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I create stuff.

Co-Founder of @transpride
Founder of @vexdotblue

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samxavia, to random
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As I now us @sam@southampton.social quite often, I will be now moving across there full time and migrate my account.

Thank you all for being amazing and feel free to follow.

samxavia, to mastodon
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How do you make a Globel feed on a Mastodon instance move more? It's at the slow pase of like 1 post every 20 minutes.

julia, to random

follow request denied to to fuck you I just finished clearing those out

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@julia Sorry, I tried following you from my other account as like seeing your posts.

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@julia Seems to be working now, thank you <3

sandy, to random
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:neocat_drake_dislike: Twitter
:neocat_drake_like: Fedi

:neofox_drake_dislike: Facebook
:neofox_drake_like: Fedi

:neopossum_drake_dislike: Threads
:neopossum_drake_like: Fedi

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@sandy Just replace all socials with Fedi, It's what most people should do.

samxavia, to random
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See how the next week or so goes with Southampton.social but will be trying the field with @sam to see if I enjoy using Mastodon with a nice look & abilities to add things like Custom Emojis, as well as not currently blocking Threads.

A lot more customisability.

sam, to random

This is a Test Toot.

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@sam Guess it works, but will check the admin settings to see if there's anything else I can do.

samxavia, to random
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Testing what it takes to create a Mastodon instance from Services like Masto.host

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I want to also test if creating a Mastodon instance this way would allow me to have custom themes for the Mastodon Instance.

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It's taking its sweet time booting, But guess I'm only going to mess around with it for like 10 mintues before stop using it so it's alright. Maybe might get my Video Editing Team to use it as I know the suggested limit of users is like 5

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Going to show the Server off to my girlfriend and we will see about hosting a local server for anyone that would like to join from the Southampton area.

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@stu Thanks, gonna be great once we get it up and running. She's just still playing Cities Skylines on my main PC at the moment lol

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Glad to say we are booting up the actual server now, Will be cancelling my test server after the first month unless I feel I need to keep testing (possibly good to).

samxavia, to random
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Girlfriend has stolen my PC so can't finish the rest of the edit as she wants to play Cities Skylines

qc, to random
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Girl what

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@qc People love you <3

oshy, to random
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I keep getting Steam friend requests from people but I have no idea who they are

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@oshy Most likely bots wanting to trade with you, probably not best to accept them.

atomicpoet, to random
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A fascinating insight from @alienghic on a possible reason @potus chose to federate from Threads.

The 1st Amendment is a big deal in the USA.

If Joe Biden ran his own Fediverse server, there might be big limitations on what he’s allowed to moderate.

RE: https://octodon.social/users/alienghic/statuses/112208633814100536

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@atomicpoet That is actually quite a good point of why he wouldn't have been able to run his own Instance. Guess I just wished he used Mastodon or something but guess they trust META more than a Random Mastodon instance ran by someone

mempko, to threads
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If anyone has family/friends who use threads and are unlikely to switch over to mastodon, direct them to turn on fediverse sharing in their threads account, it's not on by default.

#threads #fediverse

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@mempko Sadly only in places like america at the moment so people in the UK can't use it atm

samxavia, to random
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I've made it to over 300 notes on my Sharkey instance. Glad to be so active. Guess here's to another 300

fosserytech, to community
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You might saw my post that I'm looking for another Fediverse instance which bans Threads as I disagree with "giving Threads a chance".

Now, I finally found an instance, social.linux.pizza which welcomes tech related content and does suspend Threads.net

This is probably my last post on this account so follow my new profile @fosserytech if you don't want to miss my future posts.
I'll migrate there today or tomorrow (depending on how it goes).

@samxavia@lethallava.land avatar

@fosserytech @fosserytech Good luck with your new instance <3

nixCraft, to random
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Can I block ALL threads.net accounts here? I don't want to see those folks here. The old setup was clean, but they are now hijacking my timeline with their shity political posts. I'm here for tech, Linux, and infosec. I don't give a flying fuck about the president or anyone else from Meta's network. Go back to X or Threads. Stop hijacking this platform.

@samxavia@lethallava.land avatar

@nixCraft Just press the 3 dots on a post from a threads user and then press block threads.net at the bottom of the pop up menu for sorting post options.

vees, to random
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For all the noise about Threads federation, people are replying to @potus posts like it matters.

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@vees Yeah, I believe it was mentioned that the reason it's taking a long time is because Threads is based off the code of Instagram as well as they need to please their shareholders and get permission to do each step. They have gave a timeline of a better part of this year in January so hopefully by Christmas we can all enjoy the Fediverse.

timmy, to random
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does threads render custom emojo from the fedi?

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@timmy They don't even have two-way Fediration so probably not.

chiefgyk3d, to infosec
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Like I said for a long time on Tiktok before I fully moved to Mastodon from Twitter, Mastodon isn't going to kill Twitter, the Fediverse will merely make Twitter irrelevant. It seems that prediction is coming true more or less. I know far more people using Mastodon, Threads, or other Fediverse enabled platform.


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@chiefgyk3d Why make something the same when you can make it better <3

jsit, to random
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If you search Mastodon for “threads.net” you’ll see a bunch of people wondering why they can’t see President Biden’s account, unaware that they are on an instance that did a full suspend on the threads.net domain.

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@jsit So many Instance have done it, It sucks as it would be good to leave it down to each person.

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