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P4NR - IoT Programmer by Iniationware, Joel Krec, and Maryam Jalil is the featured bundle on the Leanpub homepage!

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Grund 409638045983 warum ich dieses ganze Universum verachte:

Habe Code - nicht meiner, kann daran nichts ändern.
Code hat sich seit 7 Monaten nicht geändert.
Vor 7 Monaten ist die Pipeline gelaufen und hat ein Image erfolgreich gebaut.
Heute läuft die Pipeline nicht mehr, weil sich irgendeine Abhängigkeit anders verhält als vor 7 Montaten.

Und nu?

Ja, bleiben diese 9,8er CVEs halt drin in dem Image, weil neu Bauen geht nicht.

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I'm finally at the point where I have to start working on perhaps the main feature of my programming language Squarepants: the ability to compile to GPU Shaders.

The most attractive target would be which is an intermediate representation that works almost everywhere... Except on browsers, and only because didn't want to give control of the standard to the group that develops SpirV.
Instead, Apple imposed , which is a language instead than an intermediate representation, so it's a pain in the ass to target and will end up with the same problem as .

At some point there will be translators from SpirV to WGSL, but I can't rely on those now.

So, what am I going to target?
Right now Squarepants compiles to javascript, so can run easily in both browsers and .

There is a project to run SpirV (via Vulkan) on node, but has been dead for years, which means that if I want to compile to a native application, I need Squarepants to compile to C or LLVM first.

OTOH if I go through the square-peg-in-round-hole and target WGSL, then I can target browsers.

-sigh-, I feel like I have no good option.

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current status: calling a executable from typed template

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Time for a post!

I'm looking for a / / 100% position, both contract and permanent, GMT+2 timezone.

I previously worked as a Senior / Lead / Principal developer with , and experience.

I specialize in , , , , , , , , and .

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Did you know that you don't need to commit to an entire @agregore browser to make use of it's tech? If you already have installed you can run agregore-compatible modules from your cli over any protocol supported by the browser. (e.g. or )

npx agregore run hyper://  

With this you can share code between applications and command line utilities.

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@lukekarrys How to buy you a coffee? I want to thank you for all your npm contributions, especially the maxSockets issue was a big deal to fix.

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A critical vulnerability, named BatBadBut, was discovered in the Rust programming language, affecting not just Rust but also Erlang, Go, Python, Ruby, and potentially others. This vulnerability, with a severity score of 10/10, could allow attackers to execute arbitrary commands on Windows systems by exploiting how Rust handles batch files. The issue arises from Rust's standard library improperly escaping arguments when invoking batch files on Windows, leading to potential command injection. The vulnerability has been addressed with a fix in Rust version 1.77.2, which developers are urged to update to. Other programming languages and systems, including Node.js, PHP, and Java, are also affected and are working on patches.

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As I've noticed it's and have seen some wonderful artwork posted by people, as a programmer, I'd like to share a project I made, a command line time tracker with the purely textual interface.

Since I spent a good deal of time designing the textual output and UX I figure it's akin to art.

The interface is natural language input of times and dates representing when you start and end tasks.

It's available at and the associated blog post is at

A list of timesheets and the sum of the durations of tasks within them.
A concise listing of a short period of time in a timesheet with a few tasks listed.

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The coffee must be good this morning.

Just drafting some thoughts about and « ”I’m just going to write my own”, is the battle-cry of morons » gently flows from the fingers. ☕️

May have to copy-edit 🤔

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#OTD 10 years ago #ExpressJS 4.0 was released. 5.x is still in beta #NodeJS #javascript

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Completed setup of a small Windows PC today and remoted into it from my MacBook to some code that was failing its windows tests on GitHub Actions

Is almost 20 years since Windows was my primary dev machine – it feels so alien nowadays when all my dev work is centered around git and cli-tools

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Learn Kubernetes & Docker - .NET Core, Java, Node.JS, PHP or Python by Arnaud Weil is free with a Leanpub Reader membership! Or you can buy it for $11.99! #Devops #Docker #Aspnet #Python #NodeJs

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hard to believe that the only built in way to update a package to the latest version in npm is

npm uninstall [package name]  
npm install [package name]  

update, you can use

npm install [package name]@latest  

thanks @boutell

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Ever worked on projects locally and wished for a more standardized, production-like experience for your team? Try @ddev! I walk you through setting your local up with in my latest article on @lullabot

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Just improved the display of error messages in Kitten¹.

They should be far more robust now.

Run kitten update to get the latest.



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Me: Hmm, maybe I should look into Bun again and see how its Node.js compatibility is coming along.

Also me: I wonder who makes Bun…

Me, yet again: Ah, it’s a venture-capital funded startup called Oven (see what they did there?)

Finally, me: rm -rf ~/.bun

(Remember, kids: Venture capital is the fart that precedes enshittification. It’s best not to linger once you’ve caught a whiff of it.)

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P4NR - IoT Programmer by Iniationware and Joel Krec is the featured bundle on the Leanpub homepage!

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A cybersecurity researcher finds that 20% of software packages recommended by GPT-4 are fake, so he builds one that 15,000 code bases already depend on, to prevent some hacker from writing a malware version.

Disaster averted in this case, but there aren't enough fingers to plug all the AI-generated holes 😬

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Four months ago, I created a Bluesky account to play around this the API and managed to create a simple node script to post a status to it. I wasn’t able to figure out how to get it to work with IFTTT, though. This week, I spun up a Pipedream workflow to try to post an announcement when a new blog post goes up.

If you wanted to replicate what I have so far, you should be able to set up your trigger like this and then the second step just looks like …

The only issue is that Bluesky requires you to specify exactly where in the string the URIs are and I don’t think that I can be bothered to figure out how to go about that at the moment. Until I figure that out, folks will need to copy and paste URLs instead of clicking on them.

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So I just saw a PR for a Node.js project, where the developer had used an npm command I'm unfamiliar with.. or at least, I didn't know of:

npm clean-install

Now, I'm familiar with npm ci, but I had absolutely no idea that the alias of npm clean-install existed. I didn't even realise that's what "ci" stood for "clean install”.

I always thought npm ci meant “the npm command you wanna run in CI environments”


#nodejs #npm

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Did you know that npm ci stood for npm clean-install ?

#nodejs #npm

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🎉 nodejsscript@v1.0.0 :nodejs:
Easy cross-platform “one–file” scripting using JavaScript.

You can use it as:

Gradually replenished thread 👇

#nodeJS #nodeJsScript #JavaScript #scripting #zx #shjs #bash

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🎉 nodejsscript@v1.0.1 :nodejs:

use CSS-like syntax for styling your outputs → simple loading/spin animation

#nodeJS #nodeJsScript #JavaScript #scripting #zx #shjs #bash

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