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Our next GNOME Social Hour happens today in about half an hour (17:30 UTC). Join us and connect with fellow contributors and enthusiasts! Meeting link:

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What’s the status of Google Cast support on the Linux desktop these days?

I know I’ve seen various projects at various stages to get audio and/or video streaming to Chromecasts, Nest Hubs, and Google Cast speakers, but none of them have actually worked for me—especially as someone on either Endless OS (GNOME 43) or Fedora Silverblue.

Am I behind the latest developments here?

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This reminds me that I’d really love to have someone to point to as a liaison between GNOME/FreeDesktop and these sorta-open Google/Android things. From my understanding, all of the following are similar where they’re (mostly?) open source, but would require getting in contact with Google and maybe signing something… which is hard with volunteer or just fully open source projects:

• Cast
• Find My Device
• Fast Pair
• Quick Share

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We should be able to make desktop Linux the more interoperable choice that respects you and your devices. Being able to opt in to these features would bring some of the very real benefits of other ecosystems (e.g. what Apple users love to tout!) to Linux—and I want that!

#FreeDesktop #Android #Google #GNOME #OpenSource #Linux

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took Keypunch for a spin. accidentally set a new typing speed record for myself in the process

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Weekly Roundup for June 9th, 2024: Core 24, adds 46 and Plasma 6 support, KDE Frameworks 6.3, 3.0.21, Ubuntu 23.10 EOL approaching, Kali Linux 2024.2, Parrot OS 6.1, blendOS 4, CachyOS adds support for T2 Macs, 550.90.07, and more

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I love how @antoniof names his merge requests like episodes of a epic saga coming soon to your nearest streaming service 👌

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En train de tester #Niri et c'est vraiment pas mal.

Ça reprends le principe de #PaperWM sans être restreint par #Gnome.

Moi qui m'étais dit que j'arrêterai de perdre du temps à configurer mes DE…

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Ephraims Wochenrückblick: KW 23, 2024

In KW 23 ist in der FOSS Welt einiges passiert: Von Linux Mint bis K-9 Mail.

#Wochenrückblick #Linux_Mint #Elementary #K_9 #Gnome #Linux

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While I am contemplating dual booting with again here are some of my old desktops. Because as we all know showing your desktop screenshots of Linux is mandatory on all social networks.

(1 / ?)

WhyNotZoidberg, avatar

(6 / ?)

#Linux #Gnome 40

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This week... it's the first week of #PrideMonth! A special issue of #ThisWeekInGNOME is now online! 🏳️‍🌈

#151 Pride Month

#GNOME #TWIG #pride #lgbtqia

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Checkout @alice update on GTK CSS :gtk: 💅

So many goodies 🤩

• variables
• color()
• color-mix()
• relative colors
• rgb, hsl, linear srgb, hwb, oklab, oklch, ...
• math functions
• accent colors


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Are there any users of Adwaita-Swift by @david_swift? I'd like to chat a bit about the what the developer experience is like using those bindings. Feel free to DM me on Matrix!

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Interested in tooling for development and QA on immutable / image based Linux?

Checkout by @tchx84

Feedback welcome ! This is a collaboration between @gnome @codethink and @sovtechfund ❤️

#Linux #systemd #Silverblue #GNOME #freedesktop #KDE #Ubuntu #SUSE #Fedora #NixOS #postmarketOS

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Wrapping up a very productive GNOME design call… about accent colors! We addressed every single blocking topic and have a clear way forward. I don’t want to promise anything specific (especially timelines), buuuut it’s looking good to me.

I might write up a blog post to summarize the direction once we sort some of the little details out. But there’s a pretty good consensus across half a dozen or so people doing the work—harder than it sounds. 😅

#GNOME #OpenSource #Linux #GNOMEdesign

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Hello, j'ai bossé une bonne partie de ma vie comme graphiste sous #linux
Je suis passé à #windows chez moi pour la suite Adobe 😩 et des jeux.
Je veux re-installer une #distrib linux en bi-boot.

Je travail avec des Logiciel #Autodesk donc je préfère du .rpm et du #gnome.

Avez vous svp des conseil sur quelle distribution linux polyvalente et complète pour une station de travail perso/divertissement ?

A part ubuntu je ne suis plus très à la page.

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A new Wallace and Gromit film, and the premise seems right up my street!

#GNOME #WallaceAndGromit

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Showtime, the video player I'm developing for #GNOME has entered Incubator and is available on the GNOME Nightly repo for testing :blobfoxflooftea:

I'm hoping for it to replace Totem (Videos) in GNOME 48 and I will publish it on Flathub soon.

Setting up GNOME Nightly:

The repository for the app:

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Update on , my desktop automation app :blobfoxcomputer:

I've added some basic actions, variables, input/output values and documentation for each one.

A screencast of the application taking the number 3 from a variable in an action called "Wait" and then sending a notification after 3 seconds.

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Kali Linux 2024.2 introduces major updates, including the t64 transition to address the Year 2038 issue, GNOME 46, Xfce improvements, 18 new tools, and enhancements for Kali NetHunter and Kali ARM Single Board Computers (SBC).


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Draft implementation of the MOTIS/Transitous support for @gnomemaps

I think the number of reference issues here is some kind of record for me…

#gnome #mapstodon #transitous #motis

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Mini Text is an ephemeral text editor. It doesn't save your text to files and doesn't allow for complex formatting. It's for writing thoughts down quickly - your digital scratchpad. Most useful after turning on "Always on Top" for the window. For somewhere to save your ideas, to write down something quickly and without fuss, try Mini Text!

You can follow the app's creator here: @Nokse

You can get the app on Flathub here:

#gnome #apps #flatpak

A screenshot of Mini Text, showing the zoomed-in first paragraph of the Lorem Ipsum example text
A screenshot of Mini Text, showing the first paragraph of the Lorem Ipsum example text, in a window half the size

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Kali Linux 2024.2 is now available for download. It features GNOME 46, enhanced Xfce, 18 new security tools, and 64-bit time_t transition.

#kali #linux #gnome #xfce #security

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Kali Linux 2024.2 Ethical #Hacking Distro Released with #GNOME 46, New Tools, and t64 Transition

#OpenSource #Linux

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