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Software preservation, electronics, software and ham radio - a maker of things!

Pronouns: https://pronoun.is/he/him

Website: https://www.philpem.me.uk

Current projects:
LF radio navigation - #Datatrak
DIY cable TV headend - #AnalogCable
#HackTV (TV signal generator for SDRs) - video scrambling modes
Acorn/ software preservation (#DigiPres)

Tags: #electronics #HamRadio #Machining #Metalworking #RetroComputing #HardwareHacking #ReverseEngineering #ICRE #Maker #DigiPres

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philpem, to random
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I low-key love how relating a tale in the IRC chat has ended in a discussion about shower facilities and how to speed up showering...

(All I said was, you can have some fun conversations in queues... in this case talking about using a camera and ML to make an "EMF shower queue length monitor" website... going via "we shouldn't take pictures of people without consent" to "an Arduino and some pressure-pad switches would be cheaper and more reliable")

Sometimes bikeshedding is fun

Jencen, to random
@Jencen@furry.engineer avatar

I am awake! Honest.....

Should emerge from my nest and consider food...... which is dangerous when uber/deliveroo is RIGHT THERE! o.<

don't think I have anything decent in for food and going /IN/ to town would be a massive nono at this time of day... because traffic and idiots o.<

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@Jencen when I get like this I order from justeat and promise myself I'll go shopping later... usually about 8pm when nobody in their right mind goes to the shops!

tryst, to random
@tryst@meow.social avatar

I'm getting pretty tired of all the negativity.

Someone: has an idea that offers a benefit in 95% of use cases

Someone else: "Your idea doesn't cover all edge cases, therefore it's a bad idea and you should feel bad."

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@tryst Suggestion: consider taking your ideas to a more receptive audience.
Had this experience the other week and I've ended up just muting the chat... I guess I'm at quiet-quitting and transitioning to quitting.

Edit: sorry: wasn't sure if you wanted advice there ... did you just want to vent? if so, apologies for overstepping.

russss, to random
@russss@chaos.social avatar

Turns out if you send a DMARC report to Microsoft at midnight, it will be rejected because the mailbox is receiving too many emails 🙃

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@m @russss It really is the best technology... first it got overwhelmed with spam so people ignored it, now people ignore it and claim it was spam! (only slightly sarcastic...)

twll, to random
@twll@mas.to avatar

This is the first time doing a furry con without staying in the main hotel and I can say that it’s actually pretty good. Malmö is very easy to walk around and feels safe.

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@twll As usual, the convention staff and organisers are the ones to be afraid of.

cato, to random
@cato@chaos.social avatar

Why the fuck is cancelling a panel that literally only consists of some pillows on the floor to cuddle on? There's no excuse to not just move it to a different room or even into a corner of the lobby. Low-key pissed since today would have been the only day I could have attended that.

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@cato @garfieldairlines they've got a hell of a track record for being Extremely Gatekeepy, some of the staff have a massive god complex and the org structure is appallingly bad at fixing the problems... like most cons it's Good, it could be Great, but it's too bogged down in distrust, politics and pettiness internally for that to happen.

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@cato @garfieldairlines they're from experience, I volunteered for them for a couple of years, the internal organisation is incredibly cliquey - if you're on a staff team but not part of the "in crowd" they'll just ignore you, refuse to give you anything to do, and if you're proactive? they'll ask HR to offboard you and refuse to give a reason. It's just an awful environment. Current staff can't talk about it because they board have jumped on the "everyone must sign an NDA to crew" bandwagon.

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@cato @garfieldairlines but I don't want this to be a 100% roast party... back to your original question: if you were being serious...from experience it's probably one of:
a) person running the pillow party slept in
b) something needed to run it didn't arrive, was lost, or was damaged
c) organisational issues or politics e.g. being told "go through the chain of command" and someone in the chain forgot... and it only became clear at the con., or internal politicking burning someone out.

philpem, to random
@philpem@digipres.club avatar

Lunch break summarised - asking ChatGPT to write Gilbert and Sullivan parodies, then cleaning them up so they actually match the beat.

nepi, to random

Here hopefully I make more than 4 blog posts this year (lie)

the post is also about lying


@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@nepi Feels like the same argument as DRM. Encrypt the content, but the user needs the key to decrypt it ... but you need to hide the key from the user so they can't steal it.
It's an arms race - anyone committed to cheating is going to escalate things to video recognition and USB, the bar is so low.

philpem, to random
@philpem@digipres.club avatar

Having furry friends: "Edward said that? Do you mean the poodle, the wolf or the otter?"

