Following those who have experience w/ chronic illness, those who are keeping up with the literature, and those sacrificing to keep us all safe; wearing P100 respiratory PPE, pursuing personal zero SARS-CoV-2

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More forced-infection mandates in sheep's clothing

> address truancy, chronic absenteeism and a bevy of other issues...

> If the bill passes, DHS would become the entity that contacts and assesses the needs of families of truant youth.

> “We are aware of issues related to childcare, transportation needs and other behavioral health needs where a person might suffer anxiety”

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No matter how hard it is keeping the feathers in the bag, getting them back in is harder.

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“Immunity Debt Means SARS-CoV-2 Is Good For Your Health, Actually”

-- The New York Trying Times

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“I think if someone’s going to make a claim like ‘Covid doesn’t harm your immune system’, that’s a bold claim.

The claim itself is contrarian, as it flies in the face of the established science. It’s beyond meaningful debate at this point that some cases of Covid -even mild ones- lead to depletion of immune system components for months.

The people who would have us believe that this is no cause for concern base their argument on the fact that it (a) only happens to some people, (b) only happens for a little while or (c) happens with other viruses as well. All three statements are true. And irrelevant here.

This is a disease that most people can expect to get multiple times in their lives (our modeling suggests 1-2x/yr, in the absence of precautions), cumulative damage is well documented for other organ systems. Some -very nonzero - fraction of infections is persistent as well.

There’s no evidence suggesting that some people are uniquely vulnerable to immune depletion while others aren’t. It’s a Russell’s teapot to make the claim, and those who make it should produce the evidence to support it.

If you get the disease once a year and your immune system spends 6 months recovering each time, you are functionally immunocompromised- on average- when you look at it across the entire year.

Repeated infections cause cumulative damage & intrahost viral evolution during persistent infections leading to immune evasion is well documented. Those who make the claim that such intrahost evo during persistent infections is rare should produce evidence to support it.

False analogies to other viruses have been used by minimizers to confuse the issue from the get-go. Covid is not HIV, the flu or a cold. It’s an unprecedented public health threat, and the claim that there is no cause for concern is speculative.”

-- @arijitchakrav

BeAware, to mastodon

Does anyone have a very detailed and comprehensive guide on how to scale up a Mastodon server?

I'm pretty noobish to Linux but I can follow guides if they have commands and stuff. Though, the only guides I could find were very light on the commands for certain steps.

My Sidekiq has been getting backed up every now and then with thousands of jobs. Of course they eventually clear out but I'd like to just mitigate it by adding more processes or whatever because I'm not even using 50% of my server resources🤷‍♂️

Any help would be much appreciated.

PS. My server is currently backed up so if you reply to this, I probably won't see it for a bit.😬

#Mastodon #MastoAdmin #FediAdmin #Fedi #Fediverse #ActivityPub #MastoHelp


@BeAware this page by @gunchleoc has a bunch of links to resources re: scaling at the very bottom

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Historically, we have rightly enshrined 'rights+freedoms' when we cannot otherwise guarantee people the ability to do good things and rightly suspended them when we cannot guarantee people the ability to avoid bad things being done to them

Now we're doing the opposite.

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Client: "Will you mask for me?"

Service Provider: "I'm not required to."

What hath public health wrought?


{*they know exactly what they've wrought.}


@reinhilde perhaps this might be possible if a service is superfluous/discretionary, but even then... if someone is offering a service to 'the public' for a fee, at what point is excluding a member of the public discrimination?

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"Follower counts matter less than view and like counts”.
(Not only the statement itself, but why the head of Threads would say this, at this moment in particular).

Lots to unpack here.
#SocialMedia #openSocialWeb #Mastodon #Fediverse #Threads #Influence


@chris sounds like they're only too happy to be the arbiters of who sees what. Users can just rely on them / their algos / their 'wisdom'. Also, if a user's likes aren't high enough, it's because the algos don't think the content is good enough, so rage farm harder, plz.

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Shit's actually really so horrific right now. You can only look at it through your peripherals if you want to maintain your sanity.

Screaming non-stop would actually be an appropriate response.


@PacificNic 👉 @scream

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Would anyone care to recommend a CO2 monitor I can prop up next to my desk to remind me when to ventilate?

Bonus marks if it's both powered and portable, so I can occasionally take it to meetings and opt out when things get too muggy. I don't care about recording numbers over time. UK purchase.

Q: it is I want to monitor, both for air quality and as a proxy for the fact that , right??


@evolvable @jonathanmatthews The Aranet's battery (AA) life -- thanks largely to the eInk screen -- may make the need to be plugged in moot.

These are good, too: -- the ones with integrated batteries can be charged via USB-C

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> Cloud server host Vultr rips user data ownership clause from ToS after web outrage

> It turned out these demands have been in place since before the January update; customers have only just noticed them now. Given Vultr hosts servers and storage in the cloud for its subscribers, some feared the biz was giving itself way too much ownership over their stuff, all in this age of AI training data being put up for sale by platforms. In response to online outcry, largely stemming from Reddit, Vultr in the past few hours rewrote its ToS to delete those asserted content rights.

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Any recommendations for a portable CO2 meter? In the U.S.


@willaful Aranet is probably the best, Vitalight is probably the cheapest. There are a few others that are decent. Definitely get one with an NDIR sensor.

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Does anyone know where I can find the study on rats without T-cells infected with SARS-COV-2 fairing better in the acute phase than healthy rats?

