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Early Internet/BBS Posse (86). Full-stack Drupal developer, almost competent server admin, marketing specialist for downtowns. Semi-professional Photographer.

TechCrunch Disrupt Alum. Non-24 (sighted). Wife has ME/CFS. Enjoyer of when the good news is also the bad news.

Former: Physical Therapist, Hospital Design Analyst, CRM Admin

Fella. Slava Ukraini.

#Drupal #SmallBusiness #LongCovid #RetroComputing #Photography #Ukraine #PhysicalTherapy #Ergonomics #Non24 #AtariST

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sysop408, to random
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The job of volunteer coordinator is sneaky difficult because the power dynamics are so weird. You don’t really have anything to offer except to satisfy their desire to help.

Volunteers are notoriously flaky so you don’t know how many you need to schedule. If you schedule too few and some don’t show, you’re screwed. Schedule too many and people are either bored numb or given menial busy work because you had to make something up quick to reward everyone who showed up with a role to play.

It’s always feast or famine. Today I have 6 positions and about 20 people who want to help. Next time I’ll have 20 positions and 6 people.

The only leverage you have to encourage good behavior is to give out the best jobs to the best volunteers, but you never have enough of the fun positions to keep them coming back so it’s hard to build up a reliable team.

I almost just want to pay people, but they won’t be motivated by the bits a struggling non-profit can afford. They’d much rather be rewarded with gratitude anyway.

GottaLaff, to random
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👋🏼 O.J. Simpson, who was accused of and ultimately acquitted of the brutal 1994 slayings of his ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldman, [responsible for thei deaths in civil trial] has died, according to his family. He was 76.

"On April 10th, our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer.”


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@KatM have you seen him recently? He's not an ape. He's a potato... a bizarrely anthropomorphic potato.


timixretroplays, to random
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I miss the days of spinning hard drives being the norm. It's not nostalgia this time, it's because they were noisy - that sound of rain on a tin roof and a flashing red light was a sign your PC was busy thinking, doing stuff in the background, please wait patiently. Stuff still makes you wait today, but with no feedback of any kind. Has outlook finished loading everything yet? Has teams had its traditional morning crash and reopen yet? Will clicking make things worse? Who can even tell anymore.

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@timixretroplays I totally get this, but as everything has gotten much faster, it's less of an issue for me. Initially when SSDs were slower and also paired with slower CPUs, it could still take quite some time to run processes and not having any feedback was agonizing.

I still run an Atari ST off of a 3.5" floppy drive and I do find that the noise of the drive buzzing is an integral part of the experience. Everything takes so much longer, but it doesn't feel as bad if you get auditory feedback that something is happening.

You especially feel encouraged when you hear the drive running at a high speed going "thuk-thuk-thuk-thuk-thuk" instead of "ka-chuuuuuunnnk... ka-chuuuuuuunk... ka-chuuuuuunk."

sysop408, (edited )
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@timixretroplays yeah, I feel that too.

Around 12 years ago I decided to rebuild a home brewed multi-site content management system that I built. I had everything optimized down to the studs on that thing. It was fast.

Before I took that thing offline for the last time, I browsed around just to admire how damn fast it was despite that it was entirely served off of a spinning platter drive.

That last walk through my creation made me really sad because I knew there was a real good chance, I'd never get back to this level of performance ever again. I was trading it in for a more established system that was modular and supported.

It's now been well over a decade since that day and my gut feeling was right. Everything I use now runs circles around anything I used then, but I still don't have anything that matched the raw speed of my home brewed CMS.

AchesAndPains, to HashtagGames
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#ExplainVintageTechnology #hashtaggames You put spirit fluid and special paper in this machine and crank it by hand (or if you were lucky enough, your school had an electric one). This is how your teacher made copies. They smelled delicious!

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@LawrenceShop @AchesAndPains and it was so great how fresh copies would be just slightly damp.

Bronwyn, to random
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I just replaced my chair wheels with rollerblade wheels for office chairs (it's supposed to do less damage to carpets) and it's really fun.

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@Bronwyn I've never done this, but I've heard it's recommended!

kurtsh, to random
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Who would be stupid enough to run their operations from Alibaba Cloud?

The PRC govt can - not just look at but - usurp your data & systems, under whatever security reason they conjure. https://archive.ph/g1eNE

They are likely selling their cloud at a loss in a marketshare grab & I question how complaint their licensing is for all the software they use.

