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I just want to leave a better planet after me. I was never a usual of Twitter. I've been working since the end of the 90s with computer #tech, and I'm currently working as System Specialist in #CSC.fi in a team that manage #SuperComputers running #Linux for research and education using #Ansible, #Puppet, #Python and #OpenStack. Interested also in #environment #education #sociology #psychology #humanism #Almería #Tampere #Stockholm #Madrid #Barcelona
#tootfinder #searchable #fedi22

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adelgado, to random Spanish
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Objetos que cuentan historias

tero, to spain
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Adventures in in : The neighbor came to inform me about their view that the yard of our home is built against municipal regulations — too high.

I don't think such regulations exist in (I checked).

Anyway, he claims that the trees bring shadow, moisture and spiders to his yard. All three are positive aspects here. Also, they don't. His yard is full of trees bringing all the shadow, moisture and he wants.

He says the issue has been discussed with the previous owner of the house, and assumes (correctly) that the previous owner did not inform me of this unresolved claim.

Our , except one ancient olive tree, are tiny. None extend even near his property.

Let's see how this develops. I am looking forward to discussing in the court setting the positive nature of trees, moisture, shadow and spiders to the ecosystem and livability of the neighborhood.

A newly planted plum tree with a couple of flowers. Tiny.
A tiny tree we don't know what it is, its fruits resemble pears.

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@tero Don't hesitate to check with Ecologistas en Acción Granada for information and support about what is a good local garden https://www.ecologistasenaccion.org/federaciones/andalucia/granada/

adelgado, (edited ) to Israel
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When "your true" is weak, you don't want someone else to talk about it. Spanish TV reporter Almudena Ariza, after been interrupted by people in the street, talks about how some Israelis don't want press to witness what Israel is doing to the people in Palestine.
https://invi.susurrando.com/watch?v=HnvLK-aMbns (in Spanish)
#Israel #Palestine #Gaza #RTVE #AlmudenaAriza #Jerusalem

ricci, to security
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Hey! Let's talk about #SSH and #security!

If you've ever looked at SSH server logs you know what I'm about to say: Any SSH server connected to the public Internet is getting bombarded by constant attempts to log in. Not just a few of them. A lot of them. Sometimes even dozens per second. And this problem is not going away; it is, in fact, getting worse. And attackers' behavior is changing.

The graph attached to this post shows the number of attempted SSH logins per day to one of @cloudlab s clusters over a four-year period. It peaks at about 3.4 million login attempts per day.

This is part of a study we did on our production system, using logs of more than 640 million login attempts, covering more than 1,500 hosts on our side and observing more than 840 thousand incoming IP addresses.

A paper presenting our analysis and a new, highly effective means to block SSH brute force attacks ("Where The Wild Things Are: Brute-Force SSH Attacks In The Wild And How To Stop Them") will be presented next week at #NSDI24 by @sachindhke . The full paper is at https://www.flux.utah.edu/paper/singh-nsdi24

Let's dive in. 🧵

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@ricci @cloudlab @sachindhke my simple solution (like @AndresFreundTec mention) is to use random ports for SSHd. Give a bit of extra work but with automation via Ansible and Puppet is negligible.

adelgado, to spain
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Almería: the happiest city in Spain. Beach, good weather all year long, great gastronomy, services, ...
#Almería #Spain #Happiness #Beach #Gastronomy #Tapas

adelgado, to random
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Court dismisses all charges against Elokapina. Police confiscated the money of the organization saying that it was for illegal activities (demonstrations), and court dismissed this now because protesting is not a crime

adelgado, to random
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https://www.stopkillinggames.com/ Unfortunately I'm into other multiplayer games that depend on a company's will to keep their servers online. That was a bad decision, I should only play games that allow me to be independent. But nevertheless, I paid for that game, if the company do any thing that stops me from playing it, it's unfair

geerlingguy, to RaspberryPi
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Radxa's new HAT powers the ultimate #RaspberryPi 5 NAS, with room for four SATA drives in a tiny footprint, consuming 6-8W at idle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l30sADfDiM8

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@geerlingguy How did the sustained writes go? Because in a different setup with a AMD Ryzen and desktop PSU I'm having problems (after replacing almost everything) with sustained writes and I'm suspecting is because of PSU not delivering enough power via 5V for this drives (Samsung QVO, that you budget 3-5W but they have a top of 5.5W according to Samsung). So test this with more than 500Gb of data to check that the power supply is enough

adelgado, to ai
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lashman, to random
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ok, let's try this then - i need to talk to someone knowledgeable about starting a cooperative in Finland, please help? anyone?

pls boost for visibility (this is really important!)

