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Israeli forces kill 3 Palestinians, including Tubas Brigade Commander in northern West Bank

Israeli forces conducted a four-hour long raid in the norther Jordan valley, killing three Palestinians. Residents say one of the targets of the raid was a resistance fighter and commander of a local battalion called the Tubas Brigade.

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‼️🇺🇸CNN: Pentagon considers tapping into remaining $4 billion in Ukraine defense aid fund as emergency stop gap, as Alt-Right Republican Johnson continues to block a vote on Ukraine, Taiwan, Indo-Pacific,
Palestine, Gaza, Israeli aid (more) #Ukraine #USA #UnitedStates #Mastodon #NATO #EU #Taiwan #EuropeanUnion #Press #News #Gaza #Palestine #russiaUkraineWar #Israel #10yrInvasionofUkraine

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This interview of an Israeli government spokesperson* will make your blood boil.

Krishnan Gurumurthy on Channel 4 News, 26/2/24. Krishnan doesn't take any shit.

  • Defined as a gaslighting po-faced condescending propagandist for fascist genocide who would have made Goebbels blush.

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1977 "The Rising" by legendary , sculptor, author and cartoonist Sliman Mansour (*1947)

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PBS and NPR leave out key facts in their Israel stories

Pundits and reporters in the mainstream media have a double standard when it comes to Israel and all but lie about apartheid, Jewish nationalism, and the role of the Israel lobby.

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"We are already in the midst of a disaster, and the UN has been forced to suspend humanitarian aid. Israel uses hunger as a weapon, and this is against International law."

  • Josep Borrell
    European Union foreign policy chief

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Viols, détentions et exécutions arbitraires… Ces traitements inhumains envers les femmes & filles palestiniennes à et en sont dénoncés par des expertes de l’ONU. La continue à marteler que fermer les yeux n’est pas une option !

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In German media every tiny bit of information about events in the US - Super Bowl, Taylor Swift, wildfire in California, the latest school shooting - gets mentioned in the news far more often than any similar happening in other countries. You just can't flee into attention deficit being overpowered by news from the US especially the sort of celebrity and society excitement which perform on tabloid level.

But three days after chose to give his life for the ultimate act of protest I'm waiting in vain for any news outlet of greater reach and importance to cover this story not only, if at all as a two-sentence newslet although aside from its political implications it has all you need to make up headlines.

The absence of any serious reporting about his tribute to the plight of in and protest against the complicity of his country and military in this war tells everything about the ideological and military support Israel gets from Germany in carrying out this .

To raise the question what could have been his motives for public self immolation seems to be informally verboten. It could contribute to the growing doubt whether German complicity might not be so ethically pure and peace loving as it's sold.

So Rest In Power, Aaron Bushnell, there are still some people who admire your courage and empathy even in the dark night of consciously contributing to this bloodshed out of sheer opportunism.

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"American media won’t question the mental health of those who gleefully blow up neighborhoods full of children and hunt, humiliate, torture and kill for sport as we see with the IDF. That isn’t viewed through a lens of dysfunction; but protesting it by self-immolation? Of course."

Almost all mainstream media treated Aaron Bushnell as a mental health crisis, just another random suicide, and ignored everything he said.

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it’s a good morning to celebrate the skilled organizers and effective organizing that just punched joe biden hard in the ballot box

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Strong showing by Gaza protest vote in swing state Michigan sends message to Biden - live

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‘Uncommitted’ vote in Michigan a warning shot over ’s support of - "Listen to Michigan campaign brought in 100,000 votes in effort to pressure president to call for immediate ceasefire in "

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Interview with Craig Mokhiber, former top UN official

Required viewing for everyone who cares about Palestine, about the ICJ genocide ruling, where it can go from here, & what we can do to help it work.


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‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 145: Hamas warns Israel and U.S. of ‘political machinations’ amid ceasefire talks

UN humanitarian officials say that thousands of Palestinians in Gaza are “just a step away from famine” by May. Russia calls on UNSC members to refrain from endorsing Washington’s resolution on Gaza, denouncing it as “a license to kill” for Israel.

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"The Palestinian city of Rafah is not only older than Israel, it is also as old as civilisation itself."

"Rafah has existed for thousands of years. The Canaanites referred to it as Rafia."

"As the gateway between two continents and two worlds, Rafah has been at the forefront of many wars and foreign invasions, from ancient Egyptians to the Romans, to Napoleon.

"Now, it is Benjamin Netanyahu’s turn."

#Israel #Gaza #Rafah #US #Psychopathy #Fascism ...

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opens w/huge lead in in early results

Joe Biden was leading 's Democratic presidential primary contest Tues, as expected, w/the against him pulling about 7% of the tally.

Biden had 88% of the vote, followed by 7% , 2% for Minnesota US Rep Dean Phillips & 2.4% for self-help guru Marianne Williamson, with 3% of precincts reporting.

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@TruthSandwich thankfully it’s just the primary, I believe they’re smart & know would’ve allowed to immediately annihilate all not only in , but also in the . Anyone calling a Zionist & refusing to vote for him in the is giving a vote to Trump who is a full fledged & beholden to the who believe ’s possession of will bring the rapture.

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