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

chapter 2: a bunch of your friends are dragons.

"Morning derg"

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@mw1cgg Aye, I just find the "the dog or the cat" means of disambiguation slightly amusing. And then it turns out they're talking about someone who's got a really obscure fursona and you immediately know who it is. :)
Kind of like "Which Dave - the one who's got the big Myford lathe in his shed, who else?" :D

philpem, to random
@philpem@digipres.club avatar

I'd tell you a really good dad joke but I don't have any kids.

pippin, to random

Counterpoint: this is very interesting! If we can figure out how they're doing it, it might help develop better cancer treatments for humans.

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@pippin @heatherhorns_lite At least we know where they are - so they can't be wherewolves.

kiwa, to random
@kiwa@bitbang.social avatar

So I have been fixing this laptop, got it to the point where it POST, nice! But there is a ton of capacitor damage, I can't get the HDD to be recognized yet and I think it's related to that, there is a big IC that I think is the whole computer and it was surrounded by several caps, cleaned a ton but still idk

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@kiwa ergh, I had issues like that with an Acorn A4 post-repair. I ended up submerging the motherboard in distilled water then isopropyl and scrubbing well to get rid of all the leaked cap spooge.It worked after but it was a real chore.

philpem, to random
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"fedi admins can read your DMs"
And if they do anything with them, they're likely to lose the trust of every user on their instance! Isn't mutually assured destruction great? :D
Seriously though, if they want to know my Signal username, they could just ask...

tisha, to random
@tisha@htt.social avatar

Victory of the day: I managed to eat a waffle!

It doesn't look like much, but it's become very difficult for me to eat, with my throat half paralyzed.

Well, it's mainly thanks to the whipped cream that I managed it, and it took more than the photo shows, but it's a VICTORY!

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@tisha Congratulations on a tasty tasty victory! I hope you feel better soon.

philpem, to random
@philpem@digipres.club avatar

Tech in a nutshell: you either leave a hero (and become a farmer) or stay around long enough for your skills to become "legacy maintenance and integration".
And old code never dies... It just gets crusty.

avon_deer, to random
@avon_deer@dragonchat.org avatar

"Jacob Rees-Mogg in bizarre rant against skimmed milk: ‘Full fat will nourish your inner Tory’"

I heard about this last night (though didn't see it) and saw the tweet, but i honestly thought it was made up and the tweet faked with photoshop or something.


@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@avon_deer Sufficiently advanced Rees-Mogging is indistinguishable from parody?

philpem, to random
@philpem@digipres.club avatar

I've had the CCTV system fully installed for a week (and partly installed for about a year), and it's had one noticeable effect: the local rogue-traders don't knock on my door any more.
That and I always win the "where did they hide the parcel" game with the local parcel delivery guys :D

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@penguin42 Yeah probably, but hypno-owls are more scary than hypnocats. And cats kinda have previous for this sort of thing...
One spider has found the garage camera... the wind is keeping it from doing much more than occasionally getting a single thread over the lens.

philpem, to random
@philpem@digipres.club avatar

I was streaming on Twitch earlier, I had a 486 PC hooked up to a GBS8200, a VGA2HDMI pod, a HDMI splitter and a Mirabox HDMI capture box.
Outcome is, now I know which video scaler/switcher to buy to fix the video jitter issues I was having with TFX 😀

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@biggestsonicfan That's pretty cool. Mine already has all the mods - I fitted the Si5351 just before the stream, and it's hugely improved the stability of the output video. Unfortunately it still loses lock on the input, which I think may be down to the S3 805 or how TFX is programming it in-game.

AbandonedAmerica, to random
@AbandonedAmerica@mastodon.social avatar

A bowling alley in an abandoned state hospital

Explore the rest: https://www.abandonedamerica.us/mayview-state-hospital1

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@AbandonedAmerica This is quite possibly the most American thing I've ever seen. A bowling alley in a hospital - wow! Great photo.

sophieschmieg, to random
@sophieschmieg@infosec.exchange avatar

Could the world just collectively acknowledge that the German plugs (or at least the euro plugs) are the superior plug design and go with that?

Maybe directly when adopting the metric system in the US.

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@th @Aphrodite @sophieschmieg This is absolute heresy, and your name will go on the list! Ten points for ingenuity, minus a thousand for making me stare in disbelief! 😂😂😂😭😭😭

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@Aphrodite @sophieschmieg The Accursed Limey Plug (tm) also makes a great tool for teaching people to tidy up. They almost always land pins up, and the pins are stronger than the average human foot.

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