Looping, to random French
@Looping@anticapitalist.party avatar

#DiscoEtVoyo observent les oiseaux par la fenêtre, devant le couché de soleil.
#PhotoLooping #Caturday

hermeticlibrary, to Occult
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raphitherockett, to animals French
@raphitherockett@eldritch.cafe avatar

Un gros chat-chat a été perdu à #Rennes :neocat_cry: Montrez-nous qu'avec la force du #fedicats on peut le retrouver ! :neocat_hug:

#CatsOfMastodon #Caturday

LisaSBaker, to Cat
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JenniferJorgenson, to pics
@JenniferJorgenson@mstdn.social avatar
imnotyet, to Cats
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Smokey does not like this stuffed imposter Pinky.
This is not going to end well🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mom who is this stranger occupying my space

Pinky and Smokey

rasterweb, to Cats
@rasterweb@mastodon.social avatar

Is it still Caturday?

imnotyet, to Cats
@imnotyet@mastodon.social avatar

Smokey is going on a diet,getting too chubby

mycotropic, to animals
@mycotropic@beige.party avatar

CrinkleCut is participating
Sometimes she's Cricket....

LuluBerlue, to Cat French
@LuluBerlue@piaille.fr avatar
virgile_rendt, to random French
@virgile_rendt@piaille.fr avatar

On va dire que c’est encore .

lukeshu, to random
@lukeshu@fosstodon.org avatar

I took this photo yesterday

wendigo, to random
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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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NorcalGma2, to random
@NorcalGma2@sfba.social avatar

One more #Caturday toot for Byron.
He is a pretty relaxed cat tonight.

JenniferJorgenson, to pics
@JenniferJorgenson@mstdn.social avatar
EricIndiana, to animals
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lizthelucky, to animals
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Heard something fall behind me. This is what I found. His name is Bernard, my Bernie-Beau, and I've had him and his sister for four months. #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #WhiteCat #ExoticShorthairMix

motoridersd, to random
@motoridersd@pug.ninja avatar

This is Jordy. He says MAAAAW #Caturday

VintageVeloce, to animals
@VintageVeloce@techhub.social avatar

Helo awaiting breakfast.
#caturday #catsofmastodon

spiegelmama, to animals
JenniferJorgenson, to pics
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SesameSquirrel, to random
@SesameSquirrel@mastodon.social avatar

settling in for 10:00pm ET kickoff of a fun ILTW themed musical playlist by hostly being @MatthewTitus88

I am super sleepy on this though ( faceplants for me) so I probably wn't be very vocal 🥱

NoelJPenaflor, to pics
@NoelJPenaflor@bbq.snoot.com avatar
k_theory, to random
@k_theory@toot.community avatar

Sonja says she hopes everyone had a very relaxing #caturday

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