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Vegetarian, book lover📚 Living with ME/CFS and Dysautonomia since 1990 ♿️ She/Her

Please use #AltText on images/GIFs❤️

Yes, I'd love to see a photo of your cat😻

Avatar photo: Old photo of my cat, tabby with white chest & paws. Banner photo: Trees in a park with green leaves.

Just my posts, no boosts = https://justmytoots.com/@ahimsa_pdx?public_only=true

#MEcfs #PwME #Dysautonomia #POTS #LongCovid #Disability #Accessibility

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josh, (edited ) to random
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Hey folks! I'm looking for examples of elected officials and people running for office who have accounts on the fediverse.

Know of one? Please let me know! Boosts appreciated :boost_requested:

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@josh Since you're including accounts on threads I thought I'd mention that the web interface allows searches without being logged in (maybe app does, too, but I don't have the app)

I did a few quick searches and found these accounts. I'm sure someone with more time/energy could find more:





ahimsa_pdx, to pdx
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"Powell’s Books will sell off book backlog during 2-day warehouse sale next month"


"The event will be held at the independent new and used book seller’s warehouse, located at 2720 N.W. 29th Ave., from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on June 1 and 2.

The book sale will feature a variety of genres, from literature to nonfiction and children’s books, at deep discounts…"

ahimsa_pdx, to mecfs
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"In communities of color, long-covid patients are tired of being sick and neglected"

Gift link = https://wapo.st/3wSGcYO

"Health-care experts and medical studies have found that racist myths about Black people … coupled with physicians’ biases, mean Black patients are more likely to be seen as drug-seeking and described negatively in electronic medical records."

“Who gets diagnosed with Long Covid, it’s socially and economically skewed”

@longcovid @mecfs

ahimsa_pdx, to news
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I just noticed that the Washington Post now has an AI summary tool for some news articles. Not sure whether this tool is only for subscribers or shown to everyone.

Supposedly this summary is "AI-generated, newsroom reviewed" which I guess means that humans do verify that it's accurate?

#News #Journalism #AI #WashingtonPost

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Here's a link to the article that goes with that summary, in case it helps:


Daojoan, to random
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As a keyboard shortcut maxi, I will overcomplicate my life to an truly insane degree just to be able to use apps without touching my mouse.

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@Daojoan I was like this back when I was working - I just hated to have to take my hands off the keyboard if I could avoid it. 😊

ahimsa_pdx, to mecfs
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Here's the News in Brief summary from the Science for ME forum, for week starting May 20:

Part 1: https://www.s4me.info/threads/news-in-brief-may-2024.38393/#post-534285/

Part 2: https://www.s4me.info/threads/news-in-brief-may-2024.38393/#post-534286

The summary includes articles, videos, research, advocacy, coming events, and more.

@mecfs @longcovid

shoq, to random
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There is just no question in my mind that the culture of the fediverse (by any name) is a better model for civil discussion. But oddly, even many of its biggest champions have largely returned to Twitter, or pivoted to Threads, which may be a step up from Nazis, but that’s a pretty fucking law bar.

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So many reasons to dump Twitter!

And what's really strange to me is that charitable/advocacy groups, who presumably want as many folks as possible to see their message, stay on Twitter even though anyone not logged in (which includes many with no account) can't view full threads.

You'd think such groups would choose a social media platform that allows users to share links with no restrictions!

Staying on Twitter restricts their audience to mainly other users of that platform 🤷🏻‍♀️

thomas, (edited ) to random
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I'd like to remind all Mastodon users that you can add a language filter to any follow relationship on Mastodon.

If you follow me and you don't speak German, you can easily remove my German posts from your timeline by adjusting the language settings.

Go to my profile page, select the dot menu and click "Change subscribed languages". Then select the languages that you speak.

This really is a hidden gem 💎 on Mastodon and not many people seem to know this feature :awesome:

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@thomas Thank you! Very cool feature!

I was confused at first because the menu item only appears after you follow someone - which makes sense, I just wasn't thinking at first and wondered where the option was!

gwozniak, to Cats
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This is how Caya reacts when I hang out with her in the morning. #cats #catsofmastodon

An orange tabby cat purring and rolling around slightly.

@ahimsa_pdx@disabled.social avatar

@gwozniak Awwww! 😻

wingo, to random

bear with me but i broke down and read the man or bear article everyone has been sharing and it really is lovely, the down-to-earth text punctuated with the author's photos that exude joy and contentedness; a+ content https://bikepacking.com/plog/man-or-bear-debate/

@ahimsa_pdx@disabled.social avatar

@wingo Yes, I read it, too, and I agree it was worth it.

Pawpower, to random
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Yesterday around 7 at night I was just really exhausted after basically 2 days of very intense peopling. I was standing in the middle of my living area trying to remember what I needed to do next and coming up blank when Phoenix came over to me and took my hand. I assumed she was going to show me her empty water bowl or take me to the back door so I could let her out but no, she lead me down the hall and into the bedroom and right to our bed. Hahaha, I guess she knows whats what!