Meanwhile, the PRC govt detained Alibaba's CEO for 3 months & now he's in exile in Hong Kong. https://archive.ph/RMiLK

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@kurtsh Jack Ma and the risk of trusting the PRC are definite cautionary tales, but I think I read somewhere that Jack Ma has been starting up new ventures from Thailand lately.

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@kurtsh ByteBandits sounds familiar. I may have called that place a few times, but I don't really remember it.

I did a lot of 408 Atari ST boards and then Popnet, TBIT, and Magic Kingdom. I still have the computer I dialed out on and the numbers are still in my dialer. I loaded up my Telecom terminal and it took me like 10 minutes to figure out how to bring up the dial directory and then I couldn't remember half of the board names in there.

I never ran my own BBS. I just chose this screen name a few years ago on Twitter as a tribute to the online world I started off in.

I remember always looking forward to picking up copies of Computer Currents and Microtimes magazines in their curbside distribution boxes and reading through the entire BBS listings for my area. I'd then figure out which ones were a local zone call and circle all of those.

I'd look longingly through the listings for all the ones that would incur long distance charges too, imagining what an awesome board that they might be.

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@kurtsh I thought the same thing about my old term client. I hadn't touched it about 20 years when I decided to play around with my old Atari ST for fun at the height of the pandemic. I popped in the disk, ran the program, and then...

Uhhhhh... what the hell? This is really how I did it back then? I couldn't figure out how to bring up the dial directory so I went back to the tried and true technique from the good ol' days... just put both palms flat on the keyboards and start mashing to see if anything happens.

I may not have remembered how to use that program, but the interface reminded me of the earliest days when single duplex chat was still common and you couldn't both type at the same time. 😂

Didn't hang out at Weird Stuff, but now that it's gone, I wish I had paid some more visits to the place. Was that where we'd find you on a random Saturday afternoon?

Were you at the original Sunnyvale Fry's that was on Scott or the one on Arques?

@sysop408@sfba.social avatar

@kurtsh ah, is that Fry's location the one or one of the ones that was a bonafide grocery store in one half of the building? I thought that location was on Scott, but was it actually on Lakeside? I was probably 14 years old at that time so it's all a blur.

skinnylatte, to SanFrancisco
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I was reading a story about a new 'late night restaurant in san francisco' and i was so excited, coz it was in my neighborhood, and i checked and it closes at ... 11pm

Which is early for any big city :) However, it is true it's late for SF, as I'm in bed by then (though I do not sleep early in actual big cities)

#SanFrancisco #Food

sysop408, (edited )
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@skinnylatte it seems like nothing is really open late around here anymore. In the 90's and 00's, there were actually a modest number of places open 24 hours in NorCal.

There were some 24 hour Safeways. A handful of Taco Bells and Burger Kings were open 24/7... not exactly exciting, but I was a teenager then and options are options. There were the Denny's and diners of course, but also more 24 hour restaurants in general.

There were quite a few small indie coffee shops that closed at midnight.

It seems to me that the modest trend for 24 hour and late businesses started fading around 2010. I have a sleep disorder and am awake a lot at night. Before I got married, I used to wander around at night when I couldn't sleep.

thelinuxEXP, to random
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All it would take for AI to completely collapse is a ruling in the US saying these companies have to licence the content they used to train these tools.

They simply would never reach a sustainable business model if they had to fairly compensate all the people who wrote, drew, edited, sang or just created the content they use.

Simply being forced to respect attribution and licenses would kill them. Will that ruling ever happen? Maybe not. Should it? I think so.

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@thelinuxEXP what about non American or non-Western entities though? As much as I don't like the idea of American firms scraping everything to produce products using our work without paying us, I'm even less fond of the idea of China taking over and marching ahead without competition.

@sysop408@sfba.social avatar

@thelinuxEXP I work on one website that gets served into China by way of some special proxies and the amount and kind of dodgy traffic that site receives is extremely unsettling. I'm sure its been scraped to hell and back already. One of the most bizarre things I've seen on that site is that it gets lots of distributed referral traffic from itself... but from a version of itself that hasn't existed for 4 years.

sysop408, to random
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Got any contemporary poets you really like?

