Di4na, to elixir
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I am looking for a new job. Elixir/erlang SWE and/or ops/SRE related. Size of the company does not matter. I have some ethical rules (gambling, blockchain and probably most AI company,...). I only work remotely from France. Yes I would prefer a FTE french contract, but I can do self employed contracts.

You can find more about my career at https://www.softwaremaxims.com/resume

frescosecco, to programming
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Blog post by the team: Erlang/OTP 27 Highlights.

frescosecco, to programming
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With the OTP 27.0 release, now has year-2038-safe timestamps.
Phew, close call!

TheErlef, to programming
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Don’t miss the chance to participate in the Erlang Workshop!

The Erlang Workshop brings together the open source, academic, and industrial communities of Erlang, other BEAM-related languages, actor model programming, distribution, and concurrency to discuss techniques, technologies, languages, and other relevant topics.

Important dates:

Paper submission: May 30
Notification: June 27
Camera Ready: July

Get to know more at this link: https://icfp24.sigplan.org/home/erlang-2024#Call-for-Papers

krisajenkins, to programming
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From to and beyond, there are coders that love the actor model. But how does it work? How do you design systems in an actor-based world?

Hugh McKee joins me to talk about the best patterns and approaches he's found for breaking the problem down and building an actor-system back up.

📺 Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/CBUWcUuG6Ss

🎧 Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6LvibKMNLLiJA1f1bfgzYI

hrefna, to Java
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It's fascinating to me looking at beginning language guides and thinking "what does this say about the culture of the language"

When I was delving into #OCaml it was (with affection) "here's hello world and here's a dense academic paper on implementing event systems in OCaml 5!"

#Java guides used to be centered on the assumption that you were a web programmer looking to do applets, even long after that assumption died.

#RustLang generally seems to assume a background in programming w/ a CLI.

@hrefna@hachyderm.io avatar

Thinking about cultures of languages for a second:

My experience with people (not elixir, I have only limited experience with elixir and less with the community) is that you were looking at practical people with a hard problem to solve, some niche elements to that problem, and who didn't get hung up on niceties (like having strings cough).

There's a massive degree of enthusiasm for the model and everyone kind of glossed over the language because of the runtime and model.


@hrefna I know syntax matters to people (and I haven't yet written #Erlang, only some #Prolog), but it is just a language. Just pattern-matching and immutability make it better than most by a long shot. So, I think the Erlang inventors got the language quite all right, and Elixir might just be a nicer way to write OTP style.

TheErlef, to programming
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Join @codebeamio to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Erlang/OTP User Conference!

Don't miss the insightful talk: Documenting Erlang/OTP ⌨

In Erlang/OTP 27 a new way of documenting code will be added, documentation attributes. @garazdawi will go through what the new documentation attributes look like, what makes it different from what we had before and how it may effect your project.


TheErlef, to programming
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Why Erlang?!

Join Kiko Fernandez and Ingela Andin in their talk at @codebeamio!

As Erlang/OTP developers for Ericsson and the Erlang/OTP team, they will provide insights into the history of Erlang/OTP, focusing on what happened after it became open source.

This talk is for anyone interested in Erlang/OTP and computer science! Learn more here: https://codebeamstockholm.com/keynotes/why-erlang/

furmans, to FunctionalProgramming
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We are super glad to inform you that LAMBDA WORLD CADIZ is BACK...

🗓️2-4 October 2024
📌Palacio de Congresos de Cadiz
🎟️Early Camarón at €150

Should the best Rock-Funky-Hard SolYNaranjaS band make a noise there...? Should not ?

changelog, to programming
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🕺New Changelog interview!

We’re joined by Louis Pilfold, creator of the Gleam programming language!

We discuss Gleam's inspiration, how it compares to other languages, where it shines, the overwhelming support Louis is getting through GitHub Sponsors & what’s next 🔮

🎧 https://changelog.fm/588

vascorsd, to programming
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The Optimizations in Erlang/OTP 27 - Erlang/OTP - https://www.erlang.org/blog/optimizations/

mononcqc, to programming
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Good blog post from the team on optimizations coming in Erlang/OTP 27: https://www.erlang.org/blog/optimizations/

frescosecco, to programming
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Hm, there seems to be support in Facebook's static code analyzer Infer (without being officially listed, though): https://github.com/facebook/infer

leobm, to programming German
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Gleam version v1.1 released.

  • Language server improvements
  • Compilation batching
  • Bun support
  • Rebar support
  • Clearer dependency requirements
  • Dead code elimination
    and more

mononcqc, to programming
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If anyone in the community has been using the rich compiler error option in Rebar3 over the last year, I’m looking for any feedback or opposition before turning it on by default in the next release: https://github.com/erlang/rebar3/pull/2881

andrew_chou, to elixir
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Ongoing thread dedicated to thoughts as I read "Elixir in Action" (Volume 3)


@andrew_chou@toot.cafe avatar

Been learning Erlang a lot at the same time (one could say...concurrently 🤪). Regarding syntax and language decisions, I find it much more approachable and consistent. Maybe more verbose (as the author of this book asserts), but I think I generally prefer that if we're not talking about extremes

83r71n, to Cybersecurity
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A critical vulnerability, named BatBadBut, was discovered in the Rust programming language, affecting not just Rust but also Erlang, Go, Python, Ruby, and potentially others. This vulnerability, with a severity score of 10/10, could allow attackers to execute arbitrary commands on Windows systems by exploiting how Rust handles batch files. The issue arises from Rust's standard library improperly escaping arguments when invoking batch files on Windows, leading to potential command injection. The vulnerability has been addressed with a fix in Rust version 1.77.2, which developers are urged to update to. Other programming languages and systems, including Node.js, PHP, and Java, are also affected and are working on patches.



jrthreadgill, to elixir
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If you're new to Elixir, here's a great Øredev intro talk from @lawik --> https://youtu.be/wWRDysIpMFQ?si=GTv_IcXb9jJhVVi3

Really good evaluation of Elixir/BEAM in comparison to other developer tools like Ruby/Rails, ASP.NET, Golang, etc..

There IS a bit of Elixir hype in the video, but it's mostly warranted 😜 And by Lars's own admission, he's a bit overenthusiastic.

krisajenkins, to programming
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I love the ideas in , but I’ve never quite gelled with the language. So when I heard someone was porting the runtime to , my ears pricked up.

Leandro Ostera joins me this week to explain how he's borrowing BEAM's best bits. 😅

📺 https://youtu.be/IxQ586TS8Gw

frescosecco, to programming
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Release Candidate 2 for OTP 27.0 is out: https://github.com/erlang/otp/releases/tag/OTP-27.0-rc2
And now has its own JSON lib.

ks982579, to programming
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Do you wish had more ? Give a try! A statically typed functional language, using the virtual machine, and compiles to either Erlang or JavaScript. Just hit version 1.0 at the start of March, so should be production ready. I don't write Erlang myself, but always interested in a JavaScript replacement.


frescosecco, to programming
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Braidnet is an "Orchestrator managing Erlang containers and routing Erlang Distribution through itself". This looks interesting.


TheErlef, to programming
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⚠ Attention community ⚠

Official Erlang News:
Patch Package OTP Released 👏


frescosecco, to programming
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Gleam now has about the same number of Github stars as Erlang OTP! :)
This is awesome and well-deserved. Maybe folks can also give Erlang a star while they're at it?

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