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Managing engineering team enhancing user-facing #privacy, fairness, and #AI compliance at #Google Search

Opinions here are strictly my own — I’m not speaking for Google

Formerly Bell Labs, HP Labs, and various startups

Have worked on chip design software, Internet collaboration software, IoT, computational aesthetics, search engine UI, and privacy

#EU citizen, from #Ireland

Have lived in Dublin, London, Princeton, San Francisco, and Calistoga


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sarahjamielewis, to random
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I would really appreciate, and be willing to pay for, a news source that restricted itself to covering legislative, judicial, and corporate machinations at the local/regional/national level while staying away from reporting on press conferences / inane social media statements / speculation / punditry.

i.e. reports on what people are doing, rather than what they are saying.

Would appreciate recommendations along these lines.

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Politico is not bad

And their European branch at politico.eu is good if you're interested in European politics and regulation

Patricia, to random
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I need you modern webdev folks to teach me (again) the magic transpiling mechanism that fuels this universe.

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@nsa @Patricia I would say it depends on the scale. For larger developer teams you probably want to write in Typescript. For single-developer projects it's better to just write in plain JavaScript using ES6 modules sent directly to the browser with no transpilation (but you still want to run a linter).

Lana, to random
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@Lana The map is telling too

eob, to random
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India has taken a significant step towards protecting consumer rights by banning . These manipulative design tactics undermine user choice and are now illegal under new regulations


This development signals a growing awareness of the need for ethical design practices.

Patterns banned include:

False Urgency
Basket Sneaking
Confirm Shaming
Forced Action
Subscription Trap
Interface Interference
Bait and Switch
Disguised Advertisement

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@ModelMakerVille The EU has some regulations against deceptive UIs, and the EU is democratic, so I don't see any evidence that these types of regulations are related to any lack of democracy.

eobrain, to random

OK, I just turned on sharing to the Fediverse.

Now, I'll pop over to my Mastodon account at @eob to see if I can see this post there.

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@eobrain Yep it worked, but it took 20 to 30 minutes to propagate

eob, to privacy
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I mean, it's good that the US Congress is at least doing something to rein in the data brokers, even if they are motivated by xenophobia

If only they would expand this to be comprehensive legislation


eob, to privacy
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Industry think tank proposes Federal #privacy law that would do none of the things that a privacy law should do, and would preempt state privacy laws that actually protect privacy


eob, to random
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War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength, and Trust Is Lies

(Actually proud to prove Musk wrong and work in a team that has "Trust" on its name and is full of people dedicated to meaningfully improve trust by building improvements in safety, fairness, and data protection)

eob, to mastodon
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Do any administrators know how long a server needs to retain IP addresses for moderators to be able to counter ?

Apparently, my -motivated proposal to shorten retention from 1 year to 2 days would hamper spam moderation

GDPR says retention should be “no longer than is necessary”

To reduce legal risk for Mastodon administrators I think we should determine what is the minimum IP retention period necessary to counter most spam

1 month? 2 months?


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@thisismissem @ilumium One technique I've seen is, after some period, zeroing out some number of the lowest significant bits of the IP address

So the process could be something like:

  • Keep full IP address for two days
  • After two days zero out the n lowest bits of the IP address
  • After six months delete the IP address completely

This would reduce (but not eliminate) privacy concerns, while presumably still allowing range blocking

What size of range do you typically want to block?

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@tellyworth What do you think of the idea I proposed in another response of replacing the IP address with an IP range (the IP address with some bits zeroed out)?

Would that be sufficient information for spam-fighting purposes?

If so, what size range would you want preserved?

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@olives I'm not an administrator, but based on the replies in the PR and here, it does seem like blocking IPs is something that administrators depend on for spam protection

It may be, as you suggest, we need better spam protection by other means, such a captchas

But sometimes more nuanced anti-spam also wants IP addresses

For example only suspicious IPs might get a captcha, or data from suspicious iPs could be dropped from analytics to avoid polluting the analytics

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Update: in deference to the thoughtful input in this thread from people with experience in countering spam, I modified the pull request to set the default IP retention period to six months

It's not as good for privacy as two days would have been, but it's an improvement over the current retention of one year

Hopefully someone in the Mastodon dev team will review the PR

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@soop Well, it looks like, based on other responses in this thread from people who have experience fighting spam, that they really need to keep IP addresses around for months to effectively fight spam

Hopefully, we will eventually figure out a way to keep this ability to fight spam without keeping IP addresses for more than a day or two, but in the meantime it looks like changing the retention period to anything shorter than several months is unlikely to get approved

eob, to random
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Burn Book by is not just juicy takes on the techigentsia

It also shows how she was prescient in warning about privacy and safety concerns of tech, and how she has become increasingly focused on the need for effective government regulation

eob, to random
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The French with some creative graphic design as they celebrate the inclusion of abortion rights into their constitution

evanprodromou, to random

Hello, fediverse! 👋🏼 I am part of the new beta testing program in Threads for publishing out to the wider world. I am extremely excited!!!

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@evanprodromou Testing if my reply gets back to Threads.

Let's also see what happen if I mention my threads account: @eobrain

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@evanprodromou Posts are not yet flowing from the rest of Fediverse to Threads

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I see @elelem has had some interesting conversations recently:


emerson, to SmallWeb
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Does anyone know a good simple blogging platform (NOT wordpress) that also has password protection? Like blogging but to a small group of known people

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Maybe Writefreely?

It's open source so you can self-host it, which is what I do

Or you can have them host your blog on their servers here:


eob, to Facebook
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If you are on you can view your profile as it is visible to the public at


You might want to have a look there to ensure you have not unintentionally exposed to the entire Internet more than you intended to

eob, to random
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Privacy Party (from @triketora's company) is cool

It drives your browser to scrape social media settings information and optionally change them to enhance your privacy

(In an ideal world, the web industry would have a standard API for this)


Climatologist49, to random
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🔥🔥🔥 February 2024 was the warmest February on record according to ERA5 reanalysis. This is the 9th consecutive warmest month. @AlaskaWx

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@Climatologist49 @AlaskaWx Yikes. It looks like, by this measure, we're already 1.5°C higher than mid twentieth century

That does not bode well for the Paris Climate Agreement's goal to keep increases below 2°C

eob, (edited ) to random
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If you are on LinkedIn you can see your profile as others see it at


Here, you can modify settings to make sure your profile represents you the way you want

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