk of genocide as the world's attention was focused on other parts of the world. As the U.N. Special Adviser indicated, “we do have circumstances in which a genocide could be occurring or has occurred.” She added that the situation is “Rwanda-like”, reminding of the 1994 genocide in the country, and that “increased hostilities in El Fasher have now opened a really alarming chapter in this conflict.”

Only a few weeks earlier, the U.N. Special Adviser reported that one year on, violence continued in Sudan. As she noted, “the fighting has taken the lives of more than 14,000 people and injured thousands more. Millions of civilians, including children, remain exposed to violence. Women and girls continue to be exposed to rampant rape and other forms of sexual violence. Five million people are on the brink of famine. Over 8.5 million people were forced to flee, of which 1.8 million have crossed borders, desperately seeking protection. The numbers are staggering, and yet the action in response is limited. Meanwhile, the fighting rages on, without a sign of stopping. One year on, we are no closer to peace than when the crisis started. This is devastating. This is unacceptable.”"


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“The strike happened around 2 a.m. And from what we understand, there are between 35 & 45 people killed. Many of them are children.
We also remind that this being an UNRWA shelter, up to 6,000 people had sought refuge & safety inside that school”

#Gaza #genocide #WarCrimes

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“We’ve been hearing about precision strikes and about reports that some of the UNRWA or U.N. installations have been used by Palestinian armed groups. We hear about this every time a strike kills scores of civilians in or near our buildings.”

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“A ceasefire is what everyone in Gaza needs right now, just to take a breath and have some respite. But in addition to the ceasefire, there has to be a much increased flow of humanitarian assistance going in”

#Ceasefire #CeasefireNow #Gaza #genocide #WarCrimes #Palestine #FreePalestine

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‘We turn now to that new film, that explores the struggle of the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation through themes of loss, trauma and the fight for justice. It’s called Where Olive Trees Weep.’



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“And that was my first experience of being held down and attacked by the soldiers. And I was on the floor, and the cameras were flashing. And they were beating me with sticks on my knees, trying to break my knees… And I was only 16”


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“this whole Western theory about balanced reporting. If you’re being balanced in a situation of a genocide, then you’re complicit in genocide. There’s no white and black in this.”

#Ceasefire #CeasefireNow #Gaza #genocide #GazaGenocide #WarCrimes #Palestine #FreePalestine

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“And what little could I do to help them? At least what I could do, and what this film does, and what your program does so consistently, is to witness, is to witness so they don’t feel so alone, so Ashira doesn’t have to feel so alone with her experience.”


[Now, in the West Bank, which is my third visit there, two years ago, to work with these women, many of them who had been tortured in Israeli jails and have had all the typical symptoms of what we call post-traumatic stress disorder. But what I can tell you is that the atmosphere in the West Bank two years ago, when I was there, was much heavier than even when I had been there for the first time during the First Intifada. At that time, in 1992, when I first visited, there was still an air of hope. The world seemed to be paying attention to the Palestinian cause at that time. There was a fair bit of sympathy internationally for the legitimate rights of the Palestinians. Two years ago, there was despondence. People felt alone, abandoned. The pressure of the occupation, the intensity of the — there’s hardly any family whose members had not been jailed at one time or another. There was the intensity of the occupation, the checkpoints, the surveillance, that terrible wall that you can see i
At the same time, I had to be very impressed with the resilience, the ongoing willingness to endure amongst Palestinians. And I actually also should mention here the sympathetic and brave Israelis who stand up to all that, Amira Hass being one of them. And some of them helped to organize my visit, as well. So, it’s not a question of, you know, Jews versus Arabs or Palestinians versus Israelis. It’s a question of a system that has imposed itself like a monster, suppressing and squeezing the life out of Palestinian national, cultural and personal life. And that’s what I saw when I was there two years ago.
And the women I was working with, what was interesting is the commonest symptoms, you might say, was a sense of guilt that they hadn’t been strong enough to resist, that they hadn’t rescued their friends. It’s a typical trauma response that these things, it’s all my fault. But it was, you know, as somebody who works with trauma, to witness all this on such a massive scale, even for me, was shocking. And what little could I do to help them? At least what I could do, and what this film does, and what your program does so consistently, is to witness, is to witness so they don’t feel so alone, so Ashira doesn’t have to feel so alone with her experience

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Democracy Now headlines

‘Survivors described the school as being shelled with a belt of fire.’

‘An Al Jazeera reporter at the scene said a large number of women, children and the elderly were among the victims.’


#Ceasefire #Gaza #genocide #WarCrimes #Palestine

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‘ the U.N. food agency has issued a dire warning, stating, “Over one million people — half the population of Gaza — are expected to face death and starvation by mid-July” if Israel’s war on Gaza does not end’


#Ceasefire #CeasefireNow #Gaza #genocide #WarCrimes #Palestine

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‘Karin Huster, a medical adviser with Doctors Without Borders in Gaza, said there has been an “insane escalation of hostilities” across the Gaza Strip over the last two days.’


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‘One whistleblower shared photographs that showed Palestinians being strapped down, blindfolded and held in diapers at the site. Some prisoners had limbs amputated due to injuries sustained from constant handcuffing.’


#Gaza #genocide #GazaGenocide #WarCrimes #Palestine

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Schoolkinderen afslachten, maar nog steeds geen rode lijn. Amerika en West-Europa zijn nu zo'n beetje medeschuldig 🤨

Israël claimt dood 'veel Hamas-leden', maar veel kinderen omgekomen bij aanval op school - https://nos.nl/l/2523359

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