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Certified planner working on transit in Pittsburgh. Enemy of carbon; friend to cats & bunnies. Rock music as Skylark Duquesne. I boost buses, masks and trans rights. Not making any little plans. ONE SPACE AFTER THE PERIOD! Opinions & snark my own. He/Him.

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"X40K" is my own contribution to songs about traffic carnage. Turned out pretty heavy, if I do say so. I think my singing has gotten better over the past couple years, but I still think this is a good listen. "Car economy demands blood sacrifice!" https://soundcloud.com/skylarkduquesne/x40k

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h/t to @haraldkliems for turning me on this morning to the perfect conjunction of my passions for and with the band "Municipal Waste". I'm a fan, now. https://soundcloud.com/municipalwaste/high-speed-steel

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Still super-proud of this Skylark Duquesne video, which is just me playing the bass for six & a half minutes. Best song I have yet written about

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"The Last Planet" will be the closing song for Skylark Duquesne's The Stars are Ours. It's a 13-minute classic rock epic that sounds to me like if Guns n' Roses had teamed with Pink Floyd keyboardist, Richard Wright. Part two is a fast-paced, pop-punk section that stands on its own. C'mon, Girl! Give this a listen!
(edited to correct reference to Richard Wright)

Zeb_Larson, to random
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In a high lonesome sound kind of mood, and I love Nick Shoulders. Almost got to see him here last November but he got sick and had to bail. (Not a total loss — even masked, I haven’t seen music at an indoor venue since before Covid). https://youtu.be/3I7ME1oacMA?si=g0TdEY3m-YFvOsqH

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@seachanger @Zeb_Larson
That piece was more insightful than the whole of the Ken Burns doc! As Rhiannon Giddens put it, (paraphrase): Just wait till they learn where the banjo came from!

SkylarkDuquesne, to Alaska
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Was the sale of by Russia to the US illegal? Yes, in that the land was never Russia's property to sell, perhaps except for Sitka and Unalaska (read about Yakutat, if you want to see how bad they were at actually living there). In 1980, the US cured this situation with ANILCA, the Alaska lands act, where the people were paid for the purchase--both individually and collectively. So, yes, Alaska is part of America and Russia has no claim because the US paid its rightful owners.

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@nocontexttrek Always writing the wrong stardate on checks for like three weeks, amirite?

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    @seachanger let me know if you want to set one up! I’d be happy to Zoom something for that!

    seachanger, to Alaska
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    Happy Indigenous People's Day! Fitting that today we approved the proof to produce this historical marker to honor Ḵaax̱gal.aat a Tlingit civil rights hero who was born in my town and credited with helping to pass the US's first major civil rights legislation, 's Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945. The text is written by L'xeis Diane Benson and translated to Tlingit by X'unei Lance Twitchell. We'll be putting it up once it gets shipped here!

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    @seachanger This is wonderful. Well done.

    seachanger, to random
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    npr’s headline “how to think about covid now” story tonight was pretty dismal. no mention of long covid or sequelae prevention at all and new studies on those topics may as well not exist. we were told to fend for ourselves as individuals and if we’re “young and healthy” to act like it’s an ordinary cold and flu season where you will get sick and that’s fine

    friends, no wonder we feel insane 😟

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    I don't want to get sick. It's not fine. @seachanger

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