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analogist, to random
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How #xz could have been avoided:

  1. During the 2013-2018 boom when tech workers as a class had maximum leverage, used some of the energy organizing broad tech unions and guilds instead of negotiating for fuck-you money and pulling up the ladder by telling other trades to “learn 2 code noobs”

  2. craft broadly populist multi-union legislation to raise taxes for “infra and natsec basic income fund”, for a living stipend to infra workers: railroad, steelworkers, electricians, OSS maintainers

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I'm not sure but seems to me that Lasse is Danish (quite Danish name and surname) and your message looks like a USA-centric issue. In the Nordic countries there are good unions and workers are well aware of them. There is still privileges for tech workers and there is still burnt out people (quite some). But the unions and solidarity are the norm.

jwildeboer, to random
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I know the next 3-7 days will be filled with exaggeration and doomsday talk, but IMHO the backdoor, though seemingly meticulously planned for a long time, failed miserably as it was caught at a stage where it wasn't widely deployed but only in testing/prerelease distros. Yes, it made it quite far in the supply chain but it ultimately failed. The mess is being cleaned up, no cases of actual use of the exploit in the wild are known thus far. The immune system of FOSS has worked. Again.

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@jwildeboer Something I think about is: This was a fail and hence was noticed, but are there other successful attempts that weren't caught? So we have to care about developers mental health (so they don't give up their project to someone eager to take ownership carelessly), good review processes (so this attempts get caught quickly) and no paranoia but carefulness.

adelgado, to random
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Well if you get in the chance to choose between a Nagiko Tomato Mix can or any other tomato. Choose the other. https://yro.slashdot.org/story/24/03/28/056248/nigerian-woman-faces-jail-time-for-facebook-review-of-tomato-sauce

C_W_WC, to webdev
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Putting some applicaitons out and putting myself out there. Re applied to the position I was interviewing for the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024.

Here is to this being the year I break into the development industry!

Edit: spelling error

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@C_W_WC re-tooted

JamesWNeal, to random
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Some insight into what happened in the minutes before the Key Bridge collapsed.

Cool, direct, urgent, successful. Maybe not a college degree or a 6-figure salary among them—and they used their training & experience at the most critical, high-pressure moment to save lives. All day, every day-that happens & we don't see it. That's your 'deep state? Just in Port of Baltimore, 45 cargo container ships come & go every 24 hours. 16,000 ships a year. They require all this guidance all the time (and US has 8 LARGER ports). Each ship with 5,000 containers loaded & unloaded. Not to mention The 8 construction workers on the bridge—-patching potholes in the middle of the night, so the road stays maintained, at a time that reduces inconvenience to us (and yes, is easier for them too because of low traffic). Every night...
Every night, 5 or 6 days a week, men & women just like them do that dangerous work on interstates & bridges in all 50 states. ... Here's the moment: An officer who closed one of the approaches says on radio...Can we notify the construction workers? Can we call the supervisor?' The officer was ready to drive out & warn the workers when someone on the radio — seconds later — said, The bridge is down. The whole bridge. That unnamed officer had been immediately thinking about how to save those guys out on the bridge—workers just like him. Thanks. - Thanks to all these folks who make the world run, and run safely 99% of the time, and work with skill, grace, clear-headedness in invisible but essential jobs. Even as disaster unfolded Tuesday after midnight, they were at work.

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@JamesWNeal isn't it that the workers on the bridge were also migrants? Not just any person taking care of the infra of their own city, but people that went miles away north for a better life at the price of their own life

imSheilaNiebla, to random Spanish
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A ver, he conseguido una torre by the face, con un quad core a 2,66 y 4Gb de RAM. ¿Me podéis recomendar cositas para hacer un server y autoalojar, tutoriales y cositas así? 👀

Como mínimo, querría hacerme una nube de almacenamiento y también hostear algunas webs, pero no descarto otro tipo de servicios.

Gracias, bonites :blobhaj_heart: :blobhaj_heart: :blobhaj_heart:

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@imSheilaNiebla Nextcloud (archivos, fotos, calendario, contactos, lector RSS, video-llamadas, chat, mapas, ...) pero en self-host-en-español@conference.omg.lol (via cliente XMPP) la gente comparte más ideas

adelgado, to linux Spanish
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Acabo de echar un rato con mi pequeña (4) jugando al Stray. primera vez para los dos... bastante bien y poca ayuda mía

fmolinero, to random Spanish


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  • adelgado,
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    @fmolinero ¿Se pueden hacer las dos cosas? Reivindicar y hacer las alegaciones que muchos han hecho, y recordar que hay alternativas que no son tan fáciles de censurar. Porque cuando no es un juez, puede que sea una empresa quien decida que no le gusta que la gente se organice por hache o por be.

    berniethewordsmith, to telegram Spanish
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    Un par de cosas sobre lo de :

    💢 Maravillosa la justicia que va a cabrear a todos los colores del espectro político. Son unos fieras.

