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Today I was told that the issues I ran into on a website were minor issues by the content creator... lack of headings, alt text, labeling of forms all throughout the site... nice to be so devalued as a person

WebAxe, to webdev
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The Ultimate Guide to Automatic Accessibility Testing in CI/CD for React Apps

aardrian, to accessibility
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Regarding last boost, you may recall I have warned people to be wary of any accessibility content in posts at Google’s web•dev.

My simplest example is this 1½-year-old report on an egregiously wrong tool-tips post that its author, and site editors, have chosen to simply ignore:

Last boost:

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As for the web•dev issue @yatil filed, where it confused WebAIM with W3C, I am reminded that Google’s new fake- search also cites WebAIM incorrectly:

Strong “this post may not have been written by a human” vibes, IMO.

laura_carlson, to accessibility
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deconspray, to UX
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Being left out sucks. As the people building technology, we must create solutions that are accessible and pleasantly usable for everyone.


racheled, to accessibility
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I just had a client take issue with “WCAG Violations”. What do you call audit results?

deconspray, to marketing
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You may think that QR codes are great for securing your login, or letting users read more online about a product marketed in a news paper ad. But there is a high risk you are creating barriers for people with disabilities, unless you use QR codes correctly.


nicol, to accessibility
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Less than a week to go until #CiviCamp & #CiviSprint Hamburg (where I'm presenting).

I wrote this after the big progress at the Ashbourne Sprint last December - https://civicrm.org/blog/nicol/theming-and-accessibility-age-formbuilder-and-searchkit. This was followed with a big push at the Montreal (virtual for me) Sprint in February to finally make all of CiviCRM's 20 years of different markup/JS patterned accordions accessible – without JS! This dropped in #CiviCRM 5.72: https://civicrm.org/blog/dev-team/civicrm-572-release and seems to still be issue-free two months on. #a11y

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We then closed a 6-year open issue for accessible accordions (expand/close UI elements): https://lab.civicrm.org/dev/core/-/issues/3294.

It was first raised by #RachelOlivero, the great #a11y expert and champion, as Tech Director at US National Federation for the Blind (https://civicrm.stackexchange.com/questions/17735/access-for-blind-users-to-civicrm/17752#17752). The 7 years it took to find the resources/volunteers/time to do this is made sadder by the fact she died in 2019. But her impact lives on, not just Civi's focus; but #Drupal's Olivero theme is named after her influence there.

patrick_h_lauke, to accessibility
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missive from the swimming pool: while i take a little break before all the stress starts, reminder that the #id24 @inclusivedesign24 call for presentations is still open until 7 June https://inclusivedesign24.org/2024/ (and a side note: we pay our speakers for their time and effort, that's what most of our supporter money goes to) #accessibility #inclusiveDesign #a11y

mauiproject, to random
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A new report on the Maui Project progress is now out. MauiKit4 fully based on Qt6 and KF6 is almost ready for the stable release and all the Maui Apps have been ported over. Find out more at


@Nitrux_NX @kde

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I am curious, as this is a hot topic in the community right now:

How well are feature baked into the framework (screen reader support, hands free usage, zoom etc.)?

@Nitrux_NX @kde

accessiblemobileapps, to iOS French
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stvfrnzl, to accessibility
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The recent had a sponsored post for by .

I wondered how they ensure that the output is accessible, because in the description I only found " features" under "Ready for production", nothing else.

So I wrote them an email asking to elaborate how they tackled for their product. Eagerly anticipating their answer!


pascoda, to random
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I finally completed tagging the final PDF for 🎉 lessons learned in the thread.

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  1. do not, ever, put tables in your papers.
  2. save after each and every successful operation.
  3. do not, at any cost, put tables in your papers.


Natouille, to accessibility French
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(pas moi)

L'Atelier numérique du ministère de la Culture cherche une ou un designer expert, experte accessibilité pour concevoir une plateforme destinée aux usagers en situation de handicap visuel afin de leur rendre accessible les œuvres cinématographiques via l’audiodescription.


Mission en Freelance

deconspray, to accessibility
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Before designing a website, or even making a small change to an existing one, ask if your design choices consider the needs of people with color blindness. Changing the button color on your website may seem insignificant, but it could make that website inaccessible to nearly 8% of men and 0.4% of women who have color blindness.


deconspray, to accessibility
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Event accessibility: Making every occasion inclusive for all


MuseumShuffle, to SwiftUI
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I just realized that if you're formatting to an abbreviated weekday then VoiceOver (at least Ava and Zoe Premium) will only fully pronounce some of the days.

I guess it's because the ones that aren't pronounced are actual words with other meanings? 🤔

A simple app progressing through the abbreviated weekdays backwards starting with Friday.

WebAxe, to accessibility
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Interested in speaking at WP Accessibility Day? Virtual event October 9. Submit a preso here: https://2024.wpaccessibility.day/speaker-application-2024/

MoritzGiessmann, (edited ) to accessibility
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I’ll do more freelance Accessibility Work in the future!

🧑‍💻 Accessibility Audits and Reviews
🧑‍🏫 Accessibility Talks and Workshops
♟️ Accessibility Strategy Development
🖥️ Semantic-HTML Audits
✨ UX Reviews
⚡️ Web Performance Audits

If you think we could be a match, I’m just a mail away: https://moritzgiessmann.de/blog/work-with-me/

Sharing this post would mean the world to me 🙏❤️!

WebAxe, to webdev
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Web Accessibility for Web Designers & Developers, with @dennisl May 29 11-4 ET. Free! Online

uclafa, to random
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Reports incoming that PERB denied UC's request for an injunction. UAW 4811 strike will go ahead at UCLA and UC Davis on Tuesday.

As faculty, you have the legal right not to pick up struck work.

Read our FAQ for more: https://buff.ly/3ykW1rI

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@uclafa Hi! We'd love to boost this, but it's missing alt text & image description for accessibility to disabled people in the UC community. You can do that in the image editing window that pops up when you first upload the image (or can hit "Edit" on the image when you're in editing mode).



juliemoynat, to accessibility French
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Le mode sombre et le mythe de l'accessibilité (titre original "Dark mode & accessibility myth"), un article de @stephaniewalter où elle explique que le mode sombre pose des problèmes d'accessibilité à certaines personnes alors que tout le monde pense que le mode sombre serait mieux pour l'accessibilité…

Hé oui, ce n'est pas le cas pour tout le monde ! Elle sait de quoi elle parle, et moi aussi, parce que lire sur fond sombre est terrible pour nous.

La solution : laisser le choix entre mode clair ou mode sombre !

À noter qu'il est beaucoup plus facile pour les utilisateurices de changer un site qui ne laisse pas le choix en le passant du mode clair vers le mode sombre que l'inverse car les extensions pour passer au mode clair n'existent pas.

Donc si seul le mode sombre existe sur votre site web et que le mode lecture de Firefox n'est pas activable (il est activable sur les articles uniquement et des fois, sur certains articles, ça ne fonctionne même pas), je ferme votre site direct.

(PS : ne venez pas m'expliquer que vous avez besoin du mode sombre à tout prix. Il n'est pas dit ici qu'il ne faut pas avoir de mode sombre.)


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« Thème sombre (dark mode) et mythe d’accessibilité ». @stephaniewalter a traduit son article en français ! 🙏


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