I've been looking but I must have the wrong keywords.

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@PacificNic is it the study referenced here?

> Adaptive immune cells are necessary for SARS-CoV-2–induced pathology

> Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is causing the ongoing global pandemic associated with morbidity and mortality in humans. Although disease severity correlates with immune dysregulation, the cellular mechanisms of inflammation and pathogenesis of COVID-19 remain relatively poorly understood. Here, we used mouse-adapted SARS-CoV-2 strain MA10 to investigate the role of adaptive immune cells in disease. We found that while infected wild-type mice lost ~10% weight by 3 to 4 days postinfection, rag−/− mice lacking B and T lymphocytes did not lose weight. Infected lungs at peak weight loss revealed lower pathology scores, fewer neutrophils, and lower interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor–α in rag−/− mice. Mice lacking αβ T cells also had less severe weight loss, but adoptive transfer of T and B cells into rag−/− mice did not significantly change the response. Collectively, these findings suggest that while adaptive immune cells are important for clearing SARS-CoV-2 infection, this comes at the expense of increased inflammation and pathology.

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> We investigated the levels of both Spike protein (Spike) and viral RNA circulating in patients hospitalized with acute COVID-19 and in patients with and without PASC. We found that Spike and viral RNA were more likely to be present in patients with PASC. Among these patients, 30% were positive for both Spike and viral RNA; whereas, none of the individuals without PASC were positive for both. The levels of Spike and/or viral RNA in the PASC-positive patients were found to be increased or remained the same as in the acute phase; whereas, in the PASC-negative group, these viral components decreased or were totally absent. Additionally, this is the first report to show that part of the circulating Spike is linked to extracellular vesicles without any presence of viral RNA in these vesicles. In conclusion, our findings suggest that Spike and/or viral RNA fragments persist in the recovered COVID-19 patients with PASC up to 1 year or longer after acute SARS-CoV-2 infection.


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"We have a pretty strong inclination to believe the source of circulating spike in plasma of long covid patients may be from the bone marrow megakaryocytes that get infected during acute COVID. If so, constant exposure to spike on surface of circulating plasma EVs can account for persistent immune stimulation, immune exhaustion, and pro-thrombotic events stemming from spike stimulation. Please bear in mind that megakaryocytes from the bone marrow serve as the largest source of circulating plasma EVs (extracellular vesicles). What if these megakaryocytes are the source of spike in long covid?"

-- @farid__jalali

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Adherence to cultural norms/expectations is not the same as being considerate of others.

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Sanity check:

2FA via SMS was already risky and unsafe, but hey let's make it even worse by adding the ability to have the code sent to a friend?!


Is it really that hard to setup an authenticator app like Aegis or use the one built into keychain?

#2FA #MFA #Security #Telegram #Authentication

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Mastodon-4.2-WebUI-Improvement-Of-The-Day: when viewing an account profile, "Posts and replies" no longer includes boosts 🎉

maggiejk, to Canada

Canada gets the good stuff.

For $6.99 you can get a mask sample pack with a bunch of different sizes so you can figure out what size you want before you buy a whole pack of them.

I didn’t see anything like this in illmerica.

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So…re-watched (2005) after almost 20 yrs & let's just say the Wachowski sisters-McTeigue adaptation of a Thatcher-era comic, swims in a sick miasma of , bolding how our current fascism was previewed by progressive/POC critics of Reagan, Thatcher, Bush(es). Set post-fascist takeover, w/a choleric Hitlerian dictator enriched by corruption & profit off a plague released to scapegoat "outsiders" & spread fear.

The news reports American civil war & .


@chargrille Moore was (is?) very prescient. This one always makes me fearful yet hopeful.

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Is there a way to tell to manually pull a thread from its home server? Like a big sync button or something?

I see far too many posts without their replies and with incorrect star & repost counts… maybe there’s something up with my federation queues? 🤔


@trisweb alas no, but you can leverage something like @michael's FediFetcher:

(lots of great tips on how to tweak a single-user instance elsewhere on that site, too)


@trisweb very welcome! 🙌

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Regarding coronaviruses, circa 2017

But sure, tell me again how we'll eventually develop herd immunity?

> Why Don’t We Ever Develop Immunity Against the Common Cold?


@CStamp I agree it's being misused in myriad ways. Immunity is a very complex subject that public health comms seem never to adequately explain. One of the biggest problems with a coronavirus compared to something like polio or measles is that immunity to disease caused by a coronavirus -- whether induced by vaccine or infection -- wanes orders of magnitude quicker than the latter. Aiming for herd immunity to stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2 was a sham from the very beginning.

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@CStamp I agree that entities like the Brownstone Institute and others who were proponents of the Great Barrington Declaration, as well as the politicians and other so-called experts who used them as cover for their eugenicist aims, deliberately misused the concept of herd immunity. However, WHO and CDC also incorrectly posited that herd immunity could be used to defeat SARS-CoV-2. The article I linked in the original post is from years before the current pandemic began and I doubt it's the first piece of literature on the subject as it relates to coronaviruses. The current Let It Rip policies that basically every country has resorted to regardless the leaning of their government are everything that the OG deniers -- those who called both COVID and vaccines a hoax from day one -- could have hoped for, eugenics and all. The only way out -- and imo the only ethical, moral choice -- is to individually and collectively do everything we can to stop those infected with SARS-CoV-2 from being able to transmit it to others, using all the layers in this graphic:

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