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'Living off their legacy now': Toyota offices get raided in Japan. Expert says it's a safety issue they addressed differently than Honda and Mazda

#tiktok #toyota

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6 horrifying "Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult" discoveries in the Netflix series


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'We can't move forward': Denver apartment hunter makes one mistake on paperwork and gets banned for a year

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'I'm just a girl...I didn't know': Customer asks tire mechanic for integral part he forgot. She can't believe his response


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'So you're gonna refuse your best sale of the night?': DoorDash driver catches McDonald's worker refusing her 13-sandwich order

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TikTok posts - Joe Biden-Robert Hur interview audio wasn't leaked; it's a deepfake, DOJ and experts say

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'Guys the new burritos are the size of my palm': Chipotle customers shocked when they see what a burrito looked like in 2019


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'The total is around $2K': Mechanic admits to girls getting scammed when all they go in for is an oil change

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'Lava cakes got expensive': Domino's worker shares how to make the Lava Cake at home. There's a secret ingredient

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How 'The Dirt Man' Went Viral on TikTok and Inspired Some Wild Lore


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#TikTok: Forschung enthüllt fast 600 Datenspuren pro Video

>> Freiwillig gewährt TikTok nur wenig Einblick in seinen Algorithmus. Forschende müssen tricksen, um sehen zu können, was im Hintergrund der populären App wirklich abläuft.

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'That is more than the car payment': Honda driver considers canceling Geico car insurance after monthly rate goes up without her knowledge, she gets charged $520


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Understanding TikTok and WeChat beyond the fearful headlines

#apps #tiktok

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Discover, Connect, and Create with Loops

More beta invites will be rolling out this weekend as we prepare for the public beta launch!

#loops #tiktok

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What in TikTok's name is the Red Larva "oi oi oi" meme?

#bizarre #tiktok

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'GM builds some of the most beautiful hunks of junk on the roads today': Mechanic issues Chevrolet Silverado warning after seeing the same problem 10-15 times a month

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"Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult": A tango between coercion and the entertainment industry


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'That's 4k a month in nyc': Guest shows what the cheapest room on a Carnival Cruise ship will get you

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Ah, I see, 🎵 "Stumblin' In" was released in '78...

I've felt like I was caught in a Groundhog Day situation for the past few months.

#Cyril #TikTok #BayernMunchen

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Video of Black Panthers founder claiming to support Trump is 'a lie', says grandson

#blackpanthers #tiktok

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Is This Popular Mixed TikTok Dancing Couple a Victim of Racism? Or Are They In a Cult?

#socialmedia #tiktok

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An open source/self hosted and federated Tik-Tok alternative, made by @pixelfed has just successfully tested federation!

If you applied to join, expect an invite within the next week! ✨

(We will be open sourcing the mobile app and backend later this summer)

#loops #pixelfed #tiktok

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