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Moscow Eats Up Marjorie Taylor Greene's Nutso Trump 'Assassination' Claim

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#Poland's prime minister announced on Tuesday the re-establishment of a commission to look into undue Russian influence, as #Warsaw grapples with what it says is an intense campaign by #Moscow to destabilise the country.

"I issued an order on the establishment of a commission to investigate Russian and Belarusian influence on the internal security and interests of the Republic of Poland in the years 2004-2024," Prime Minister Donald #Tusk said.

#Ukraine #Russia #EU

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Ukrainian servicemen operating a howitzer in region near the Russian border work around the clock to stop an incursion by 's troops, and they are finally getting the shells to do it.

"We were positioned in the area before, now we have been transferred here. It's much 'hotter' here. We didn't have shells there. Here, at least we have shells, they started delivering them. We have something to work with, to fight."

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One of interim Iranian President Mohammad first phone calls since ascending to the position was with the

In October 2022, Mokhaber went to to sell and to , reported Reuters.

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⬆️ @timkmak

>> One of interim Iranian President Mohammad first phone calls since ascending to the position was with the . In October 2022, Mokhaber went to to sell and to

Now, I know that everyone who confuses and ends up dying.

Still note correlation in timing of ’s visit and helicopter crash.

That correlation, and ➡️

Why meet with TOP defense & security?

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Additional info - incident took place 3.45 km from target zone. This time potential has realized in a good one.Target information, time marker, codes, key words etc - in a previous posts. We will try to do our best in making these attacks more potent and accurate in the future. People in a tyranny never sleep peacefully.
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Russia could increase Ukraine attacks, says Zelensky

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's rise in trade with should not be seen as a "temporary phenomenon" as more economic opportunities are emerging, India's foreign minister said.

New is seeking to make progress on an investment treaty with Russia as well as signing a free trade agreement with the -led Eurasian Economic Union. The two nations are also holding talks on jointly producing military equipment.

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'Democracy has to be fought for'. Twelve years after the Bolotnaya Square protests, Meduza's Russian readers reflect on what went wrong

#democracy #moscow

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Here's what we're reading today:

In , region, where active hostilities are taking place, the first executions of civilians by troops have been reported, police said. A man who tried to flee on foot was killed. Civilians are also being captured.

Evacuations had been taking place, but now the Russian military, trying to gain a foothold in the city, is not allowing locals to evacuate.

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Russian forces advancing up to 4 miles in several areas within 5 days raises doubts about Kyiv's defense, The Guardian reports.

Despite warnings from #Moscow, ISW, and British intelligence, #Ukraine's preparation was hampered by insufficient fortifications and a four-month pause in #US arms deliveries.

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🥴 "The start of negotiations with Ukraine can be along the current front line, without the withdrawal of Russian troops", - Putin

🇨🇳 "We positively assess China’s approaches to resolving the Ukrainian crisis", he added.

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"In mission to #Beijing, the newly invested Prince of #Moscow presents tribute to the Emperor of #China, in order to be recognized as the leader of Muscovy "

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They are saying the quiet part OUT LOUD! 📢
Speaking Tuesday in the upper house of Russian parliament, Foreign Minister said and are “objectively interested in maintaining our lead in efforts to establish a more fair and democratic world order.”

“Russia and China aren’t alone in their efforts to reform an international system and help establish a multipolar global order,” he said.

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The ’s unprecedented effort to penalize ’s lucrative gas sector is already crashing into a familiar sanctions foe: .

Unlike other EU countries, Hungary has refused to voluntarily divest from Russian gas in the wake of the war in . It has even struck new deals with ’s state fossil fuel giant to increase supplies during peak demand.

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#Moldova and the #EU are set to deepen their defence co-operation to unprecedented levels, as #Chisinau defies warnings from #Moscow that closer western integration could see it face #Ukraine’s fate.

Under an EU proposal, set to be agreed next week and seen by the FT, Moldova would increase its intelligence sharing, carry out joint military exercises and be included in the bloc’s joint weapons procurement


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Tues 14 May, 2024 🧵

has his posse again. Today it’s more elected officials. Today, Trump will be joined by the speaker, , as well as ’s governor, , a contender to be Trump's running mate. Also present will be Representatives & of Florida, & , who was one of Trump's primary rivals this year. Both Donalds & Ramaswamy are longshot hopefuls to be Trump's running mate.

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#MichaelCohen is asked about his #House testimony on the #Russia investigation. This will lead to questioning about him lying to #Congress re plans to build a #Trump Tower in #Moscow. Cohen has said that he did it to protect Trump.

Cohen testifies that at the time the #TrumpOrganization was paying for his lawyer, & he was part of a joint defense agreement. Cohen testifies he felt he “needed” the protection of Trump at the time & to protect him in return.

#criminal #law #TrumpTrial

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Very useful breakdown of what's going on in Georgia, where half the country seem to be almost permanently on the streets protesting.

And a report on diminishing press freedom and independent journalism in Georgia:

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@Lassielmr @fkamiah17

There is also a lot of influence exercised through the which I understand to be linked to the rather than the one in ..

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Ex-roommate of Idaho murders victims breaks silence for first time to reveal last text to friends

#moscow #time

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The Northern Lights Could Be Visible Across the US Thanks to a Rare Solar Storm

#moscow #solarstorm

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Watch: Putin's Victory Day concludes with fireworks in Moscow amid Ukraine war

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Putin marks Russia's Victory Day parade with single tank for second year running

#moscow #russia

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#Ukraine is to start recruiting prisoners to fight against #Russia under a new law designed to bolster its frontline forces, including with men convicted of murder or fraud.

Using a tactic #Moscow has relied on to fill ranks since its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, #Kyiv would begin to offer certain convicts a path to freedom if they are willing to join a combat unit.

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#Ukraine said on Wednesday it was producing the same number of deep strike drones as #Russia, claiming to have reached parity on a key type of weapon that #Moscow has used for long-range attacks for much of its invasion.

"In 2024, Ukraine caught up with Russia in terms of the production number of kamikaze drones similar to the #Shahed-131 and Shahed-136," said Herman #Smetanin, head of Ukraine's state arms manufacturer.

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"We are witnessing a historic process -- Russians are leaving for the first time in two centuries," independent Azerbaijani analyst Elhan Shahinoglu told AFP.

Observers of the say is too caught up with its invasion of to retain its sway in the region.

Russia quietly exits , ceding its clout 'for good'

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I never thought I'd hashtag Ukraine & the South China Sea in the same post 😬

is the top supplier of weapons to and also plays a crucial role in the exploitation of Vietnam's gas reserves in the , in waters that claims as its own.

The , an important trading partner for Vietnam, has imposed wide-ranging sanctions on over its war in .

Vietnam irks EU by delaying meeting ahead of possible visit

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