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@Pawpower What a smart doggo!

I hope you've gotten some rest since then 😊

dgar, to random
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Those who boost my posts are happier, more intelligent and better looking than those who don't according to a study I made up.

@ahimsa_pdx@disabled.social avatar

@dgar It's 1000% accurate 😉

ahimsa_pdx, to random
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I had to go to urgent care earlier today (nothing serious, needed antibiotics for infection).

I'm please to report that the nurse, the doctor, and all the patients I saw (about 8-9?) were wearing masks of some kind. I was pleasantly surprised! 😷😁

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The two folks at the desk who were checking in patients were not masked. But they were the only two unmasked people that I saw.

StillIRise1963, to random
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My baby is 9 years old today.

Happy Birthday, Bella!🎂 🎈 🥰

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@StillIRise1963 What a cutie! 😍

Happy Birthday! 🎉

ahimsa_pdx, to wildlife
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"Kittens or puppies? Animals left at shelter turned out to be foxes — again"

Gift link:


"It’s the latest case of someone mistaking wild baby animals such as coyotes or bobcats for abandoned domestic pets."

"It’s a sad situation — the best thing would have been for the person to wait to see if mom came back, and if she didn’t, then call us"

paul, to GenX
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The Golden Age of K-Mart

Before the days of "Super Kmarts" and "Big Ks," there was just Kmart.

The first Kmart was opened in 1962, and by the mid-1970s, we were all shopping there.

Revisit the days of Blue Light Specials, Kmart Cafeterias, and random wood-veneered merchandise scattered in aisles throughout the store.

Stick around for the musical montage featuring two unforgettable K-mart jingles complete with in-store announcements



@ahimsa_pdx@disabled.social avatar

Yeah, my family went there a lot! Here's one of their TV / radio jingles (from memory, so it may be off a bit):

Kmart is your savings store,
Where your dollar buys you more,
They give your dreams a helping hand,
at Kmart stores they understand.
Kmart is the saving <pause> place!

EDIT: Found this older recording. It doesn't have the middle lines. My memory is probably from an ad played in the 70s or early 80s.


ahimsa_pdx, to Birds
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From PBS:

"Amy Tan turns her literary gaze on the world of birds in ‘The Backyard Bird Chronicles’ "


Video (about 7 1/2 minutes) and transcript.

skeletor, to random
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@skeletor I needed this today! 😁

futurebird, to random
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Are you living in your home or apartment, living your own life...


...do you run a bed and breakfast for your cat?

@ahimsa_pdx@disabled.social avatar

I remember being the staff of my cat B&B as well as the furniture! 😁
(she was a lap cat)

MostlyHarmless, to random
@MostlyHarmless@thecanadian.social avatar

All you seniors posting about how you survived lead paint, no seatbelts, no helmets etc… I’m very happy for you. Would love to hear sometime from those who didn’t, but for some reason their posts don’t show up on my feed.

@ahimsa_pdx@disabled.social avatar

My brother was almost a statistic from the "no helmets on bikes" era.

He lost control on a big hill, crashed into mailbox head first, and needed surgery to remove small pieces of bone pushing on his brain. (bad summary, I'm not a doctor)

He came out of surgery okay but it was lucky that nothing worse happened.

Folks who say "I did just fine without helmets/seat belts/etc" have clearly never read anything about survivorship bias.

Matthew2468, to random

Hi everyone. How you doing? Hope all is well.

@ahimsa_pdx@disabled.social avatar

@Matthew2468 Hi 👋

It's not a very good day for me, but I'll give my standard reply: "It could be worse!"

ahimsa_pdx, to mecfs
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From Jaime Seltzer:

"’s narrative activity study with Mayo Clinic opens today! We’re looking for people with ME/CFS or Long COVID with PEM to share their experiences.

The survey will be open from 5/24/2024 to 6/23/2024."

Long survey (estimate says 20-90 minutes?) but you can do it in sections and come back.



@longcovid @mecfs

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Source (post on Bluesky):


But there might be a news item about it on the #MEAction website later?

I'll try to remember to come back to this thread if they post anything.


@longcovid @mecfs

emily_rj, to mecfs Spanish
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LMNT’s electrolyte sparking waters are my new fav, like many with who are bulk electrolyte salt subscribers they sent me a free 8-pack, Black Cherry Lime is the best IMO, tastes like Sonic’s famous cherry limeades, unpaid recommendation! What’s yours? 🍒🍋‍🟩

Trying to balance weight from a necessary high sodium #POTS #dysautonomia diet (with lymphedema from #EDS #MECFS, and disability exercise barriers) is tough

I may experiment with more sparkling water and less salts, see where it gets me!

@ahimsa_pdx@disabled.social avatar

@emily_rj I missed this earlier (I often miss notifications)!

Thanks for the explanation 😁

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