65dBnoise, to Israel
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Why bother about what the monsters do in ?

More than 300,000 Greeks died of starvation in the Great Famine during the German occupation of Greece in WWII, while Jews vanished in the Holocaust.

The Nazi Hunger Plan:


Smokescreen: Fears is influencing location of dock away from the north, where famine threat is most severe


My animated photograph of: Fatima Shbair/AP.


65dBnoise, to Israel
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Nazi like bestiality in Khan Younis, . Bodies allegedly had their hands tied while others were bound and stripped. A total of 310 bodies have been found in the last week, including 35 in the past day.

Atrocities enabled by supplied weapons and support, along with "thoughts and prayers" for the survival of the victims. Like game-shooting in a fenced ranch.

Trump is just a symptom of a sick and unprincipled political system


DBG3D, to Israel Spanish
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Increíble. Obviamente, un presentador de televisión, llamado Shai Golden, ha amenazado con matar y destruir a cualquiera que ponga en las redes sociales.

Incluso amenazas para atacar a países de todo el mundo. Incluido Estados Unidos. Esta es la bestia que ha estado alimentando.

Solo he visto el video con subtítulos en español. No sé si está disponible en otro lugar con subtítulos de otros idiomas.


DBG3D, to Israel Spanish
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Unbelievable. Obviously an TV presenter, called Shai Golden has menaced to kill and destroy anyone that puts in social networks.

Even menaces to atack countries worldwide. Including the USA. This is the beast that has been feeding.

I watched only the video with spanish subs. Dont know if its available somewhere else with other language subs.


ProPublica, to Israel
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Resists U.S. Plan to Bring Sanctions Against Israeli Unit

After months of inaction, Secretary of State Antony is poised to bar U.S. aid to an unit accused of human rights abuses.


Sherifazuhur, to Israel
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dancingdogs, to Israel
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Via Amy Goodman of

Police Arrest Renowned Feminist Scholar Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian

More than 100 professors around the world released a statement calling for her immediate release.


LiamOMaraIV, to Palestine
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Recognizing as a sovereign state would allow them to address the through legal channels and negotiate more easily with the state. If what the US falsely calls the "international community" cared about just peace, it would join the majority in this.

ExTradersGlobal, to Israel
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#Israeli strikes on #Iran unsettle markets:

  • #WallStreet futures down amid Middle East tensions
  • #Bitcoin volatile ahead of halving event
  • Crude #oil prices swing on supply concerns post-Iran blasts
fulelo, to Israel
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An #Israeli #missile has struck #Iran

#Iranian state media are citing unconfirmed reports of explosions in central province of #Isfahan

Flights have been suspended over several cities, state media say

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- missile hits , with blasts heard in centre of country

Sherifazuhur, to Israel
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Nonilex, to Israel
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#Israel launches missile strikes into #Iran

The Israeli military has conducted missile strikes against Iran, a snr #UnitedStates #military ofcl told NPR Thurs. There are also reports of explosions in #Iraq & #Syria.

Iran's Fars News Agency says explosions were heard in the central city of #Isfahan, according to the Reuters News Agency.

The extent of Israel's strikes & the weapons used weren't clear.

#geopolitics #MiddleEast #war

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retaliates against
A ofcl confirmed have hit a site in Iran. The ofcl could not confirm whether & sites were hit as well.

Flights to , & have been suspended following reports an explosion was heard in the city of , Iranian state media reported.


slcw, to Israel
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POS protesters are seriously telling anyone who will listen that they were attacked with an "-made " after an student sprayed "fart spray" he got from Amazon in their vicinity. I didn't think I could respect these any less, but apparently I was wrong. What a bunch of entitled, lying, petulant crybabies.


Sherifazuhur, to Israel
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ProPublica, to Israel
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BREAKING: Secretary of State Is Sitting on Staff Recommendations to Sanction Israeli Military Units Linked to Killings or Rapes

A special State Department panel told Blinken that the U.S. should restrict arms sales to military units that have been credibly accused of human rights abuses. He has not taken any action.


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"Multiple State Department officials who have worked on relations said that Blinken’s inaction has undermined Biden’s public criticism...

The recommendations came from a special committee of State Department officials known as the Israel Leahy Vetting Forum...

requires the to cut off assistance to any foreign or law enforcement units... that are credibly accused of flagrant violations."

ZhiZhu, to Israel
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"For three-and-a-half long hours on Jan. 29, the cellphone in 6-year old Hind Rajab’s hands was the closest thing she had to a lifeline. Alone in the back seat of a car outside a City gas station, she was drifting in and out of consciousness, surrounded by bodies, as she told emergency dispatchers that tanks were rumbling closer.

...Paramedics were on their way, the dispatchers kept telling her: Hold on."


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"Twelve days later, when a #Palestinian civil defense crew finally reached the area, they found Hind’s body in a car riddled with bullets...

The ambulance lay charred roughly 50 meters away (about 164 feet) from the car, its destruction consistent with the use of a round fired by #Israeli tanks, according to six munitions experts."
#GiftArticle #GiftLink

#Gaza #Palestine #Israel #WarCrimes #Genocide #News #WorldNews

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"Humanitarian officials have warned that a system of coordination with Israel’s military, designed to protect their aid deliveries and lifesaving ambulance maneuvers, is broken. strikes on a convoy that killed seven aid workers in on April 1 and stirred global outrage...

Hind’s case touched a nerve around the world... her recorded cries for help offered a glimpse into the terrors faced by civilians."


Sherifazuhur, to Israel
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timkmak, to ukrainian
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Here’s what we are reading today:

A saboteur group trying to enter oblast was pushed back by border guards.

This is part of a broader exchange of incursions on both sides of the border by both countries.


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#ISW compares #Ukrainian and #Israeli air defence capability.

Although #Iran attacked #Israel with a "strike package similar to recent #Russian strike packages," the attack was less successful. This is due to Ukraine depleted #airdefence and Ukraine's relative proximity to it's enemy.


RememberUsAlways, to iran
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#Iran has offered full support to #Hamas and other resistance groups in #Palestine as they struggle against the Israeli occupation and its atrocities against the #palestinians.

Haniyeh, who lost three sons last week to an #Israeli airstrike in north of #Gaza thanked Velayati for his condolences and said that he was happy that his children had been martyred on the path to liberate the Holy Quds.

geopolits, to Ukraine

It's the most-dangerous moment in geopolitics since the dawn of the

President Joe told prime minister during a call today that the US will oppose any Israeli direct against Iran, according to an Axios report that cited a 'senior White House official.'

Two things:

  1. If the US doesn't want a war, this makes sense. Aside from prices, I can see plenty of reasons that Biden wouldn't want this war now.

  2. Could this be a smokescreen? Things like this don't 'leak' out of the White House. This would be some of the most-highly classified information on the planet. So was it leaked to pressure Israel? To lower expectations of the US actually getting involved? Or is it a fake to get Iran to let its guard down?

The answer to that might have to do with what was said behind closed doors when Iran briefed the US, Italy and a number of other countries before its response.

English forexlive.com/news/the-us-and-…
Frensh www-forexlive-com.translate.go…


fulelo, to Israel
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#BBCNews - #Israel - #Gaza latest: #Russia and #China block US call for immediate Gaza #ceasefire at UN - live page:

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#BBCNews - 'I’m in pieces' - #Israeli #hostage's agony over husband held in #Gaza by #Hamas

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#BBCNews - 'We need a miracle' - #Israeli and #Palestinian economies battered by war

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