@sysop408@sfba.social avatar

@nwchapman I'm a Diane Wakoski fan so I think we're in the same ballpark.

@sysop408@sfba.social avatar

@nwchapman oh, I was just talking time periods. When I said contemporary I meant someone who has a good chance of still being alive.

@sysop408@sfba.social avatar

@mastobit @plaguepoems

Yes! Love that account!

davidtoddmccarty, to random
@davidtoddmccarty@me.dm avatar

I’m such an idiot. I still really think people I knew when I was in my twenties should look just slightly older than when I knew them. I can’t believe that anyone would be 30+ years older and look so. How can all these people be so old?

I don’t think I would be remotely recognizable to anyone who knew me when I was young. I was a thin and beautiful in a way I didn’t even like at the time. I wanted so badly to be bulky and manly. Now I am.

Life is really fucking weird.

sysop408, (edited )
@sysop408@sfba.social avatar

@davidtoddmccarty have you gone to any of your high school reunions? It's wild how some people look more or less the same, but like someone did a bit makeup on them to make them look older and some other people look so different you wouldn't be surprised if you later learned that it was actually some random person paid to attend in that person's place.

At one of my high school reunions, we didn't have the venue all to ourselves. Some random guy there decided to mess with me. He walked up and just started chatting me up knowing that I'd be scrambling "Who the hell is this? Think... think..."

DaleTrexel, to drupal
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I recently created my first #Drupal @ViewsField plugin, which apparently is unique among plugins in that you also need to implement a hook (hook_views_data_alter) to tell Views about it and how to use it. The properties you define in the hook seem very similar to what other plugins take as annotation.

Is there something especially complex about this plugin type that regular annotation isn't enough, thus the hook? Or is this just a case of a plugin type that COULD be simplified but hasn't yet?

@sysop408@sfba.social avatar

@phenaproxima @DaleTrexel it could also be that invoking Views early in the bootstrapping process overrides the normal operation of low level system processes. I recently created a module that 404's out of range pagination errors. To do so, I created an event subscriber that would execute the Views query early to determine if we should skip rendering and go straight to a 404.

I wanted that to run as early as possible to avoid any unnecessary overhead, but I ended up having to push it toward the end because when it ran early, it interfered with session variables that affected theme rendering.

sysop408, (edited ) to random
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The definition of insanity is...

Eh... if you're living next door to someone who's mowed the lawn nearly every day of the past 2 weeks while screaming in child voices, you well know the definition of insanity.

Also, same guy who washed his mom's car nearly every day for weeks, sometimes coming out at 3 or 4 in the morning to start lathering it up.

Same guy who sweeps not just his walkways in the middle of a windstorm, but yours too.

Same guy who goes fishing in the middle of the busy asphalt river of our street.

Same guy who had one month where he made sure everyone's garbage bins were equidistant all the way down the block.

Same guy who stands on the street directing a flashlight into the darkened bedrooms of people he doesn't like.

Same guy hoarding other people's junk.

Same guy who then gives away the junk lined up on the sidewalk.

Same guy who puts a FREE sign by a used sex toy he placed in front of your yard.

That's insanity and he drives.

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@mvilain everyone has their own pet theories for what's wrong with him. I wish we knew. If we could figure it out, we might actually be able to do something for him or about him.

@sysop408@sfba.social avatar

@sarajw oh that's absolutely it! At least once a week, we blame him for something that has nothing to do with him. If we hear sirens from emergency vehicles we just assume someone called the police on him again.

@sysop408@sfba.social avatar

@sarajw yeah his own tragedy and the tragedy for his family is the worst part of this. Many of the people he's terrorizing have all known him since he was a child. Whatever hell he's putting us through, the hell he's putting his family through is even worse and they're immigrants who aren't well off.

@sysop408@sfba.social avatar

@KnightSleuth the fishing thing gets better. Sometimes he's actually CRAB FISHING. He's chucks out a tethered cage and drags it with a fishing line down the street.

StillIRise1963, to random
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Being important and being rich should be two different things.

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@StillIRise1963 and a lot of rich people aren't really actually all that important aside from having an abundance of a resource that other people need.


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@run_atalanta the late theologian James Carse wrote:

Power refers to the freedom that people have within set limits. Strength is the freedom you have outside of them.

Only a small number of people can have power. Anyone can be strong.

Not the exact quote. I'm reciting from memory.


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