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Hello, I'm Carl. I'm French-German and I currently live in Berlin. In my free time, I contribute to the KDE project where I (co-)maintain multiple applications: Tokodon, Merkuro, Arianna, NeoChat as well as the websites. Previously Nextcloud. Aside from coding, I like cycling, backing and playing board games.

Work at GnuPG.com, but opinions are mime and not the one from my employer

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carlschwan, to KDE
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Finally wrote about a topic, I have been thinking for a long time: a KDE Apps initiative. There are already more than 200 KDE Apps, but this is not enough. So let's more KDE apps together!


#kde #linux #OpenSource

davidrevoy, to linux
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Here is my new GNU/Linux distribution guide about Debian KDE 12, the right GNU/Linux distribution for professional digital painting in 2024! Also about three major problems with GNU/Linux distros that will drive away all professional artists, IMO, and how I got kicked out of the Fedora KDE ecosystem with F40, which imposed Plasma6 and Wayland. I hope it helps other artists here!

Blog post: https://www.davidrevoy.com/article1030/debian-12-kde-plasma-2024-install-guide

#linux #x11 #wayland #debian #fedora #krita #plasma #kde

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@davidrevoy Just a small clarification but the old Wacom tablet config module is still maintained and released as part of Plasma 6. It's X11 only but this is also something upstream Plasma still support. https://invent.kde.org/plasma/wacomtablet/

And yeah I am also not a fan that Fedora dropping X11, there was no need for that yet. Changing the default to Wayland and keeping X11 available for people like you, would have been enough.

veronica, to python
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Any Qt + Python devs out there with any experience on calling deleteLater() from the Python side?

I have some costly dialogs I want cleared on close, and so far I've been running deleteLater() in the closeEvent, which is clearly a little risky. I do get the very rare segfault especially if I close one particular dialog which has a QTimer singleShot call. If the deleteLater() is called when it is running, I get a RunTImeError.

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@veronica Sadly not familiar with the Python + Qt :( The usual way to do that in Qt + C++ would be either WA_DeleteOnClose or just allocating the dialog on the stack. But I can see why this wouldn't work with Python

carlschwan, to random
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Yeah all my patches in Qt that I mentioned in https://carlschwan.eu/2024/04/14/improvements-to-qtextdocument/ got merged just in time before the Qt 6.8 feature freeze!

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@veronica Yeah QTextDocument generally needs some more love, it's quite powerful but didn't receive a lot of updates for better html/css support in a long time. Now that I have an app with the usecase, I'm trying to change that a bit :)

And yeah the ODT writer is also something I use and want to improve :)

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@veronica QtQuick Text has a lineHeight property https://doc.qt.io/qt-6/qml-qtquick-text.html#lineHeight-prop and from a quick glance it is just forwarding this to the QTextFormat from QTextDocument.

So it might be doable to implement the same for QPlainTextEdit from the QtWidgets world.

carlschwan, to KDE
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🚀 MarkNote, KDE’s WYSIWYG note-taking app, just released a new update! Enjoy improved note management, enhanced Markdown support, initial sketching features, and more.


vitaut, to random
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Current status: debugging PHP code in prod using "printf" debugging.

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@vitaut First time? :D At my first job, it was always 'fun' to spend hours in log files to try to understand what went wrong and then tell customers to apply a patch just adding more debug statements until the issue was found.

carlschwan, to KDE
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A new feature I absolutely love in @neochat is that the message delegates now offer a full previews of the file you send. Here is for example a markdown file with Markdown syntax highlighting! The same works with train tickets or any other types of tickets that KDE Itinerary can consume.

carlschwan, to KDE
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Kirigami Addons 1.2 is out now! It's a small release and you can find all the juicy details on my blog https://carlschwan.eu/2024/05/09/kirigami-addons-1.2/

kde, to kde
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MBition, the company that designs and implements infotainment systems for Mercedes-Benz, has become a KDE patron.

MBition uses KDE technologies and developers' know-how to create attractive and responsive interfaces that make Mercedes vehicles easier to drive and safer for their occupants.



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@alfajet @kde @kde BMW is using a bunch of our frameworks already and do occasionally some contributions: https://invent.kde.org/frameworks/bluez-qt/-/commit/1a5660ab1547236c7bc0f883bbbb039889489a22

carlschwan, to random
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Best place to do some KDE hacking 🤩

andrew_chou, to random
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In Berlin next month (May 19-26). anyone to meet, things to see, places to eat?? 👀

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@andrew_chou Some more food recommandations:

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@Strit @leopold It takes a lot of time to port to KF6 and it is good that a release sooner than later even if it is still based on KF5.

carlschwan, to random
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After a long period of inactivity, I finally did some work on Merkuro Calendar this evening!

I mostly fixed some small bugs but I also replace the custom DatePicker implementation with the new one from Kirigami Addons.

Also the popup is now shared across the whole app instance, so it doesn't slow down the creating of the event editor anymore.

carlschwan, to KDE
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First release of the day: Kirigami Addons 1.1.0! This contains a bunch of new components that you can use in your Kirigami/QML apps.


Table view with resizable and sortable columns
Dialog containing a message

carlschwan, to GNOME
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Do you know about KNOME already? It was the nice Aprils fools we did a few years ago with and . While we lost the original domain, I still host a version of it on my server.


carlschwan, to KDE
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I did a bunch more changes for Marknote today 😜

We can now export to HTML and PDF (thanks to the almost built-in support in Qt!). There is also a command bar like in Merkuro to quickly find and execute some commands and a lot of small bugfixes and cosmetics changes :)

HTML exports as show in Firefox
screenshot of the command bar showing 6 actions

carlschwan, to random
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Made some further changes to Marknote, the new rich text editor from KDE, today :)

Now with support for images, links and check-boxes as well as an overhaul of all the dialogs. 😍 Another release is planned soon ;)

New notebook dialog screenshot with a button to change the color and another one to select an icon

sonny, to webdev
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Dear Fediverse,

I have a domain, say "example.net" and I want to setup a couple of redirects so that "example.net/awesome" redirects to "foobar.com/something"

I don't want to manage a server or nginx config for this.

I currently use Gandi Web Forwarding but it doesn't support HTTPS.

Any recommendation for something as low maintenance as possible?

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@sonny I would use Caddy as it is extremely simple to configure and maintain, but this still requires a server and I suppose this is that you are trying to avoid. :(

carlschwan, to KDE
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Kai wrote a wonderful retrospective of the early Plasma 5 days. It's great to see from where we come from and how much progress we did over the years!


carlschwan, to random
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From Microsoft about the Redis licensing change 🤡

> By embracing source-available licenses, Redis aims to foster a more inclusive and sustainable ecosystem that encourages collaboration and innovation. These licenses ensure that developers have access to the latest Redis technologies while also preserving the integrity of the open-source community.


linmob, (edited ) to random
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New blog post: Push notifications in (mobile) Linux https://linmob.net/push-notifications/

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@linmob hmm UnifiedPush is implemented in Tokodon and NeoChat and soon enabled by default https://invent.kde.org/libraries/kunifiedpush/-/merge_requests/10

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