radicalcarecollective, to random
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American Mask Bans: Why Canadian Abolitionists and Disability Justice Advocates Should Be Paying Attention.

RememberUsAlways, to Russia
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Everything the touch, dies while they ignore in .

’s Erdoğan says ‘spirit of UN dead in ’.
President says ‘ cannot even protect its own staff’ and hits out at fellow -majority countries for failing to agree a collective stance.

@israel https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2024/may/29/israel-gaza-war-live-strikes-rafah-us-red-line

Saccage2024, to random French
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Pas de paix ? Pas de JO ! Hier place de la République à Paris.

Crédit vidéo Anne Paq
Prochains rdv :

  • ce soir 18h30 place Saint Augustin organisé par Urgence Palestine
  • jeudi soir 17h 39 rue Mstislav Rostropovitch (Pont Cardinet) organisé par @stoparmingisr


FrankFrank, to random
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Pro-Terrorism logic establishes the main premise; that everything Western Society represents is evil, so therfore, all those opposing Democratic Advanced Nations are fighting a moral, enlightened, & necessary battles.

It's truly a Bizarro World of upside down logic, where depraved radicalized terrorists heroically Martyr their own women & children while Allah approvingly smiles from above.


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@FrankFrank But if you only understand things through a comic book lens, try reading this instead.

@israel @palestine

#Israel #Palestine #genocide #FreePalestine

indigenous_commentator, to random
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Nikki Haley is so gross! WHO TF DOES THIS! I'm sickened by the lack of humanity in our government officials...


thomashoyle, to palestine
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So when is it Mr Biden’s red line? All the Palestinians being exterminated?

If I had a vote I would never vote for this butcher whose hands are full of innocent blood

They must be sent to experience what it’s like to be burnt alive - in hell, like the one they’ve put so many 🇵🇸 into


alkeddie, to random
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“Everything I know in Gaza has been destroyed,” he adds. “This is a genocide. This is about the erasure of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and as a whole, and this is the essence of Zionism as a settler-colonial ideology.”


#Ceasefire #Gaza #genocide #WarCrimes

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makszilla, to random French
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En soutien aux Palestiniens, contre le massacre à Gaza : rassemblement ce mercredi 29 mai à partir de 19h place de la Comédie à Lyon

alkeddie, to random
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“Basically, the situation is totally catastrophic,” reports Palestinian journalist Shrouq Aila, from Rafah. She explains the bombs set tents … on fire, igniting a deadly blaze, and that Israel’s relentless assault has made three hospitals in the city inoperable’


@alkeddie@mastodon.teia.art avatar

“So, when it comes to such attacks, basically, we can see that the casualties and the losses that we are having are basically kids and women, like mostly civilians.”

#Ceasefire #CeasefireNow #Gaza #genocide #GazaGenocide #WarCrimes #Palestine #FreePalestine

jiujensu, to humanrights
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jiujensu, to humanrights
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So how do you get started?
To start, I want you to think about a few separate things. First, what do you care about? Second, what do you want to do? Third, what risks are you willing to take?

@palestine @israel

alkeddie, to Palestine
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‘A Day in the Life of Abed Salama: Anatomy of a Jerusalem Tragedy’


BinChicken, to Palestine
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Netanyahu's false apologies for committing genocide in Palestine called-out by @theshovel.

#Gaza #Palestine #FreePalestine
#Israel #Netanyahu #Genocide #WarCrimes #TheShovel

alkeddie, to random
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Democracy Now headlines

“The army is a liar. The occupation army is a liar. There is no security in Gaza. There’s no security, not for a child, an elderly man or for a woman. Here he is with his wife. They were martyred. They’re gone.“


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‘European heads of state are facing ever louder calls to join Spain, Norway and Ireland in recognizing Palestinian statehood after Sunday’s attack on Rafah’


#Ceasefire #CeasefireNow #Gaza #genocide #GazaGenocide #WarCrimes #Palestine #FreePalestine

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“We don’t want to be complicit in a crime against humanity. What’s happening in Rafah, what’s happening in the Gaza Strip is intolerable.”


secularhumorist, to queer
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hi! I look forward to meeting you and hearing what you're doing and thinking about.

Me: cis, bi, geriatric-Zoomer girl in the SE US. I'll boost +post what I find humorous, beautiful, interesting, or inspiring. Different sides of me. We are all complex human beings after all. :)

I like sarcasm and humor (as long as it's directed at ppl who deserve it).
also like music, art, poetry, hiking, and maybe cooking. 🧡

kathimmel, to edinburgh
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Lazarou, to random
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How are those 'red lines' looking then Western Leaders?
Going to pretend you never said it, aren't you? Because lying to us proles comes as easy as taking rich men's money for your campaign, isn't it?

And now, you want something from us, don't you? Our vote in return for your empty promises, once again, like the time before now and the time before that.

Just stop giving the Pariah Nation weapons, give them to Ukraine instead.


Lazarou, to random
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"Every time you complain, we kill more Palestinians. Try and stop us, lol! " - the Israeli government


#FreePalestine #Rafah #Gaza

mvario, to random
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["Satire in the defence of liberty is no vice"]

Israel says decapitated babies are no longer reason to respond with genocide


> It's different when they do the decapitating

alkeddie, to Palestine
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poligraf, to Palestine
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« Spain, Ireland and Norway will on Tuesday formally recognize a state of Palestine, in a move that's likely to strengthen the global Palestinian cause. »⁣

🔗 · https://youtu.be/CAsXbCbhA64⁣

#Palestine #ceasefire #FreePalestine @palestine

🕊️ 🇵🇸 🍉 🙏🏻 ✌️ ☮️

poligraf, to Palestine
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... it is in Israel’s best interest to work towards the establishment of a Palestinian state…

🔗 · https://youtu.be/ddbdqURGzd8⁣


🕊️ 🇵🇸 🍉 🙏🏻 ✌️ ☮️

poligraf, to Palestine
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« … these are war crimes and I want to see Netanyahu and his cabinet in the dock… »⁣

🔗 · https://youtu.be/nNi2sSSEjVI⁣

#Palestine #ceasefire #FreePalestine @palestine

🕊️ 🇵🇸 🍉 🙏🏻 ✌️ ☮️

poligraf, to Palestine
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« … the images coming out of Rafah are horrific and heartbreaking… »⁣

🔗 · https://youtu.be/5xccYR2UkWo⁣


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