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If you've ever posted anything on Reddit, your words are going to be sucked up into an "AI" database. The people who profit from this are Reddit and the "AI" company.

What do you get? Screwed, again, by tech companies that have pure contempt for your privacy and rights.


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I made the mistake of deleting my Reddit account before deleting the (relatively few) posts I'd made there. If you're planning to depart, make sure you delete posts first, account second.

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Thinking I should go too...

Would you share your reasons for leaving ? Same as with


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@gearhead Substack is okay with Nazis posting there. Reddit killed 3rd party apps.

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I really want to be done with Reddit like I am with the bird site but the alternative in just isn't working --- the other alternative is run by some unsavory characters so I'm not going there....

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kbin (well, mbin now) is working well for me as a former redditist, but there are also plenty of lemmy servers run by people who find the sort of thing you associate it with just as unsavory as you do.

Besides which, if unsavory characters being involved in its development rules out a social media platform for you, reddit is definitely not the place to be.

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@kbsez @dangillmor There is a third alternative, which I made. It federates with kbin and lemmy: https://piefed.social.

I'm very savory, I promise.

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@rimu why would you want such person around? @kbsez @dangillmor

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@ademir_lemmy_br I don't understand. Is there something I should know?

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@dangillmor I used this utility to delete my comments last year when they shut down the API. Won't help your already deleted account, but others may find it helpful. https://github.com/j0be/PowerDeleteSuite

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@dangillmor @GottaLaff I decided to follow a guide to replace all my posts with randomly generated text, to poison their AI training set.

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If I spot some version of any of the craps I left in the laps of saps at Reddit in an AI gurgle, I’ll smile.

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@dangillmor so the AI will be trained on phrases like "can confirm" and "tifu, I pooped my pants"


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@dangillmor Even better, use Power Delete Suite to overwrite your comments with random gibberish before deleting your account. It helps devalue their data. https://www.neowin.net/guides/the-power-delete-suite-can-help-you-scrub-your-reddit-posts-and-comments-in-minutes/

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Considering the “quality” of many (not all) posts on Reddit, I’d say it’s kind of self-defeating for whoever tries to use the data for anything intelligible.

(I’ve been a Redditor x 12 years, & even a mod of a small sub, but c’mon…isn’t the overall principal demographic young male gamers living in basements? Dude!)

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