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14 years ago, over on the bad place , I ranted about data roaming charges within my fellow European countries. A complaint we've all but forgotten about, thanks to regulation and the shared market.

"Yes, but what has the EU ever done for us?"

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Canada has become ground zero for Facebook's battle with governments that have enacted or are considering laws that force internet giants to pay media companies for links to news published on their platforms.

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J'appuie sur le bouton ou pas ?

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English Tutor Identified as Mall Stabbing Attacker Left Behind Disturbing Facebook Post

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The @auschwitzmuseum has been posting photographs of individual victims of the camp.

On , 21 of those posts were flagged as 'nudity, bullying and harrassment, hate speech, violence encitement'^1.

As of November 2023, Meta had 65 Polish-speaking moderators for a monthly avg of 23,5 Poles on FB^2.

Apparently their work on AI-based moderation tools has been going swimmingly well since the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar. 😓

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Kat Blaque's Facebook page was hacked and it seems support is a nightmare:

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#Facebook whistleblower @franceshaugen on Day 2 of Canada’s #democracy summit, Democracy XChange. Her leaks have informed the cases of 44 states suing Meta for liability from harm done to teenage girls from Instagram algorithms. That’s real impact

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Sneaky Credit Card Skimmer Disguised as Harmless Facebook Tracker.

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Facebook posts - Doctor's office notice not proof of COVID-19 vaccines' danger to young athletes

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I have a Facebook lurker account for some bands and restaurants that only have a presence. That’s all I follow. Every few days the send me “friend” suggestions. Never anything to do with what I follow. It’s usually been high school girls or people pretending to be a high school girl. That’s fucked up. Today I got one from a woman that apparently works at Hustler. Seems to me like Facebook is promoting sex trafficking. Maybe the US DOJ should take a look?

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Andrew Forrest accuses Facebook of 'blatantly refusing' to take action against scam ads

#australian #facebook

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Facebook posts - Social Security Administration data doesn't show number of people registering to vote without IDs

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Facebook posts - No, Snoop Dogg isn't talking up gummies to help quit smoking. This audio has been manipulated.

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Facebook’s AI failure wiped out Kansas Reflector links. Even Facebook may not know what went wrong.

"Daniel Kahn Gillmor, a senior staff technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union, said Facebook’s actions demonstrate the danger for society of depending heavily on a single communications platform to determine what is worthy of discussion."

#Facebook #Meta #SocialMedia #tech #news #media #press #journalism #AI

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Facebook posts - A Tennessee bill doesn't ban vaccines from being pumped into the food supply

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somehow learnt that I like and now shows me tons of DBZ posts everytime I open the home feed.

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When looking for groups & events it pains me to see how many use for their organizing.

I really don't want to go on there, and it's often non-viewable without being signed up. :(

Pretty sad how the evil empire has co-opted so much of our community.

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How two pool players went from smack-talking rivals to 'kidney buddies for life'

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Facebook posts - Chemtrails didn't cover sky during solar eclipse. They don't exist

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As Facebook seeks legal immunity, Forrest's lawsuits reveal deep challenges

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You Can Finally Send High-quality Photos on Facebook Messenger

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