    🚦 Telegram es inseguro por diseño. Instala Signal. Funciona casi igual que WhatsApp, pero sin genocidios y esas cosas.

    🏴‍☠️ Los marineros experimentados que sabemos lo que vale una pieza de a ocho siempre usamos protocolos distribuidos, imposibles de cerrar.

    ⚔️ Lo de los cuñados de Vox en armas va a ser espectacular. Preparen palomitas 🍿

    @adelgado@eu.mastodon.green avatar

    @berniethewordsmith Signal es centralizado. Matrix no.

    18+ giorgiograppa, to telegram Catalan
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    A veure. En aquest moment, al 99,9% dels usuaris de Telegram no ens interessen les discussions sobre servidors centralitzats, codi servidor tancat, alternatives descentralitzades i obertes, XMPP, Signal, Whatsapp (sí, hi ha gent que està proposant això 🤦 ), etc. El que volem és una manera senzilla i ràpida per seguir utilitzant Telegram perquè és allí on tenim els contactes, la informació, el treball, els bots, els avisos automatitzats...

    De debò és tan difícil entendre això? No, hui no és el dia d'entrar en discussions tècniques ni ètiques que requereixen mesos, per no dir anys, de reflexió.

    Expliqueu els avantatges i els inconvenients d'emprar Telegram via Tor, VPN, proxys, el que siga. Descriviu-ne els procediments pas a pas (perquè molts dels qui usem Telegram no tenim coneixements tècnics) i deixeu aquelles discussions (que ningú no diu que no siguen importants) per a la setmana vinent.

    Moltes gràcies.

    @adelgado@eu.mastodon.green avatar

    @giorgiograppa te entiendo. Lo que pasa es que ir haciendo apaños para que la gente siga haciendo uso de lo mismo, es pan para hoy y hambre para mañana. El problema de Telegram es que es centralizado y se puede bloquear porque es centralizado. Poner un DNS alternativo o usar una VPN hace que un juez tenga que pedir otra medida, y cuando se empiece a evitar esa medida, entonces otra. Así que esta es la oportunidad para cambiar la mejor alternativa posible, en lugar de postponerlo.

    @adelgado@eu.mastodon.green avatar

    @giorgiograppa hoy es justo el día mas fácil ya que surgirá la necesidad para mucha gente a la vez. Yo llevo en Matrix meses, con solo contacto con algunos otros del gremio, por mi mismo se que no podría convencer a todos mis contactos, pero ahora que se pueden quedar sin medio, es la oportunidad para presentar las alternativas.

    alerce, to linuxmint Spanish
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    Pues la semana que viene es muy posible que cambie la distro de mi portátil secundario (el que más uso para navegar cuando tengo tiempo libre), que variaré de con a con , que es aún mucho más ligero, ya que el hardware que es de hace 14 años tiene 4 GB de RAM y un procesador a 2 Ghz y ya va lento o se bloquea haciendo algunas tareas como ver algunos videos en línea y descargar o transferir archivos haciendo cualquier otra cosa mientras (no puede con ambas tareas a la vez). El último cambio lo hice hace un año, pero pasado ese tiempo, creo que necesita una nueva actualización a algo que consuma aún menos.

    @adelgado@eu.mastodon.green avatar

    @alerce Mira a ver si es que el ordenador necesita mantenimiento físico. Si los ventiladores (si tiene) andan sucios o viejos, harán que se caliente el procesador y entonces el procesador reduce la velocidad y el voltaje para no quemarse

    adelgado, to telegram Spanish
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    Con esto del posible ban a Telegram, recordaros como alternativa el uso de Matrix https://matrix.org/ una alternativa abierta, descentralizada y segura de comunicaciones. Con tu propio server, es más difícil que lo bloqueen.

    dragonas, to random Spanish
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    en el curro mandaron a mi madre pedir presupuesto para un desarrollo y dice que la empres les cobraba la hora, ojo, a 150 (ciento cincuenta!) eurazos

    a: ya te digo que yo que estoy picando no veo esos 150 euros hora

    b: un dia más pensando que el tema del desarrollo está roto

    @adelgado@eu.mastodon.green avatar

    @dragonas que si solo tenia un cliente ese mes (probable porque era un trabajo que hacia después de mi jornada de ~8h) se podía llevar un par de horas mas, y por último, si hubiera tenido solo ese trabajo por horas tenia que seguir viviendo las horas que no trabajaba. 2/3

    @adelgado@eu.mastodon.green avatar

    @dragonas Cuando esto es con una empresa que tiene que pagar al empleado aunque no tenga un cliente, se le añaden más costes, y los costes de gestionar esa empresa (quien busca los clientes, quien hace la contabilidad, quien gestiona a los empleados, quien limpia la oficina, ...). 3/3

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